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Q2. The Lord Is My Shepherd

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

Yes. There has been times in which I have realized that God has cared for me like a Shepherd cares for his herd. As a matter of fact, like the sheep that strays away from the herd I also have strayed. And like a Shepherd that looks for his lost sheep so God has led me back home. Praise be to God!

I am certain that this is not coicidental(with God nothing is coincidental) but right now in my life I have been faced with having to make a very tough decision in which total reliability in God as Shepherd and Provider has been imperative. I have been at my present job for over ten years now but recently I was moved to a position in the company in which my integrity and christian principles are been questioned. I have lost sleep over this matter and at times have even been physically ill. I have prayed to God for guidance and He (Praise be to God) has responded. He has found me another job...However, it requires taking a $300.00 a month pay cut which I really cannot afford to loose. But again I prayed for guidance and He answered me, "The answer you seek is in the Book of Proverbs." I found the decisive answer in chapter 3 verses 5 and 6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart:

do not depend on your own understanding.

Seek his will in all you do,

a he will show you which path to take.

Then again in chapter 10 verse 9:

People with integrity walk safely,

but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.

And again in chapter 17 verse 1 and 3:

Better a dry crust eaten in peace

than a house filled with feasting and in conflict.

Fire tests the purity of silver and gold,

but the Lord tests the heart.

I believe that God as Shepherd is guiding me thru the right path and as Provider I trust he will bless and reward me for making the right decision. God is Great!

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble?

I remember when my baby brother died, this was one of the worst days of my life. But let me tell you, it was the most beautiful day of my life. The sun was shining like it never shined before. It was something truly special about this day. When I arrived at work that morning someone told me I needed to go home because my brother had passed away. I remember leaving my job but I don't remember driving to my mothers house. 10 years later I still am fogged about this drive. I can only say that God drove me there.

I was troubled about my brother's death, but he died in peace. He was an epileptic and he died in his sleep. He no longer has to suffer from the seizures and from the trouble of this world. When we buried him there were so many people attending his funeral. People we didn't even know my little brother knew. He was only 19 but people came telling stories of how he would help them, especially the elderly, and how he was always a special friend to everyone he knew. I was always troubled about my brother's illness, he would always say he wasn't normal and all he wanted to do was live a normal life. This made me sad but I would assure him that everything would workout. Now he is with God and he doesn't have those concerns, he doesn't have to worry about being judged on this earth for something he had nothing to do with. He was born with this illness. But I know he is smiling and happy now. I miss my brother and it took sometime to move on, with God's help I feel better even though it still hurts from time to time knowing that someone very special to me, not just a brother, but a friend is no longer with me. But I know God knows best and my little brother isn't suffering anymore.

What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

My husband was transfered from our hometown to another site on his job. We were given very little notice, but we did thank God because my husband was facing layoff. We had to sell our 4 bedroom home and we now reside in a 2 bedroom apartment. Where we live is three times more expensive than back home. My husband's income is catching up, and I now need to work. I've worked in the past but I am looking for a job that I can really make a difference. So I haven't had a lot of luck finding that yet but I am faithful that God will prevail as he always does. I don't understand why we had to make this move, but my husband and I both prayed along with our church and our Pastor and we feel that God directed us here because the answer did not change one bit. This feels like starting over again. We have lived in this new location for 2 years and we've made a few friends. We also have a few friends from home that also had to transfer here. The first year we moved to Florida we were hit with 4 hurricanes. Surprise... But we survived. We were living in Louisiana and sure did not miss Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. So whatever the reason I am sure God has not lead us astray. So everything in our life has changed. We really rely on God for everything we do. Being among strangers away from our family, new doctors, still searching for a church home because we were so into our old church home that it is so hard to compare and being in a strange land is different from what we are use to, but we are changing and it seems to be working itself out. I hope we find normal soon. I am sure for whatever reason God moved us here has to do with his will and we remind ourselves of that everyday.

