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  1. Legalism and the resulting pride prevents us from trusting Christ because we are relying on ourself our own judgement, not asking God what we should do. we do our own thing.thinking everything I do is right. This will keep you from drawing close to Jesus because you think you don't need him if you can do everything yourself.I myself would fall flat to the bottom without Gods help.
  2. it was his belief in the Lord ,not his actions that made him right with God .we must trust God to have a right relationship with Him.Our works will not make us right with God,we must have inner confidence .Knowing when we pray or talk to God we believe God will give us the right answer.
  3. I think he sent Ananias too minister to Paul in healing him so Ananias could see the change in Paul ,from the man Paul was. He argued with God because he new Paul was a corrupt man, and did horrible things to Christians. Ananias was obedient to God. Yes I have ministered to people. I cant say one way or another if God lead me to certain ones.
  4. if you persecute believers we persecute Christ Jesus ,because believers are the body of Christ. Yes I have pains, .and my pains do lead me closer to God. If I don't turn toward God I then suffer more .Id rather have God with me ,as God could be warning me about something. Like ,trying to lead me the right way.
  5. Esau did think he could please his dad,go get the game and prepare a meal to then receive his birthright .I really don't know what he was thinking.The birthright was really already his.He was not very strong minded to think the stew he was to prepare would in turn give him his birth right from his father.Then Jacob his brother insisted on having his fathers blessing for himself and took advantage of his brother's hunger,buying his birthright for a plate of stew.Jacob had a demanding spirit,which is a sin deep within ones heart.Some people will do anything to get what they want.
  6. I would say that Paul is refering to himself,when he says "I". But, "I" look at it this way,that Paul is teaching us,and when he refers to himself ,I can put those shoes on my feet ,because I being a Christian,if I struggle with sin, in my own strength I would be heading the wrong direction.I am sure I would find myself sinning in ways that would not be attractive to my ownself. There is know way I would succeed in life without the teachings of Gods word.The word is Gods truth and the power of His spirit will never lead you in the wrong direction.
  7. Trying to get back on track again;catching up on my lessons and hope to finish. To this question of "total depravity",means to be corupt and very hard to take on good qualities,because of sin.Any goodness that shows through our sunfulness is by the grace of God.Modern man does tend to believe most people are basically good,but being good and obeying the law or doing good things is not going to save Gods people.Gods people must repent of their sins ,believing Jesus Christ.Christians need to ask forgiveness,every day of our life.We can do nothing by ourselves or for others,not enless we walk with Jesus everyday and let Him lead us.
  8. Romans 7:2``The law was holy,expressing God's nature and will for people.When we are tempted to sin(rebel,we need to look at the law from a wider perspective-in the light of Gods grace and mercy.(NIV) Sin deceives people by misusing the law.I believe a lot of us misunderstand Gods law and why it was given to us.(NIV) romans 8:3~~Right or wrong the law can not save us; only Jesus Christ is the only way to God(salvation).Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice("sin offering"),for our sins.(In the Old Testiment times animals were continually offered at the temple.(NIV).
  9. I could be better off not knowing what to covet,but I believe my desires causes covetness.Then I also have desires to please God.If I did know what not to covet,the list would be so long, fear would take over to a point I would be very unhappy with life.So I would say knowing what not to covet leads you into another choise for life.We do have a choise We are told not to covet ,but we covet more.In this material man made world there are a lot of things we see,hear about,and can even touch.My thoughts are ,its a part of my sinful nature to wrongfully desire what belongs to another,in which by the help of my heavenly Father I will overcome these desires,seek his help and forgiveness.Amen.
  10. Romans 7:5,Our body is a miracle in itself.God made us.We can see,feel,touch.We have desires.We all have diffrent appetites,Because we are flesh I believe we have to take control of the things we do.Hopefully I choose to do good.That my sinful nature is defeated because of my walk with Christ Jesus.My oldself dies (sinful nature)and my new self takes over.This does not mean I will be perfect,but I will improve,and grow into a better christian as I journey in this life time.
  11. Romans 6:18-22, Yes there is a place of independent freedom apart from slavery"to sin or to Christ,It is impossible to be neutral.Every person has a master-either God or sin.We long for this kind of independent freedom,because we will no longer be a slave to sin.We belong to God.We are not perfect,but God loves us and has given us a new life with Him. I know I should be faithful to God.It is my duty to be loyal to God.I know there are times I let Him down and not stand up to what I know is right.Then there are times I open up and start speaking out my thoughts that has been given to me.I believe as I learn more of Gods word, Holy Spirit will help me speak out when the times are right and to not hesitate.To be bold without fear. Acts 4:29,Now, Lord,consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. NIV~~Boldness requires courage to press on through our fears and do what we know is right. I must look for opportunities to talk about Jesus,although there is rejection,social discomfort,and enbarracement ,not necessarily persecution.As I learn to start being bolder in small ways,the rest will come.
  12. Romans 6:17 A good doctrine affects the way we live as long as it is the truth of the gospel,and we are being taught correctly in how to live a holy and rightious life to God.We should honor good doctrine because it is the written truth of God; containing instructions on how we should live..We should avoid any teaching that is not true to the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Scripture) 1st Timothy 6:3-If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teachings,4:he is conceited and understands nothing. There is a lot of false doctrine out there, that can mislead us, watered down,as Pastor Ralph says.
  13. Romans 6:15-18,We are bound to Christ(slavery to obedience)or through obedience;Christ Jesus gives us the power to do good rather than evil.To obey God with your heart(heart obedience)Matthew 22:27.Doing bad things is slavery to sin,we can not serve two masters.You break that bondage to sin by giving your heart soul and mind to Jesus.Follow his teachings that is in the word of God(Holy Bible).I believe at this point of time in my life,God is speaking to me about love.I also find myself being negitive about many things(uncertain)Also God is speaking to me about fear.Love conquers all fear! Right?I believe when I am not obedient to God,this opens the door for the enemy to move in:I sometimes end up suffering a bit before I realize I should have done what God had asked of me.I have found out many times,its not my way ,its Gods way,Amen.
  14. Romans 6:13 Why do I do the things I do not want to do?.I believe we just do things without ever realizing what we have done is sin.I open my mouth to soon,and say the wrong words.Words can hurt.I must think before I act.If we follow Jesus Christ (he is our Master),he give us power to do good ,rather than evil.We give our whole self to Jesus.Every part of our body is an instrument to be used for the good that we are to carry out for our Heavenly Father. The changes that will be made is we know longer want to carry out our old sinful motives and desires and goals of the world.We have turned ourself over to God and He can use us as His instrument,(our hands,feet,our mouth,our whole body.Our spirit will grow strong,and our bodies more willing.
  15. QI.Romans6:12-When our mortal body comes into obedience to sin,it obeys the body's "evil desires.We are really being controlled by the devil.But we must be obedient to God and draw close to our Savior, Jesus Christ;even though we are tempted to sin,we resist the devil and he will have to flee.Jesus gives us that power as we serve Him,not the devil.Therefore sin does not reign over our mortal bodies.We serve a good God,Amen.
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