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  1. Q4. In what way does Abraham show persistence? Abraham bargains with God from a position of humility and persistence, never giving up until he heard a response from God. Even after God responded, Abraham persistence in regards to intercession for his nephew Lot and for Sodom went on until God gave his final answer. Why is persistence necessary in prayer? Life's circumstances can become overwhelming and we have to posture our hearts and worship until we change the atmosphere in our homes. The enemy also contends against us on a continual basis and wants he to keep our heavenly Father from answering our prayers. We must keep pounding on Heaven's door until God responds. Have you ever experienced "praying through"? What was it like? My wife and I along with close friends were praying one day about a specific issue. Suddenly I felt as though a weight was upon my shoulders, my wife experienced as though she was giving birth, one of my friends, she felt the weight in her hands and the Holy Spirit gave another friend the interpretation. Suddenly we all responded in awe, because the whole room was filled with the glory of God, it was an awesome experience.
  2. Q3. Do you think Abraham's boldness pleased God? Why or why not? Yes! Abraham approached God from three areas, 1-faith, 2-intercession, 3-respect, love and adoration. What might cause God to take delight in your prayers to him? Through this study I am learning to understand the character of God and how we should posture our heart in faith, humility, adoration, love toward our Daddy in haven
  3. Q2- how did Abraham demonstrate his humility before God? Abraham
  4. What is the basis of Abraham's argument that God should spare Sodom? The bases of Abraham
  5. Question No. 4 As long as we are paying God's will for the situation. I believe that the motivation of God
  6. Question No. 3 I have been in meetings when someone prophesied over an individual that something was going to happen if this individual didn't change the motivation of his heart. I saw this individual go before the Lord and pound on heavens door until God's mind was change, and the situation that could have been disastrous was change in a very positive and God centered way. We can get caught up in predestination, or that God had preordained a situation to happen. However from my perspective faith is the cornerstone of prayer. Scripture states that the prayer of a righteous man avails much. When I look at the word avail, I see the following "to be of force, to be effective, capable of producing results and the prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects. Either we believe by faith that our prayer will touch the heart of God or our prayers have no effect at all. We cannot be double minded. We must have that childlike faith.
  7. Israel had tempted God by putting their belief in a golden calf and paying homage to it. God
  8. Question #1 When I reflect on the greatness of God, its easier for me to ask Him in faith for the things I need, that seemed difficult before, just buy changing my approach to my heavenly Father. I understand that I must treat my heavenly Father as holy with veneration and respect for His greatness and holiness When I hallow the name of our heavenly Father: This is where I praise God and worship his holy name. By letting Him know how much I love and adore Him, and thanking him for all He has done for me and my family, and all that I have asked for even though I have not seen those request manifested in the natural yet. What desecrates and besmirches the name of God: Using His name in vain, swearing by His name and allowing others to depredate the name of the Lord, and by approaching God as if He is my buddy.
  9. When God calls us into our place of destiny, we make excuses why we can't step into that position. Sometimes He has to get our attention before we move forward
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