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Many times under the annointing God has dealt with stuff and cared for me. When I first came to Him there was this terrific perception of His love and uplifting of my head (vision). Caring was also the vision He gave me at that time. His word actually cares for me, because in obedience to it my life is framed with care. His peace in my heart is also a powerful instrument of His care. When I operate outside that peace I am in great danger. Hebrews 4 says "make sure that you enter into my rest". I also have His personal promise never to abandon me, but always to be there, whether or not my feelings bear witness to that! Then there is the amazing fact that He answers my prayers! That is beyond imagination! People who are not of the faith have great trouble with this! Yet it's the Truth!

Right now I am learning a new career, and am totally dependent on Father to be my guide, my wisdom, my teacher and inspiration. He will guide me or nothing will happen. :rolleyes:

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The Lord has certainly cared for me as a Shepherd, to lead, protect, heal, and rescue me when my heart goes wandering off. My 32-year marriage has been hurtful and difficult, almost from the start. It constantly amazes me how my Shepherd Father comforts, inspires, and renews hope when it seems that I can't take another day. (Things have improved in recent years, Hallelujah!) The Lord carefully led me through a lengthy process of leaving the church I grew up in to set me free from legalism and spiritual deadness just a few years ago. My Shepherd has provided a new church home that is vibrantly Spirit-led and He restored to me everything that I had been required to leave behind.

Right now, I am facing the recurrence of my daughter's battle with a serious auto-immune disease that was diagnosed in 1999 at age 20. She is struggling physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There is nothing much more devastating to a mother's heart than watching her child suffer through something like this. I know that Yahweh-Rapha dwells within, and His presence is healing to her every malfunction, hurt, and need. She is His precious lamb, and He will lead, protect, heal, and rescue her according to His faultless will and merciful lovingkindness. He will hold me together and help me to walk with her through this once again in perfect peace. Thank you, my Shepherd.

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

I was ready to answer the question , but after reading what the others had to say, I was touched with their answers.

hermitix, left a good paying job, why? because the cost (integrity) was too high a price to pay. God tells us,"My sheep hear my voice." What a great testimony. The scriptures he? left us with touched my heart with the importance of this covenant we have with the Shepherd. It is a two way agreement. There is a walk we must walk, and a talk we must talk. Thank you.

Lisa, as I read her testimony it also touched my heart and I had to stop and lift her needs up to the Shepherd. He will supply her needs.

Helenmm, as I read this testimony, the importance of resting in the Shepherd. The work of Salvation was completed , it is finished, Christ is seated at the right hand of God. The importance of walking in faith. It is because of the rest that we can walk in faith.

Pickledilly, what a picture I see of the Shepherd at work in your life as I read your testimony. I also had to stop and pray to the Shepherd for your needs. God teaches us to care about the brethren, to lift them up. Well, I must say, you all have lifted me up this day.

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He will feed his flock like a shepherd;

He will gather the lambs in his arms,

and carry them in his bosom,

and gently lead the mother sheep. Isaiah 40:11

Being missionaries, my hausband and I lead a very challenging life as we face daily adversity, animosity and seemingly impossible situations. We left the comfort and the complacency of the USA and obeyed the call to come and serve the nation of Bulgaria. A great door of opportunity is opened before us to minister to the children of this nation. We left the States with no support, simply obeying the call of the Shepherd - We can truly say that He has been our Source, our Protection, our Provider, our Guide, our Comfort and our Security. He is our Shepherd on a daily basis and we totally depend on Him for everything. We have a first-hand experience of the Good Shepherd and could write volumes of how He has been faithful to us to supply our needs. We have learned to worship Him and keep our eyes focused on our King and Shepherd in adverse circumstances, we can declare along with David, that He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies....Our Great Shepherd provides rest, security and restores our soul. He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name's sake - His motive is to display the honor of His Great name. His presence is our comfort! He is our Portion forever! We have the heavenly promise:

"He who sits on the throne will dwell among them. They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat; for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." Revelation 7:15-17

Save Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever. (Psalms 28:9)

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He never sleeps and never slumbers nor does He ever leave me nor will He forsake me. With that in mind I cannot possibly recount the times that God has blessed me and pulled me through times of trouble. The Lord truly is my Shepherd, through a tumultuous childhood, while in the military during a time of war, an adulthood of drug addiction and alcholism with a complete loss of everything I held dear. Through it all, He herded me gently toward Him, to His pasture until He brought me to the green grass of the born again experience and a new life with the Holy Ghost.

