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  1. It ,ean that God love me so much that he does not want me to be caught up in a sinful life. so he is standing guard with his Holy word tha I may not stumble. he is my protector.
  2. To keep yourself in God's love we must set ourselves aside from the the things of this world. we must prayer in in the spirit. We must worship god in the spirit and truth. we must praise God for all his blessing.and never forget to prayer his word back to him.
  3. God tell us to have faith in him through his son Jesue , if we are to receive God's promise for eternal life we will have to buil our and that a personal responsibility. to build our faith we must study God's word obey his commands. I study more than I use to and with this bible study I'm beginning to get a better understanding of the bible.
  4. These 3 is equally cacthes mt attention because I was called out of the world by God I was so loved by that he sent his son to die for me, Jesus is keeping watch over me. when I error he stand as a go between to the God the Father to atone sfor my sin. To me it's good to know that you have someone standing guard for you, Jesus is my look-out. Knowing this help to to live a better christian life.
  5. We should live our life as if were coming today.If we fail to put believe his word than he will catch us with our work undone. we should live every dat as if it was the last day.
  6. In our culture we chose to do as the do without any regard or throuhrt to the hereafter. we have choices to make right or wrong we cannot be both right and wrong at the same time. we must repent to recieve salvation no repentence no salvation. Yes there was a time in my life that I just refuse to give up the life of infidelity because to me that was a glamorus to live. Iloved the challenges of it. But I started listening to the word of God.then one day something something happened to me in the bathroom and I haven't been the same. whoever read this reply may think that I revealed too many personal detail, but I want the world to know that when Godtouch you you've been touched.
  7. God is not slackhe will not delay beyound his appointed time. what man as slack is really long-suffering and patience because dosen't want any to perish. It teach us that will keep his promise and his appointed time to come back and judge the world. we just need to have our house in order when he returns as a thief or a robber in the night
  8. To perish is everlasting destruction not getting a second chance to get it right. The church is too involved in the political arena to put much enphasis getting the truth to its' people. We are too involve with social issues instead of teaching the truthso men will change their sinful ways.
  9. a reminder it to wake up the christian that may be spiritual asleep. we need to be reminded of God's promise because he keeps his promise. we remind other by the way we live our life before the world, we/ve been touched by God we will not live as the world live but as God has instructed.
  10. Jude,were very concern about the belivers salvation than and even now he knew back between the time A.D. 65-80 around the time this book was written, that there would be false teaching this was a warning for generation to come. Every who say they are working in the name of the is not doing so. today we has to be careful of what we listen to. When Jesus walked among men he taught the truth and nothing else.
  11. Paul said sexual sin will not enter into the kingdom in any form, Since the bible say it is wrong than we should not condone it.
  12. We sometimes let the flesh get in the of the spirit and we will turn away from what is right. we should love the sinner but hate sin as God has commanded.
  13. Most of the churches today are more concerned about money than saving soul. so the preach/teach what the people want to instead of what theey need to hear. Most ministers let their congregation dictate as to what they should teach just to keep the check coming.
  14. Strong desires for thing of this can corrupt our mind and cause us to to turn away from God. If we have a strong desire to learn of God's plan that has been laid out for usthen will our faith increase. The hold that sin has on the men of the world is through ****, and their to rules over them. the dominionthat sin has over us according to the delight we have in it.
  15. To me his glory God is calling converted men and women to bring them to glory and uprightness. The effect his presence and glory has on is for me is to live according to his word,an dstrive to live a Christ like life.
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