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  1. Was the problem in the sowing end or the "receiving" end? If the seed is sown faithfully, is that a guarantee that all will be fruitful?
  2. I think this is well said. Staying in close fellowship with the Savior, Jesus Christ, through is word and prayer is vital! Continual obedience leads to growth, intimacy, and fruifulness in God!!!
  3. I think worries/cares are the most dangerous....these are the ones that I think we sometimes put before God. These are the ones we sometimes think we have no control over or decide to handle on own. Unawaringly, we sometimes fall as prey to them. Seeking riches are pleaseures are more deliberate choices which we open-eyed get ourselves into, just by refusing to die to self. Worries/cares sometimes involve our concern for others more than ourselves, but the danger comes, when we make those things, situations, or people our idols or gods. How to please people is a snare to many believers! We become more concerned about pleasing peole and less concerned about pleasing God, a great danger, example: Aaron and the molten calf in the wilderness!
  4. The word of God says a man is "right in his own eyes." Amazing how human nature sometimes cannot allow us to see the truth about ourselves!
  5. To be persistent, alert, and thankful. Putting this into practice will help us to grow or mature in faith. Could help us in remaining focused, overcoming distractions.
  6. You are so correct in that we had no desire for Him. We were SO wordly! Look at who chose whom in John 15:16.
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