Still now, even today, life's hardships and travails continue. I still have a new life of growth ahead of me, as do my brothers and sisters in the Lord's work. We struggle to get along and fight at times yet our Father, our Great Shepherd keeps us in the fold reassuring me that as He has done before, He will do again. He will bring me, and us, to greener pastures.

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The Lord has been many things to me, but foremost my SHEPHERD! Always there taking care of me.

He carries me in His arms, close to His Heart. He Leads me to quiet waters where my joy and strength comes from. The wonderful Shepherd has gotten rid of many wolves, lions and bears in my life!

When there was no one who could help me, not my parents, friends, family or anybody - I found the Shepherd! Only He could help. He called me by name and led me out and picked me up. I hit rock bottom and there was only one way and that was up and He took me by my hand and lifted me up.

My Shepherd lay down His life for me and because of Him I am safe and saved.

He healed the wounds that nobody could heal. Then I went astray and He left the 99 to bring me back to the fold. Such LOVE has nobody else for me!!!

Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me and you comfort me. Thank you Jesus/Yashua!!!!

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Times that God has cared for me as a shepherd.

As I mentioned in the last answer, I felt that I was being guided when I was introduced to the Good News and salvation through Jesus. As I started to study the Scriptures I felt strongly that I had been rescued, just like the lost sheep or lost son in the parables. It was a strange and thrilling emotion of being carried up, held firm and protected, sensing Jesus' joy. Since then I have always felt the guidance of Jesus. When I have strayed and responded to the pull of my sinful self I have felt Jesus' corrections, admonitions and comfort. When I have had uncertainties I have found refreshment and encouragement from His teaching. His answers to my prayers have helped me often times not to stray on to the wrong path. Thank you Lord Jesus for being my shepherd, ever watchful, ever loving, ever faith. Who else could I follow but You?

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Back in '79 I had Melanoma surgery on my left arm and God guided the surgeon to get it all so I didn't have to go through chemo or radiation treatments. As of today I have not had any recurrence of it.. PRAISE THE LORD!! He has been my Shepherd all these years and I owe it all to Him. Just a huge scar but much better than having just a stump for an arm, which the surgeon said could've happened if I had not had the surgery when I did.

Last year I retired full time and have not missed a meal or failed to pay a bill when due. God is my shepherd and provides all my needs. I took a 1500$ cut in pay a month to retire and God proves that He meant what He said when He said that He would supply all my needs. HE IS FAITHFUL!!

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

"He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake." I was surely headed into distruction when the Lord guided me into His path. Some of the things He directed me to give up I really didn't want to give up because I enjoyed them. But you see once in His flock my life became His works not mine. "I shall not want."

My mother and two brothers have passed away since the Lord brought me into His flock, and the loss seems so much more easier to cope with than when my father passed away when I was 15. The night Ron (younger brother) passed away his voice woke me, "I have got to go now.", he said. There was no fear in his voice, but somehow a gentle eagerness came through in the tone. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death."

There are times during the day I need God's word to guide me through it. To keep me upright in His sight and to fend off the desires of this world. "Your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

I have been dependant upon God for 16 years now (since He took the alcohol out of my life) so I don't know any other way. Marie told me the other day we need to quit living like we are rich. Not that we have a big income, only 12 to 14 thousand$ a year, but we give so much of it away. She said this when we got home from spending $100 on groceries for a person who broke his leg and had little food in his house. He is self-employed with no insurance and no savings. We over-extend ouselves many times during the year and it seems as though we are never going to get caught up. But when a grown person breaks down in tears because someone (for the first time) shows them the love Christ showed me, how can you not give from your need? What's left in this life but the next?


