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  1. Living prideful is incompatible with showing grace because God opposes the prideful. God opposes the prideful because they are full of themselves and usually oppose the ways of the Lord. Humility or humbling ourselves before the Lord and our fellowman enable us to be repentant and receive God's gifts and grace more readily Being full of pride will prevent us from show the grace God has given us. .
  2. It would seem almost impossible to be grace filled and be stingy at the same time. God has freely bestowed his grace upon us and we should freely give to those in need. After being grace filled we should acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is leading us to be graceful and generous to others. The relationship between forgiving and giving generously is stated Jesus "forgive and you shall be forgiven, give and it shall be given unto you". forgive
  3. The characteristics of a conversation with an unbeliever would be a winning quality or attractiveness that invites a favorable reaction, we are to gracious in our speech toward them. Our guidelines in speaking to unbelievers should be gracious and attractive avoiding negative speech and examples. We can avoid bad examples set for us by our culture and world by not repaying evil for evil or insult with an insult. We are to humble, sympathetic, affectionate and compassionate.
  4. The difference between ethical behavior and grace: ethical grace is one good deed deserves another, grace is treating others to do things to those who do not deserve it as in example praying for your enemies. Radical grace is loving and praying for those who hate you, that despise you, those that curse you. Illustrations of Jesus outrageous grace are feed the poor, visit those in prison, give drink to the thirsty.
  5. My openness to God's grace define my persona by displaying openness to share the gift's God has given me with others. My willingness to share the gifts God has given me helps me to follow Christ ways for my life.
  6. God's grace and the gifts bestowed upon us are a greater blessing to those who attend church because all are edified and share in these endowed gifts of grace. Those who have these gifts becomes selfish when not gathering at church and sharing them with his fellow Christians. When one does not share his gifts with fellow Christians they will become weak in their faith and productiveness or quality of these gifts become diminished.
  7. The responsibilities of God's grace for a steward or trustee is to share the gifts with others and manage them properly. As trusties of the gifts God has given us we are to share them with others. Spiritual gifts and the gospel message are entrusted to us for bringing gentiles to Christ and edification of the church.
  8. There is a close relationship between grace (charis) and gifts (charisma) because with God's free gift of grace comes the power to share your free gifts with others in order to edify the church. The chief characteristic of a generous person is that he shares that which he has with others or gives it away. Spiritual gifts that God has bestowed on us is to channel that grace to others for edification or bring others into the Kingdom of God.
  9. God's power flourishes best when we are weak because regardless of hardships, insults, persecutions or in difficulties we know that God makes us strong in witnessing His word. With God there are no practical limits to grace as long as we remain humble and do not let pride fill us.
  10. We often feel weak in times of sickness because we hurt or ache, our attention is drawn to our own situation, usually we neglect God for healing. We are tempted to stop ministering when we have a physical condition or multiple worldly pressures upon us.. We may often feel there is no help from the Lord, we lose our focus on God's love and mercy.
  11. Some people maybe intimidated when they approach the throne because they have not put their full faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who is our mediator before God. We sometimes fear judgement and condemnation when we approach God because we have ignored the Holy Spirits guidance in our life. God's throne is the place where He dispenses "mercy and grace", for those who have come before Him with Jesus as their advocate. At home we often grant grace toward our children because they belong to us, though they may have wronged, they repent of their actions.
  12. There are many assurances of faith in the new testament to remind us that God remains faithful no matter the consequences, we assured of his protection and loving kindness. My favorite promise of God's role in keeping me in Christ to the end is Philippians 1:6 "being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in me will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ" This promise in Philippians 1:6 gives me assurance that no matter what difficulties or temptations, the Lord will strengthen me and keep me to the end.
  13. Our faith in God works in conjunction with the Lord who protects and reserves us for His kingdom. Because of God's great mercy and grace and out faith in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ we are predestined to inherit eternal life in heaven.
  14. It is impossible for people to come to Christ without God's action to convict because humanity is in the darkness under Satan's control. They have a heart that is an enemy to God. God's gift of grace to prepare all to be saved, provided they accept this conviction of a sinful nature, illustrates His love for us.
  15. Predestination functions with God's grace because we have been adopted as His sons through the work of Christ on the cross. Predestination is glorious because we have been adopted as His sons in Christ. God's grace is glorious because it has been given to us freely, we have not earned it.
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