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  1. joseph took mary as his wife and contnued to recognized jesus as his son,this is how jesus became legal heir to david line of hertiged.joseph also taught jesus many thing as he was growing up
  2. the prophecy of isaiah7:14,including the foetelling of jesus birth.imanuel means god with us
  3. it means holy one,jesus saves us,also the angel gave mary and joesph the name so they remeber it. he is our savior ad jesus died for our sins
  4. hello,my name is diana,im from the united states,im a mother of 8chilsren and grandmother of 8 grandchildren. im recently accept the lord a year ago,im also a sinner and a drug addict.its been very hard for me these with the holidays,and me fallen again and again. im so glad that i found this site to do my bible study and to get to know eveyone. im learning more ad more about god and my bible. it just seems everytime im doing good,ive seem to fall back in the old situation again.its very hard for me when my family dont give m the support i need,and they dont believe in god thye believe in god there own way. i know god will forgive me,but how long can i keep doing this and fallen so many times. im gratefull for meeting eveyone. {here my emil address for ayone to help me........{dianakapitan@yahoo.com}
  5. well,jesus would learn how to be responible,and walk in his earthly father steps.jesus also would learn about being skillfull,and learn to be a man .jesus also would learn the value of what his job is like
  6. for one god choose mary to be jesus mother,for she have found favor with the lord our god,also elizabeth mary relative found favo in god too,at her late life.
  7. the true god is that we are o have only one god and no one else.for the lord have put fear into men so that we can believe in his son jesus christ.jesus died for us and god sent his only begotten son to earth to died for u.we are god children and we love everyone,we do not have any enemies,for god told us in scripture love thy enemies with all our hearts. we know the son has come .
  8. when we know that we have eternal life needles to say,we can go before the lord with confidence.we know that if we ask anything according to gods will,he will hear us.in general way the answer is that gods will is revealed to us in the sacred scriptures,and we should be study the word in order to get to know him.
  9. to me my church is god at home,eternal life is not found in education or philosophy or science or good works,to have life one must have the son of god.jesus is our lord and our savior he died for me on the cross cause im a sinner.i have my place with the lord jesus christ.
  10. to me justified means to me that i am a sinner and im no longer am,cause ive been justified by faith and peacewith god through our lord jesus christ,i have been change from foes to friends by a miracle of grace.we are accepted in the beloved one,therefore we are as near ad dear to godas his own beloved son.
  11. only the man who is born of god really overcomes the world,because we have faith and our able to overrise above the pershing things of this world and to see thing in their true eternal perspective. we walk by faith and uphold our strength through our lord jesus christ.
  12. in beautifull submission,mary yeild herself to the lord for accomplishment of his wonderous purposes. god show how he can do miracles things,only we have to believe.
  13. behold he will be great joy to men and peace on earth.jesus was sent here to deliver us from evil and to repent
  14. reconditonale means we are children of god.we are no longer reckond as sinnersas guilty sinners.at the enormous cost of the saviors blood,shed for us at calvary.we have been counted righteousness by god
  15. no matter how bad we sin,jesus still save us.we are reminded that we ar weak,and helpless,without strength,and unable to save ourselfves.but the lord jesus christ died for us on the cross so we can be saved.we are all sinners but we have jesus to forgive us as sinners.for jesus is the light and the way.
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