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God has been my shepherd all along. Almost dying from asthma many years ago, he was there, as I was in & out of consciousness. He healed me. He was there comforting me as I went through the possibility of my 12 year old son having cancer. The amazing peace was indescribable. He was there in the many joys watching my children grow, marry & have children of their own. He is still shepherding/growing me. I can see as he provides for me daily & leads me on life's path set out for me.

Right now, I am realizing that I don't have a whole lot of years left to serve him. He is still guiding me, helping me put Him as a priority in my life & helping me to rid my home/life of things that can be given away to others who might be able to use them. I know He will be there as I experience the deaths of family & friends to come in later years and as He leads me over the threshold of His Eternal Home. :) Praise Him!

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

God's mercy is infinite. Every moment of my (our) life is just a reflection of His grace and mercy as a loving Shepherd, leading, guiding, protecting and refreshing. This shepherd's character is so wonderful and true to our Lord's characteristics. David, out of experience, wrote this wonderful 23rd Psalm which even a child knows. Two years back my mother passed away after a brief illness and few months back my mother in law passed away after fighting with cancer for three years. These are the two close encounters that I had with death but the Lord's hand of guidance was clearly visible. He prepared all of us as well as my dear ones who passed away. It was a time of joy for us because all of us knew that our loved ones were surely in the presence of the Lord.

Right now, I am facing the future of my grown up children, one of them working. I know who holds the future and I know He holds my hand. So I stopped worrying about them, but constantly pray that the Lord would guide my children in the correct path. We are also facing the challenging position of our nephew, aged 8, suffering from a terminal disease. No scope of recovery. Sometimes he is normal, sometimes suffering terribly. My brother in law's family is in constant fear of death and they sometimes question God. Natural. We are praying that God would be merciful to this family and not let it be destroyed. He is a refreshing Shepherd. We pray that the Shepherd would draw close to this family and offer them His succor.

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There are many times in my life where I felt the Lord has cared for me as a Shepherd.

Right now I really need to get out of my apt really bad. Things have been more or less falling about for years and it's like pulling teeth to get the landlord to fix anything. Plus I live in a bad neighborhood.

I recently was able to get on the list to get an apt in a building that's more secure and in a better area.

I'm believing God for an apt to open up for me at the right time.

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God has been my Shepherd in many ways in times of trouble and in times of blessing. I was just at church this morning for prayer and I was singing Psalm 23 to Him. I know what He wants me to share because of what He showed me this morning and then coming home to this Bible study question.

I have in my past lived with huge amounts of fear. I have had many fearful experiences with men. When I was little, a stranger tried to abduct me and that was a very frightening experience for me. Later in my early teen years, I was abused by two teachers and have had to also contend with several physical attacks by men as well as abusive relationships. I was paralized by fear for many, many years. God led me to a good church, with Godly leadership and took me on a journey I'll never forget. He has healed me in so many ways and taught me about who I am in Him. He has led me to wonderful teachers who taught me His Word and sent me others who could take care of and stick with someone totally afraid and in a panic over most things. I had built a wall of protection around myself that was hindering me from even living anymore or letting anyone in. I had been abusing alcohol and drugs trying to cover my fear and shame. He freed me from those addictions and dug deep into my heart to show me why I turned to those things.

He has taught me that in this sea of life we will have many troubles, but that He has overcome them all. He taught me to trust and to love again. Agape love. The love that sees through every circumstance....good or bad. He led me to forgive and to be forgiven.

This morning, when I went to church to seek Him, I tried to relive that fear, but He wouldn't let me! He's leading me right out of it again! I'm taking His hand and singing a new song. He is my Shepherd...and I shall not want or be afraid.

Ever hear the song with the lyrics:

I want to make you famous.

