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  1. Q3. (Genesis 28:18-21) What did it mean to Jacob to set up the stone? What did anointing the stone mean to him? Why does he do these things? What does he promise God in his vow? He sets up the stone as an act of dedication of himself in worship, a way of remembering God's presence in this place. He anoints it as an act of cleansing and consecration, setting it and himself apart for God. He promise God that God will be his God, the pillar will be God's house and that he will give God a tenth of all God gives him.
  2. Q1. (Genesis 28:3-4) Why does Isaac bless Jacob, especially after Jacob
  3. Q6. Extra Credit. Whose character flaws most remind you of your own? Isaac's, Rebekah's, Esau's, or Jacob's? Why? How is God working to improve your character? Maybe a little of Rebekah in the way of her faith before she did what she did. I'm a woman of great faith that have learn to listen. I often separate myself and want the best for those I love. I felt like she did at one point when she knew Isaac was the better child in her eyes and she did know the promise that God made but she felt that this would have been the last chance because her husband was going to die, fear set in and she wanted to make sure Esau was not the one. I felt that way as my sister was dying I felt that she was a woman of God and could have spread the word of God that she always did and to me God was taking a wonderful woman of God and letting someone else that I knew that have cancer live that was not living for God. But of course I could do anything about that except to pray and understand that God never makes a mistake what He said he will do He will. My sister had completed her job her and it was time for her to rest. Others need to make changes in their lives so that they too will be ready for the day of rejoice.
  4. Q5. (Genesis 25:28) What happens when your children sense that you love one child more than another? Did such discrimination happen to you when you were growing up? If so, how are you finding healing? How can we as parents love our children equally but differently? Well I'm please to say I never had that problem. I am blessed to have one child, and in my heart I can not really see myself loving one child more than the other. We must understand that living one child is the same as loving 20. Look at all of us that God love so much that He gave us Love His one and only Son. So if God can love us that much we should no matter what do everything in our heart to show each of our children love regardless if one is different and is not doing all that we would like them to do. Love is what we live by, with faith, and God grace and his mercy is what helps us to do the right thing and that is to sure love always.
  5. Q4. (Genesis 27:33) Why couldn't Isaac reverse his blessing once he discovers Jacob's trickery? What is Isaac's role in this blessing? What is God's role in it? Isaac couldn'g reverse it because it was a blessing from God that he gave his son Jacob rule over his prosessions. Isaac was to be obidient to God regardless of how it came about. God had already given the command it must have been filfulled and it was regardless of how we may think or feel. Many lesson can be learn from this one situation.
  6. Q3. (Genesis 27:6-29) God had told Rebekah that Jacob is supposed to rule over Esau (Genesis 25:23). To what extent does this excuse her plan to deceive her husband Isaac? How much responsibility does Jacob bear in the deception? Rebekah as a woman of God was wrong. She was not waiting on the Lord, she wanted to focus on getting what she wanted when she wanted it not getting it in God timing. Jacob was just as wrong as his mother. Deception especially to his own blood was wrong and not even considering that this is being done on his Father death bed. How much did that go into consideration that Rebekah and Jacob had to live with the fact that on his death bed he was deceive by the ones he loved. God already had it planned out.
  7. Q2. Was Rebekah a spiritual woman, that is, interested in spiritual things? Was Isaac a spiritual man? Which do you think was the more spiritually sensitive? What evidence of spirituality do you see in Jacob? In Esau? Yes She was but because she favor one son over the other she wanted the promise to take place now. Not learning to wait on God. Isaac was a spiritual man also. He spent many days walking and talking with the Lord seeking answers for unexplain question. He was a child of Abraham one that was call a friend of God. Jacob was hungry to get ahead to do the will of God but he went about it the wrong way. Esau on the other had didn't care one way or the other what happen he just wanted to live his life day by day doing and getting what he wanted at the time not taking into consideration about the next day or the result of his action for the future. We must all consider our everyday action that can result in a bad outcome at the end to the day.
  8. Q1. Why does the New Testament condemn Esau for selling his birthright? (Hebrews 12:16-17) What did selling the birthright represent? What does this transaction say about Esau's character and values? What does it reveal bout Jacob's character and values? Because Esau did not have in values in what was his. He sold his birthright which shows that he really didn't care he wanted what he wanted now. Esaus was willing to sell his birthright for food that shows that he was a person that had little values for the blessing. He was only concern about what he wanted now and the future was not something that concern him. To me he was just one that live his life for the moment not taking into consideration the future of his action. As for Jacob he was a deceiver. He was not acting as one that Loved God he was also willing to get what he wanted but not telling his brother that this was wrong for him to do and that he was sorry for asking him to do such a thing.
  9. has not set their status

  10. Hello, I pray that we will continue to learn more about our God and all that He have planned for our life. We must continue to pray for each other and pray against the evil that is trying take control. God bless you all

  11. Q4. (3 John 9-10) What character flaws does Diotrephes exhibit? Can a person be a strong pastoral leader without developing these traits? If you have tendencies in yourself towards pride and a controlling spirit, how can you fight against them? Diotrephes is all about self,he wants to be incharge but don't really understand what a great or even a good leader true mission is. A pastoral can not be a strong pastoral leader if he is all about self. What is best for the salvation of those that is in his congrations and present is more important. You can't be about doing things your way and only your way. Where is the God in what you are doing? How does your actions represent the love of God? If you have tendecies of a controling spirit are any spirit that is not of God you must pray and pray honestly to God to be deliver from that spirit and give you the true fruits of the spirit. You must be humble to receive not controlling and have the attitude because of your position that I'm in charge and what I say goes. Wrong answer it's God way are not way.
  12. Q3. (3 John 5-8) What are the reasons given in these verses for supporting Christian workers in their ministry? What reward comes with becoming a "co-worker," by assisting Christian workers? How effective can Christian workers be without those who support them? We we support Christian workers we are also supporting Christ because Christian workers are are sent out to do the work that Christ have approve them to do. The true work of God. When we support a Christian worker we are entitle to a great reward also as we do to them we also do to Christ. Christian workers need our support if we are true Christian because they are not to take from unbelievers but only those that believe. We must always support our missionary that is going around spreading the Great news about Jesus. Only the true word and the true missionaries.
  13. Q2. (2 John 10-11) Why does the Apostle John tell his readers to refuse hospitality to the false teachers? What would refusing hospitality mean for a congregation (as opposed to an individual)? What is the border between tolerance and stupidity, when it comes to false teachers? Do the divisions of denominationalism find justification in this verse? Why or why not? We should refuse false teachers hospitality because it's not the true words of Christ. When we began to listen to the false words of God it is what we start to believe. This is not of God but of the devil. another trick to deceive the words of God that is written. We should not tolerant any teaching that is not in accordance to the words of God and one that may say is studpid is also free to make the choice and read, study and ask God to open the meaning of his words to them. As for all the different denominations it's not about the name about about the true words that is given. This is so important for us to understand because our denomination is not what's going to decide our life forever with Christ but our life that we live. I wish sometime that it was not such thing as a denomination because so many are being caught up in title not understanding that false teachers are everywere and we must study for ourself also.
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