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  1. To receive Jesus means to welcome and accept Him as Christ the Messiah, our Savior. His own (the Jewish people) did not receive or believe Him to be the Christ. To believe means we accept Him has Christ, the Son of God who was born into this sinful world, died for our sins and arose on the third day and ascended into the Heavens to sit on the right side of God. When we believe this, then we are reconciled to God thru Jesus Christ and given the gift of eternal life. If you do not believe, your soul will be lost.
  2. Jesus was the Light ad John the Baptist was the lamp that bore witness to the Light. Now, we are the lamp to bear witness and spread the gospel to the world. We are to point unbelievers to Christ the Light. John the Baptist was beheaded because he condemned the incestuous marriage of Galilee’s ruler, Herod Antipas. We too can be condemned for speaking the truth about Jesus Christ. Missionaries around the world are in constant danger for teaching God’s word. This should not stop us from spreading the good news of Jesus Christ so others can be saved.
  3. According to John, Jesus was fully human and is fully God. Although Jesus took on humanity and became flesh, He never ceased to be the eternal God who has always existed. The WORD was used by theologians and philosophers, both Jews and Greeks. In Hebrew thought, the WORD was another expression for God. In Greek philosophy, the Word was the principle of reason that governed the world. What Jesus taught and what He did are tied in separately to who He is.
  4. Q2. (John 3:3-5) What does "entering the Kingdom" have to do with being "born anew"? The new birth is the act by which God imparts spiritual life to a person who trust Christ. With out this spiritual birth, a person cannot enter in the Kingdom of God. Which do you think is the best translation here: "born again," "born anew," or "born from above"? Defend your reasoning. I like "born anew." 2 Cor 5:17 states; "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."
  5. Q1. (John 3:3, 5) What does Jesus teach here about the nature of the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is personal, not national or ethnic, and its entrance requirements are repentance and spiritual rebirth. Do you think Nicodemus understands him? Why or why not? Being a devout Pharisee and a member of the ruling council, Nicodemus would have been familiar with God's promise in Ezekiel 36:25,26: 25 Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. 26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. With this understanding, Nicodemus would have understood what Jesus was saying to him.
  6. Q2. (Mark 10:21) Why do you think Jesus requires the rich young ruler to divest himself of his fortune? Jesus wanted to see just how much the ruler was willing to give up to follow Him. Why does this trouble us so much? We wonder if we are following Jesus if, we too, are holding on to our wealth. Should we give up what we have to follow Him? If there was no other way for the man to be saved, what does that say about the spiritual dangers of wealth? While Jesus asked the ruler to give up all he had, this does not mean that all believers should sell all their possessions. Most of His followers did not sell everything, although they used their possessions to serve others. This story shows us that we must not let anything we have or desire keep us from following Jesus. We musts remove all barriers to serving Him fully.
  7. Q1. (Matthew 13:44-46) What do the Parables of the Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Great Price have in common? Both treasures were worth obtaining whether by accident or by diligently searching for it. What is the main point of these parables? The value of the Kingdom outweighs any sacrifice.
  8. Q4. (Luke 17:33-36) What does our passage teach about the separation and judgment that will occur when the Kingdom comes? How should this affect our lives? Our testimony? Our love for our neighbors? A person's eternal destiny is not determined by being close to those who are righteous. Each person stands before God alone. Therefore, we should be morally and spiritually ready. We should live as if Jesus were returning today.
  9. Q3. (Luke 17:24-32) What indications does Jesus give in this passage that he will suddenly come in his Kingdom without further warning? By reminding us of The flood in Noah time and and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, He was letting us know His coming can be any time, any day, any hour. What are the implications of this for our attitude? For our lives? We should abandon the values and attachments of this world in order to be ready for Christ's return.
  10. Q2. (Luke 17:22-24) What do Jesus' words about lightning teach us about the nature of the coming of his Kingdom? When Jesus comes, His power and presence will be evident to everyone. No one will need to spread the message because all will see for themselves.
  11. Q1. (Luke 17:21) In what sense was the Kingdom of God present in the Person and ministry of Jesus? Through Jesus, Kingdom of God was working in people lives and in their relationships. In what sense is the Kingdom of God present today? Today, we must resist looking to institutions or programs for evidence of the progress of God's kingdom. Instead, we must look for what God is doing in people's hearts
  12. Jesus is teaching us that as the Kingdom advances, so do the attacks against it. John the Baptist's ministry was the dividing line between the Old and New Testaments(John 1: 15-18) With the arrival of Jesus came the realization of all the prophets' hopes. Jesus emphasized that his kingdom fulfilled the law (the Old Testament); it did not cancel it (Matthews 5:17). His was not a new system but the culmination of the old. The same God who worked through Moses was working through Jesus.
  13. Jesus tells us to persist in pursuing God. Some people often give up after a few halfhearted efforts and feel God can not be found. However, knowing God takes faith, focus, and follow-through, and Jesus assures us that we will be rewarded. We should not give up in our efforts to seek God. We should continue to ask Him for more knowledge, patience, wisdom, love and understanding. He will give them to us.
  14. We should turn to God first for help. we should fill our thoughts with his desires and take his character for our pattern and serve and obey him in everything. Seeking the Kingdom and supporting our families does not have to be mutual exclusive of each other. What we should do is seek God first and He will take care of the rest.
  15. There are many wealthy Christians. I would like to think that they were Christians before they became wealthy or born in to a Christian family who happens to be wealthy. Unfortunately, there the people who become Christians after or because they have gain wealth and fame. god know what is in the heart of man. What Jesus is telling us to first seek Him and He will give us the desires of our heart. God wants us be like babies dependent their parents for their every need. God will take care of our every need because He knows us best.
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