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  1. What pattern do you see emerging in Jesus’ prayer life? (He would rise early to be alone with God, thru prayer.) Why do you think he spends Quiet Time with the Father before the day begins? (He was surround by people, needs, worldly cares. He needed to be able to hear God.) How does this prepare him for his ministry? (Being in solitude with God (who is the Word) prepared him for what he came for: to preach the Word to others.) How did the disciple desires for Jesus differ from what Jesus felt impelled to do? (Mark 1:37-38) (The disciples wanted Jesus to attend to the people who came to their door...they wanted Jesus to come to those who had already hear about him, heard the salvation message. Jesus wanted to go preach the Word of God (to preach the salvation message) to those who had not heard of him.) Why? (Jesus came to preach the Word of God.) Do you have a Quiet Time? (No. I am drowning in work and responsibilities.) What could you do to improve the quality of your time with God each day? (Set aside a time for him, ask God to help me commit to it, then do it.)
  2. This Oregon girl is ready to learn more about God by studying his names. I want to see our God the way the Jews and Christians see God. I'm hoping this will make me a better witness for Christ. Pastor Ralph, your studies....are.... great!!!
  3. Q2. (Exodus 3:10-12) Does Moses’ response to God’s call reflect a low self image, true humility, or lack of faith? How does God reassure him? How does God reassure us when we are called to impossible situations? Moses must have been feeling many things: Many years prior he acted as a rescuer for the Israelies (killing an Egyptian) but they questioned him, somewhat mocked him and he was afraid. Then when Pharaoh wanted to kill him he ran...fled...he knew he had acted wrongfully...yet he knew he had good intentions. He wanted to write the wrongs that were inflicted against the Israelites. Moses must have felt humbled when his plan did not accomplish what he had hoped. Moses might have had low self image as well...raised in royalty like he was an Egyptian yet he wasn't really one of them. And, even though he was Hebrew the Hebrews rejected him also. He probably felt like a misfit...like there was no place for him. I can understand him running. God reasures him by stating, "I WILL BE WITH YOU", and by clearing spelling out his requests. He tells Moses exactly what he wants and what Moses is to say and do. God reassures us in similar was: He say's he'll always be with us and will never leave us, and he's given us his word as a lamp under our feet. We have "direction" even when we don't fully know the details of his plan.
  4. Positive: He's observant, aware of injustice, desires to stop injustice and is willing to do something about it. Negative: He's impulsive, and maybe more focused on the tree (one Egyptian beating a man) instead of the forest (the system in place which allows the Egyptians to cruelly mis-treat Israelites). Moses needed to seek counsel.
  5. The Jews knew they were God's people...others had to "wash" themselves to "become" one of God's people...not them, so they believed. For them to be baptized meant they had to admit they had sin. They were filled with arrogance and pride...and John the Baptist recognized it and called it. John was to announce Jesus and Jesus came to bring light in dark places.
  6. I just want to know God's word so I feel equipted to answer questions from non-Christian coworkers. Pastor Ralph has such wonderful insight.
  7. Q2. (Genesis 32.9-12) What does Jacobs prayer tell us about his fears? About his faith? About his pride? What are the signs of spiritual growth you see in Jacob since he left Canaan to go to Haran years before? jacob has fears, like we all do, even when we know that God is with us. But he has faith too. Jacob barely knew God as he started out on his journey to live with Rachel's family, but on his journey home, some years later, he reveals that he relies on God...God is his savior, protector, and he freely calls upon God, believing in him and his promises. He knows God's word is true and that he can count on it.
  8. Q5. Why do we often fail to see God’s blessings during the everyday conflicts of our lives? Why do blessings and conflicts so often come at the same time? What hope do we have in the midst of our struggles?
  9. Q3. (Genesis 31:17-36) Why did Jacob and his family leave without saying good-bye to Laban? In what sense did they deceive Laban? (31:20, 27). Was anything they did unjust or unrighteous? If so, how?
  10. Q2. (Genesis 30:25-43) At what point do you think Jacob realizes that his breeding techniques are not the cause of his growing wealth? According to Deuteronomy 8:17-18, what danger are we in when our income and assets begin to increase?
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