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  1. David believes God helps him. In human eyes, I guess David as a warrior sounds silly at this moment. Saul lets him, just in case he wins by accident, so the humiliation of the enemy is bigger. Maybe Saul has a little faith, but nothing compared to David.
  2. Goliath insults God so David feels offended. Eliab is upset, because his brother's questions show he (Eliab) is afraid of the big man. David on the other hand isn't afraid because he knows it's God's battle. We learn that Eliab thinks in military terms, therefore is afraid, and that he isn't a nice person. That's why God didn't choose him as a king, I guess.
  3. Saul wants David to play music. God wants David to learn politics. We often pay attention to other things that are not from God. We better quit all bad things, don't watch bad programs on the telly, things like that.
  4. The anoiting makes the Spirit enter David? David needs the Spirit to be a good king. The Spirit gives him the power and knowledge. Ofcourse the Spirit is vital to us too.
  5. We judge by outer appearance. God however judges the heart. To check if our thoughts are compatible with the Bible?
  6. Rebellion is when God tells you to do something, but you do something else. Rebellion is as bad as witchcraft, because in both cases you don't honour God. Rebellion means you're to arrogant to listen to God. Humble ourselves? Then we turn away from God more and more.
  7. If God is a God of love, it's difficult to understand that He sends people to hell. Let alone that this is forever. Forever is so definitive. Anyway, people have the choise. And God is a fair judge.
  8. They haven't been with women - standing for no mixing with pagan things. And they haven't lied.
  9. The battle is spiritual: with the devil. comfort: St Michael has beaten the devil.
  10. We shoud testify - like them - even if it results in death.
  11. Our focus should be Jesus. If something earthly is most important to us, He isn't our focus. Aye. We should pray and read the Bible, and don't think watching the telly is more important. Or if the Bible says not to do something, but it is general accepted were we live, we shoudn't do it.
  12. Because He's the Lam who let Himself being killed just to save us. He wasn't forced to, and He didn't have too, but did it anyway because He loves us. Most people don't even want to die for their friends, let alone for 'bad' people or strangers or whatever. So it's noteworthy and praiseworthy.
  13. if boundaries become less clear, you turn farther and farther from the Lord, until you end up completely somewhere else
  14. After a while, we lose our enthousiasm, because it's not new anymore, becomes a habit, etc. Paul warns for this, and tells us to stay active! In Revelations we get a warning too not to lose our first love; that's also about this. Doing good has to start with your congregation, not because of egoism, but because of first responsability. You need to have a healthy and strong congregation to survive the evil in this world. If there's something left, you can help other people outside.
  15. "Sow to the flesh" means you do what your body wants, like going with men, getting drunk, etc. At the moment we think it's nice, but God has given rules, because it's not always good for us. "Sow to the Spirit" means you do something that builds up the Church, like encouraging other christians, or praying, etc. Sowing in the flesh is very unhealthy for a congregation. For example, I've heard about a pastor who asked in church if people could help a brother who wanted to leave his wife for another sister to move... And my mama left church with us many years ago because of all the hypocrite behaviour and gossip. We're not allowed to hurt brothers and sisters, so even making them leave church is very bad.
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