I want to shout your name,

to every tribe and every nation,

so every tongue will proclaim your glory

and the way you've changed everything.

Famous. I want to make you famous!

Well... I want to make Him famous.

Jesus is absolutely our good Shepherd. He is hope for the hopeless and rest for the weary and He has power to overcome everything! I don't care what it is!! Amen!

I hope that encourages others in their walk.

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I have been thru alot and God has portected me... He protected me when I worked in Buffalo with

a ministry called Kid City min. and I was not really in knowledge of what danger I was in in walking

thru the diffrent tenaments and all handing our flyers to the children to invite them to the up coming

time that the truck containing a very active crew of a minister/preacher young and vibrant and people

who told bible stories and sang bible songs of the love of Jesusto them . Realy God always sent the

disciples out 2 by2 and since I was a loner at that time a usually went alone after work would go to

tenaments near the peace bridge or other sections of the city and pass out flyers alone in the dusk

and never a thought that I was in danger being alone. God's protection was always there and I had

no time that any harm fell on me. I don't really know if the pastor running it knew that I was alone

or not but I almost always went alone. I was once or twice given a partner to work with to train them.

God Blessed me with MUCH protection at that time and I thank Him for it!

I have been up and down since that experience.... and I am now faceing the fact that I did not trust

God for a while... I had moral failures in turning in and lost a job because I stole some money.

I then went down hill and I got other employment but started back into drinking and I was in a job

that dealt with narcotice and I obtained pain pills illegally and got hooked on having to have a percocet or

a darvocet to sleep... .

I prayed and repented and went cold terkey off the narcotice and limited the drinking to only wine with

frineds at dinner and family dinners.)family not christian...

I got on line for a while and then fell again... tried suicide quite a few times and got admitted to a

psychiatriac unit twice.

It is to long a story to tell.... But lately God showed me a church to go to and thru prayer and alot of

repenting I have stopped drink and drugs all together. Have started getting serious about Church

attendance and Bible study. And I am shakey some days but I have a friend to call and talk to and

I attend bible study or church prayer meetings Mon Wed. & thurs. and church twice on sundays.

Tuesday I invite my friend over ther tofellowship leaving only friday and sat. that I have to deal with

things alone. I know in my mind that I am saved.... and I know God loves me in my head. Right now

I am trying to get it to my heart.

I read about being filled with the H. Spirit.... I see and hear others say what a joy it is........

I am trying to feel that also I want to know in my heart what they describe. I believe it can happen

but have not experienced it. Well I have rambeled on enough.

I know God has and will be my shepherd in my head. now I wish to experience it in the Heart.

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Yes, I have relied upon the Good Shepherd many times. As I get older and go through more trying experiences I recognize more and more the need for provisions from my Shepherd. When I was young I thought I could conquer most problems by using the educational degree that I have. I could figure out most problems by myself. Later in life, I realized that my decisions concerning the problems did not always work out for the best. Now I have learned how to lean not upon my own understanding, but upon answers from God. I have had to learn to wait and the answers will come in God's own timing.

I coordinate an outreach ministry in Chicago. It is a ministry that I have relied totally upon the leading of the Lord and hearing His Voice. He has provided me with donated food from sources that I didn't have to ask for. Twice unknown people have stopped by the church and gave us food for the ministry! I have asked the Lord for a male role model to come and spend time with the youth - a Chicago policeman started coming after work because he see the importance of getting the youth off of the street. I continue to rely on Him for direction and offering programs. When we ask for something, we can wait from our Shepherd to give us the answer!

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I now realize just how much God cared for me, when I look at my life before my conversion. I can say with Israel "if it had not been for the Lord who was on my side ..." I know I'd have perished. His care and compassion wasn't known till after I became one of His sheep and understood the nature of sheep. Some become great wanderer's involved in things that could destroy them and are easily misled. Thank God for the Shepherds crook. I know that I'd be dead if the Lord hadn't loved me, between gangs, drugs, alcohol and sex not to mention the turmoil of the 60's (I'm 59) it was very easy to become "dead".

