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Q1. (John 12:3-8) Why did Judas object to Mary’s extravagant act of devotion? Why did Jesus defend her? Why did Mary do this? What does this teach us about worship? Does your worship tend to be cheap or extravagant? For you, what would be extravagant worship?  Judas objected to it because of the amount the perfume cost and he thought it should have been used for something else. Jesus defended her since she was truly choosing to worship him because she knew His time was short. It shows us that we need to worship whenever we feel the need to do. 



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Judas objected to this anointing he was a thief..a pilferer.   Judas became a thief and adversary of Christ.

Christ defended Mary because her righteous deed touched Christ's heart while Judas was secretly contemplating his betrayal and the religious authorities despised him.  Mary understood that Christ is truly the Resurrection and the Life.  Mary exhibited her faith of her's; she knew that Christ will  live and never die.  Mary already had a firm belief that Christ was already the Resurrection and the Life prior to Calvary.  She gave due recognition of the person and stature of the Son of God.

What a clarion call to true worship !  The Psalmist exhorts us to worship in the beauty of holiness.  Worship is not a casual matter, personal prayer time is sacred, it shouldn't be done in a casual matter.  Study of the Books of Leviticus, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelationb---underscores the solemnity of worship.  The Epistle of Hebrews describes in great detail---the priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. We are part of the royal priesthood here on earth.  We are beckoned to enter the Holy of Holies each day to partake of the holiness of God; we are called to be intercessors as well.

Getting back to singing Gospel songs during my daily prayer times--would be an indication of extraordinary worship for me.  Some days my private Bible study and prayer times are substandard and lack whole hearted attention.   In previous times, I have done much better.   I am used to spending hours in quiet meditation on certain Bible verses and prayer outside during walks.




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Q1. (John 12:3-8)

Why did Judas object to Mary's extravagant act of devotion?

Why did Jesus defend her?

Why did Mary do this?

What does this teach us about worship?

Does your worship tend to be cheap or extravagant?

For you, what would be extravagant worship?

Judas carried the money bag and he would take from it for himself.  He was a thief. Money was very prominent in his mind, so to him to use something so expensive seemed unnecessary and by suggesting that it would have been better to sell it and distribute the money to the poor would take the scent off of him should anyone have started to think that he was 'digging' into the funds.  He was also possibly jealous of Yeshuah's growing popularity. 

Yeshuah defended her, because He knew that Mary did it from a pure heart, devoted to Him.  He also knew that it was not long before His death and that this was more than just a show.  It was Mary's way of worshiping Him, of honoring Him, of acknowledging Him as King.  Only the best was good enough. 

Spikenard clings to the skin. So the fragrance would linger long afterwards. It is even suggested that days later when Yeshuah rode in to Jerusalem on the donkey, also in the Upper Room, in the Garden and when He was beaten, that this fragrance was still clinging to Him.  At His baptism Yeshuah was 'anointed' in preparation for His life's work. Now He, the KING of Heaven, was anointed in preparation for His death to save His people.  

Worship comes in different forms. It is not just by quietly praying, but also exuberantly dancing with joy before our King, it is weeping before Him, it is spending time in His presence in Word and prayer, it is time spent with one of His own in their loneliness etc.

Whichever way the worship is manifested, to give my all, is extravagant  worship in the good sense not in a way that extravagant is bad.

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