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  1. We owe from God our life and being. Without him, we won't be around with his image imprinted in us in the form of intellect. We are expected to be good and righteous so that God will continue to bless us with his presence in our daily activities.
  2. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is a good example of puting love in action. For me my family needs my priority, If there is a natural disasters my first reaction is to give them my old garments, pack them neatly and get them to the rescue center. If somebody is victimized, call 911 from your cell, or take picture if you cell has that capabilities. I volunteer in a Nursing home, and I greeted them all, they need a friend, They feel isolated. Give them your concern and love.
  3. The word "world" implies another relegion and we Christian is righteous. The implication is not correct. Hope you realize that.
  4. A person who continue to commit the same sin over and over after confessing the same sin is commiting a lawlessness. This person is in opposition to God, it could be anybody in any type of faith.
  5. There are 3 stages of mental, physical and spiritual growth development and all of this correspond to the 3 stages of our physical, mental development. Chidren, are innocent of the materialistic side of the world. They are not exposed to the sins that young adult men do., and lastly the father who must have learned a lot of experiences in life have different expousure to sin. The approached of Jesus are as follows: Father must be knowledgable where God came from, from the begining. The young adult, need to learn more about God and must spiritually journey to learn more about God, the offenses we made againts God The Children are innocent, and have little knowledge of sin.
  6. I am a Filipino, an active physician, involved with Clinical Pastoral Care. I am married with 5 children and 8 grand children.

  7. The world is the materialism, the sinfullness, the wickedness of man, that rule in todays world. What keeps us from loving the father is the temptations in which we succumb our weakedness.
  8. By keeping his commandment which was summarized as "Love God above all things." and "Love our neighbors" which could be anyone we encounter daily and need our help and compassion, like the "Good Samaritan." You cannot be judgemental like the Pharisees, but remember social justice and equal rights was already taught to us by Jesus during his time. When he commented on divorce, he said, "My Father created man and women and two became one flesh." In here he is giving the women equal rights, and showing he loves children, he is also giving them justice of love. Children were used as laborers during his time and even in other parts of the world. We can obey the law of men but we must also obey the law of God, instilled in our conscience to do right and avoid evil.
  9. I believe God is merciful, full of gentleness and compassion, and with Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us, we are then assured that once we fall down to sin, we must get up and ask forgiveness, for the Lord Jesus was sent to heal the contrite. If Jesus is our friend and savior we don't like to offend him. In other word we don't like to spoil ourselves of sinfulness.
  10. Confession is making your feeling of guilt and sinfulness to Christ in a contrite way. Confession is important because we want to be pleasing to Christ as we walk with him and he walk with us. Let say you are walking with your friend, you don't like to offend him or her as a friend of yours? If we stop confessing then we are going around with guilt conscience. If we confess our sins, we got relieved of our sinfulness and we feel good. Try it and you will be happy you did. If we confess our sins, we become again a child of Christ. Forgiveness is inner receiption of God's mercy and compassion.
  11. I am a physicians, involved with many community organization, serving the poor.
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