I'm facing retirement and going full time into Ministry, overseas trip and daughter going to College, loving wife who I know that I haven't shown as much love to as I should or could. But God has shown Himself as a great Counselor and Instructor, He's showing me how to prepare for all of my future events with confidence and commitment.

I now that there will always be various challenges in my life and that if I wait on the Lord or look for Him in it, I'll be okay. This brings me a peace that passes all understanding.

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From the time of 12/23/65 when I arrived in Vietnam,until 02/20/66,when I got shot,I knew God was watching over me.During the time I enter Vietnam up until I got shot,God only knows how many times I escape from being killed.If it was'nt for God watching over me,I would not be here today.

In July 2004,I had a four way bypass and I thought I was dead when I met Jesus Christ in the clouds.Him and I met up in the clouds for a few seconds.Jesus held out his hand to me and I to Him. Again, God has watch,and cared for me.

Two weeks from the hospital to recover from this by pass surgery,I ended up in the hospital again,this time with Pulmonary Embolism. I had three blood clods,107 degree temperature ,and had a blood transfusion,and was told later that I was not going to make it. Again, God watched,and cared for me.

I am now 67 years old,a born again Christian and still praising God,Thanking God,and Worshiping Him for being my "GOOD SHEPHERD"; all through my entire life

God is our sheperd,and He watches,and cares over us. As long as we make him our shepherd,he will lead us to places of safety. I do know that God kept me here to witness to others my testimony.

"God Is Our Shepherd", he leads us, whatches over us,cares for us, and helps us when we are in pain,suffering,and when we fail.

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Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble?

Yes. He has always met my needs, in good times & in times where everything looked gloomy. With God we have hope & a promise of his leading us safely through to our home in Heaven.

What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

I am still grieving the loss of my dear precious Mum who went home to be with the Lord on 18th April 2005. It is the 14th April 2006 now so it's nearly been 1 year. My Mum was a wonderful person, never judging anyone or ever talking about people, she always saw the good in everyone. She loved the Lord so very, very much & I was always brought up to know God & love him too. Even tho I know she is at peace in Heaven with our wonderful Lord & with my Nana & other family members, it still hurts just soooo very much to not have her here with me. Like I said, it's been 1 year nearly & I think well it's 1 year closer I am, to being with her again. I just feel as tho my life has no meaning, no direction anymore, so I need to look to God for direction in my life now & I am just waiting each day for his leading. All I can say is PRAISE GOD he has given us the promise of eternity with him & our loved ones. How wonderful a promise he has given us!!!!!

In the area of healing for my left hip & right knee which I am in constant pain with. The doctors at the hospital won't operate as they say I'm too young {haven't got health insurance is closer to the truth}. Whether God heals me miraculously or I have an operation, I am just trusting God to make the way. :)

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

Yes there are many times when God was there as my provider and protector. He has kept safe and provided for my needs when I thought I was truly alone and saw no way out. I turned to Him and repented os my sins and He was just and merciful to forgive me and show me that He was there as My Father, I give Him all praise and Honor for the things He brought me through.

I am facing the daily struggles to His will for my life against the fleshly desires that keep trying to pull me away and turn me back to a way of life that leads to death. He is my shepard, He gives me strength in these times and protects my spirit with His Spirit and leads me in green pastures. Where I can find safty and reassurance.

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Q2. (Psalm 23) Can you remember any times when God has cared for you as a Shepherd -- in times of blessing and in times of trouble? What are you facing right now where you realize your need to rely on God as your Shepherd?

I really remember when God has cared for me so much. If not for HIS mercies upon my life, i would have been a lost soul by now. God had to care for me by leading me to the right path of true salvation. Who else would have given me life and genuine salvation if not God.

Right now i am relying on God as my shepherd to take me to that height that HE has ordained for me. Because i know that HE is the only one that can lead me to that height.

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