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Q1. Set Your Mind

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Q1. (Colossians 3:1-2) What does it mean to set your heart/mind on the things above? Does this mean that we are too heavenly minded to be any earthly good? If not, what does it mean? What happens when we dont take control and direct our thinking and meditating? 


To set your mind on things above is to be conscious of the spiritual nature of our relationship with the Lord. we must pray that we will hear the word of the Lord as he speaks to us and we must discern the words of God from the words of the world. In this day and age this is hard to do! The world beats in upon us- it blares at us. the worlds images are vivid and often carnal, the world calls us to be happy and have a good time. In many ways we are asked to live a life of  pleasures of the body and to avoid pain and suffering. We are encouraged by the world to be selfish and greedy-not to help others for they should be able to help themselves. We are told by the world to tear down our small barns and build bigger ones so that we can hoard more of the world's treasures. In the kingdom of God we are encouraged to share and to help each other-to look after our neighbour who happens to be everyone else in the world. 


No it does not mean that we are too heavenly minded to be any earthly good! Paul worked very hard to support himself but he was also very conscious of the things of the Kingdom of God. we can be the same.


If we do not concern ourselves with the things of the kingdom than we become influenced by the world and do the things that we do not want to do.(Romans 7.15)


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