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  1. I'm not going to discuss political in this forum. Leave it alone.
  2. I'm not sure one thing stuck out as describing Messiah. He will rule from the throne of David, he will bring peace, he is the wonderful counselor who will bring peace to the world. There is a lot of punch is so little of a space. He is all powerful, all knowing, all forgiving, captain of our ships, we will never lack peace during his reign. Prince of Peace because it is completeness and wholeness in our lives
  3. Prince of Peace - it tells me that no matter what I will always be wrapped in the arms of the father. I do not understand why people would ignore this prophecy, he was named spiritually as the child of God.
  4. Q6. (Isaiah 6:9-10) How do you make sense out of these verses? Is Isaiah called to an impossible mission? Why will Isaiah’s prophecy make the task worse? In which parable did Jesus quote this passage (Matthew 13:1-23)? In Jesus’ parable, is there any frustration in preaching the gospel? Is there any hope? It is not an impossible mission but a very difficult one, when speaking of things that people don't want to hear always causes friction and Isaiah had to deal with the one's who did not hear and continued to not hear. The parable of the seed by Yeshua, he talks about what happens to men who hear, but do not listen (by the road), those tat hear but turn bsck (in the rocky place), and those that hear and live their lives by what they heard (much harvest).
  5. Q5. (Isaiah 6:5-8) What is Isaiah's reaction to the vision? How does God deal with Isaiah's fear? What question follows Isaiah's cleansing? What is Isaiah's response to God's question? What is your response when you sense God calling you? He mainly is afraid of seeing the lord with his sinful nature and says he isn't clean or worthy of such a honor. God sends the seraphim to cleanse him, but not for god, but because Isaiah believes he is unclean and hes a dead man for having the vision in the first place...I don't think Isaiah had a vision, but rather placed that vision in Isaiah to see. He is willing to take on anything for the lord. Wilson, Ralph F.. Isaiah: Discipleship Lessons from the Fifth Gospel (JesusWalk Bible Study Series) . JesusWalk Publications. Kindle Edition.
  6. He wanted people to see his majesty and power, but in a none threatening way. We shouldn't be afraid of God, but fear him, there is a difference.
  7. he readies the grounds of the vineyard by cultivating the soil and removing the stones, building of the watch tower and wine press, plant the vines so all that's left is to see if the garden yields good fruit. The vineyard yielded bad fruit and God was extremely upset. He gave Israel every chance to be fruitful, but they would not listen, so he took it all from them.
  8. These verses show a loving and compassionate lord who will bring love and good things to a tired nation. They are being united again and not fighting against God.
  9. They are like spoiled children who are brought up by people who will give them anything thing they want when they want it. They have found someone else to give them what they want and have turned their back on God.
  10. Q5. (Isaiah 6:5-8) What is Isaiah’s reaction to the vision? How does God deal with Isaiah’s fear? What question follows Isaiah’s cleansing? What is Isaiah’s response to God’s question? What is your response when you sense God calling you? His initial reaction was fear from seeing the Lord with his own eyes, God reassures Isaiah that his uncleanliness and sin are gone and he is made whole in God's eyes. Isaiah gladly agrees to go to the people for God.deliver the Lords
  11. I think God was using isaiah to tell the people just how great God really is. The people were doing things that were dispicable to God and they would not listen to him, but they would listen to a prophet, he is less scary than the God of all men. Isaiah told the people of the holiness of the throne room, the winged creatures and of God himself hoping they would finally listen and stop going against the ways of the Lord.
  12. The vintner expected a good crop so his hard work would be rewarded. The same can be said of anyone that puts time and effort in to a job, they want the end to be their reward.
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