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  1. I agree. 'pickledilly' actually had the same thought. I like how you also recognize that a when someone doesn't believe in effective prayer, they are actually believing in a lie - it's very insightful. I'm participating in the truth project and this is so true. Isn't everything just the cosmic battle between God's truth and Satan's lies? On a tangent, I hope there's a notification option upon reply to this forum soon, or someway to retrieve replies to posts in an easier way.
  2. Agreed. Some modifications: 3 - 5) Taking it from another user: The Bible helps us get our prayers answered in every possible way. It shows us what pleases God and how we may approach Him, even giving us the very words we may use. The better we know it the better we can use His Word in our prayers. Praying scripture ensures that we are in line with God's word (thus, in His will) and that will ensure that He will hear us (answer us in the affirmative or wait, although the current post is also correct that God will say "no" if we are not in His will. However, even then, knowing His word will let us see why He said "no").
  3. I agree. Some additions: Q1: "out of the very gold God had provided them". This is an interesting take on the gold. God did give them the permission to carry their possessions, and that of the Egyptians'. There was another post that said "They essentially brought symbols of the idolatry of Egypt with them on their journey to the promised land. And now they were worshipping the gods of Egypt." This is another interesting view on the gold also. Q2: "Do not worship any other god, for the Lord , whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God." (Exodus 34:14). God is angry because He is jealous for His creation, that no one might perish, but have everlasting life. His jealousy and anger is because of love, how true.
  4. I agree completely. This is the reason why we should align our will with His will.
  5. Hi, you are very open minded in trying to understand the Bible. I pray that more people will do what you're doing. However, I'm not sure what you mean by "Man, before the dawn of creation, asked for freewill inorder to bring more glory to God in the final submission. Alas, this too is ignorant of the whole design. The Bible informs us that "Ego/Pride" and "Freewill" are details in the problem sin and the full reality of Christ's suffering for our sin." God was the one who gave us a freewill, that is by design, so that we are not robotic beings, but loves God by our choice, with our whole being (even though there is a chance that we will choose to turn away from him). This is what blows my mind.
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