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  1. To be restored to good standing. We were redeemed from our sinful nature - we were born stained. The price was Jesus' blood. Our redemption lasts for eternity unless we commit apostacy - the unforgivable hardening of heart.
  2. Because it was external. We cannot approach God when we feel guilty because we're ashamed. We must humble ourselves and confess our sin(s) to God and truly repent and then we can approach God to ask for forgiveness.
  3. Because it was external. We cannot approach God when we feel guilty because we're ashamed. We must humble ourselves and confess our sin(s) to God and truly repent and then we can approach God to ask for forgiveness.
  4. I don't recall reading that the old covenant provided forgiveness for intentional sinners. I think they just got stoned. The covenant provides forgiveness if we truly repent and provide restitution (when necessary; if we stole we must restore it). True repentance is really hurting over what you did and never wanting to do it again.
  5. It was not possible to succeed, as the psalmist said "we are all like dirty rags, there is no one good, not one." I think in part it was God's way of showing us how weak we really are and how we really need Him. It was to show us many things like God's mercy and love for us. The primary promises are that we will know the Lord personally. His Holy Spirit in us will guide and strengthen us and lead us to all truth. We must be faithful, but the Holy Spirit will make that possible.
  6. As the blood of animals sacrificed were without defect, so too was Jesus' blood. It it His blood that covers our sins and He is mediator to God on our behalf. God's forgiveness is possible through the new covenant which was made through Jesus' death/blood. We could not keep the law then but now it is possible through the Holy Spirit and grace freely given us.
  7. To eat is to read His Word and faith comes by hearing so our faith increases as we read and meditate on His words. We're visual creatures that's why Jesus painted so many pictures to illustrate His parables. By partaking in a symbolic act we are being caused to remember His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness of what He did for us. To believe in Christ is to always remember Him.
  8. It is necessary to devour Him in order to become like Him. After all, we are what we eat! (forgive me, I couldn't resist) We cannot serve two masters. If we don't serve God by feasting on Jesus, we're serving someone else. We can't be lukewarm so it's an either/or so it must be strong. The twelve were sincere and really believed in Christ whereas the others did not. Those who fall away were never real to begin with so the mark of a true believer is one who obeys Jesus through good times and bad and doesn't fall away!
  9. His body is given as a sacrifice for all, demonstrating His love for the whole world. The other verse demonstrates that His body is not only given for the world corporately but also for each one of us individually.
  10. to feed off of Christ's words and actions. Read His words and apply them daily. It's staying connected to the Vine, eating His flesh, devouring His Words and living them - being obedient because you believe and trust in what He says. A nibble is verbalizing your belief, a meal is acting like you believe it.
  11. We're supposed to be accepting of all believers. Uh-oh, call me guilty! If I tear down a denomination I'm not acting like a true Christian. I'm judging. I should act in a more loving way. I have more growing to do. I see that I sometimes use the bible to point out other people's and denomination's faults when the bible was meant to point out my faults to me. Again with the plank. Excuse me, I must find a crew to remove this one.
  12. Overall our church is unified, however, there are some matters I have problems with. For one, we have a believer who married a non-believer and according to Scripture we're not to be unequally yoked and no one seemed to have a problem with it. On the other hand, I can't cast a stone because I must first remove the plank from my own eye (I still smoke cigarettes). If congregations are at eachother they're not getting the point. They're still infants when they should be eating meat (as Paul said). They must grow in Christ and forgive others and always strive for peace.
  13. That we are all one in Christ and as Christ forgave us our sins, so too we should forgive others - then we can truly be in unity - as one big loaf. We must sincerely forgive others and ask others' forgiveness for our wrongs to them and ask God to forgive us and then we'll partake in the Lord's Supper righteously - a clean heart and clean conscience.
  14. It teaches us that we should be thankful for the mercy and love God shows us by offering His only Son to take our sins and die in our place shedding His blood and giving His body. The focus is on God's mercy and love and His son, Jesus' mercy and love for us. God and His Son, Jesus.
  15. Sharing a meal means you desire to have close fellowship with the person(s). It depends on the person(s), a business meal is not as meaningful as relaxing at a table with friends and experiencing a closer fellowship. Jesus' friends were friends indeed (except for Judas) as they had spent 3.5 years (?) with Jesus 24/7. They're meal was truly a close fellowship meal and introducing the covenant at the table made it very meaningful.
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