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Q1. Father, Forgive Them (Luke 23:34)

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Q1. (Hebrews 1:3; Matthew 17:1-2) In what ways did Jesus show the Father's glory in His ministry?

ANSWER: Jesus brought glory to His Father, His message was Jesus modeled glorifying God not only in His obedience to the commandments but also with the truth of His message. He invited others to enter the blessings of His Kingdom and taught the narrow way for all would-be disciples. His message proclaimed the grace and mercy of God while also boldly praising the righteous way of life and expressing displeasure toward what is evil.

We glorify God in imitation of Christ as ambassadors of His message by, first, proclaiming the truth of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as Savior and Lord. We also speak up to honor what is righteous and good and to warn against what is false and evil, not in arrogant judgment, but in the hope that all people will find peace with God and reconciliation with others through obedience to the truth.

Why do you think Jesus allowed Peter, James, and John to see His Transfiguration?

ANSWER: The Holy Scripture of the New Testament states that only three disciples participated in the event of the Transfiguration. They were the most prominent figures and participants in the most important works of Jesus Christ: Peter, James, and John. Christ took only these disciples because they stood out among all the others: Peter because He loved Jesus, John because Jesus loved Him, and James because of the answer which He gave together with His brother: we are able to drink Your cup with You (Matthew 20:22).

Also, the three disciples were taken as witnesses according to Jewish tradition. Jesus could not take all the disciples because not everyone was worthy, and not everyone could accommodate the event and pass it on. Nevertheless, each of the apostles had certain qualities: Peter loved Christ and was firm in his confession, after which he was able to receive a confirmation from Christ himself that He was God; John was Jesus’s own beloved disciple; James was a zealous disciple, according to Jewish law, who preached Christ ardently with his life.

How do you think Jesus will appear in heaven?

ANSWER: When Jesus returns, His appearance will not be as a human being who claims to be Christ or who seems to have special powers. Instead, Christ’s return will be so supernatural that there will be no doubt that it is He.

Both returns of Christ will be so supernatural, there will be no question who the true Jesus is. We should not have a problem being misled by false Christs. We can be prepared for the returns by making certain that we belong to Jesus.

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Q1. (Luke 23:34) Who was most responsible for killing Jesus? What responsibility do you and I bear in this? In what sense was Jesus praying for us ?

*Caiaphas,the scribes & Pharisees & Pontius Pilate were most responsible for killing Jesus 

*Christ died for our sins,as our substitute, to pay the penalty for our sins & free us from eternal damnation.

*He was asking the Father to forgive us our sins because we do not know what we are doing.

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Q1. (Luke 23:34)

Who was most responsible for killing Jesus?

From Judas till soldiers who has crucified our LORD JESUS CHRIST, but the most important group was the Chief Priest and the Scribes. 

What responsibility do you and I bear in this?

Although we were not physically there that day JESUS has PAID also for future sin that is our who where not there, HE took the sin of this world free upon HIM., 

In what sense was Jesus praying for us?

When JESUS said :"FATHER forgive, ..."

This WORD JESUS has utter covers the present and future things they "present and we "future".

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