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  1. The sheep are complimented for love, compassionate acts. The goats are the wicked people who ignored their sole responsibility to others people need. The salvation is not by works because it's by unmerited favour for those who believe in the works on the cross and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ identity Himself with the least of those brothers one who had the same mission of purpose. Jesus Christ tells the Parable to His disciples in order to educate them how live the lives mercy and love with people. The modern day disciples need to learn how to show love with each other no matter the color because we are body. The disciples should be merciful and compassionate in behavior in order to motivate missions to aid immigrants, poor and homeless.
  2. The humorous about the Parable of the speck and beam is the same because both are talking about hypocritical behavior. We gets to a place where we can see with clear spiritual eyes when we realised human beings are not perfect. Paul insisted that spiritual members must correct the sinning Christian brothers or sisters with humility and love and also be careful not to fall in to temptation.
  3. The first son represents the tax collectors and prostitutes. The first son changes his mind of rebellion, he repented by does what he father asked him to do. It is harder to actually obey rather than just mouth words because to is putting in practice of what we heard or read than just saying it. The Parable is more similar because both are of active or obeying the words by practicing the same. To actual obedience is very essential to the true disciples because that is the evidence and proof of the discipleship.
  4. Jesus Christ tell the Parable of the Guilty Defendant so that we can be wise in dealing with issues that lead to disaster or disgrace for both ourselves and family. The people we wrong or offended get into our way of worship blocking our relationship with God if we fail to reconcile with them. It's hypocritical if we failed to address the matter to the best of our ability that could bring disgrace or dishonour to the family and ourselves.
  5. The servants sent to collect the proceeds from the tenants represent the prophets and messagers of God sent. The Israel who rejected the servants of God and His Son will dealt with on the judgment day while the kingdom will be taken away from them. There are many churches today that the members rejected because they refused to compromised their faith in Jesus Christ. It is very important to support our Pastors and leaders in order to achieve the God's plan for the church. In the Beatitudes Jesus Christ encourages those who are rejected and persecuted for His sake and gospel to be happy and be glad for great are their reward in heaven and that they wouldn't be the first as they did same to the prophets and servants before them.
  6. The Parables of Matthew and Luke, the people represented from the street are poor, lame, blinds and Gentile. People from the highway and hedges are Pharisees and Jewish. The servant-recruiter represented evangelists. As disciple of Jesus Christ I am so committed to recruiting lower class people into the church based on my abilities spiritually and financially. Nothing keeps me from the kingdom tasks. My church would fulfill through total commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit take control of all the activities in the church.
  7. The excuse makers represent Pharisees and Jewish. The potential results of excusing ourselves from carrying out God's will as we know it, will lead to the judgements of God.
  8. The Israel's barrenness was by their refuser to accept Jesus Christ even the John the Baptist gospel of repentance. The only thing that keeps the Holy Spirit is the word of God. As disciples of Jesus Christ we learn that the must be productive through the obedience of the word or teaching of Jesus Christ.
  9. In the parable of the unmerciful servant, I saw justice in Master cancelled debt, I saw grace also in the master kindness of cancelation of the servant debt because he did not asked for cancelation but time to repay. I saw greed in the action of the unmerciful servant and the spirit of unforgiveness for failure to forgive his colleague and threw him into prison. The lessons learned that disciples can incorporate into their lives is the spirit of forgiveness and ability to show mercy to others as they also received.
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