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  1. I believe that those with a pure heart can see God because they know love and God is love. Those that cannot see God do not know love. Jesus said "to love God with all our heart, mind, body and soul and to love our neighbors as our self. Loving God and loving our neighbor will bring a pure heart. Knowing that love opens the door for so much more awareness in Christ.
  2. This question has puzzled me. Some people seem to get Christianity and never have spiritual poverty. For me I had to get to a point that there was no where else to go. When I look at this Beatitude I think of all those that don't know God and Christ and I mourn for them and there are some who think they know God but they don’t show that they do and I mourn for them.
  3. The two parts are one an action to be done and two the result of the action. If one receives the result then one knows that they have completed the action. The relationship between the Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Spirit is that in following the Beatitudes not only do you receive the result of the Beatitudes but you also receive the Fruits of the Spirit. I believe the two together are the way God wants us to live.
  4. Sometimes it seems there is no gentleness in the world. It seems like it is a first come first get kind of world. However, it is becoming my experience that when I am gentle and kind others are gentle and kind. The world is still hard but it is amazing what can happen when you follow the instructions given by Jesus.
  5. To be morally correct and justifiable make a person look like a prude in this world. Jesus teaches us how be moral and how to justify. It seems that the world lives by immorality. As a believer in Christ it is up to me to live a righteousness no matter what people call me. It amazes me that some call me a prude and other ask me what the secret is. I will always tell them to follow the instructions. There are times when this happens that I do feel filled with the spirit.
  6. The two parts of the Beatitudes is the attitude (such as meekness, humility, etc). The second part is the reward that we get for taking the attitude.
  7. I am Evelyn and I go by Evie. I am from Texas, USA. I was really glad to find this study online. I believe that the Sermon on the Mount is a guide to living. I am blessed by God everyday and work to lead my life accordingly.
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