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  1. Q3. In what way does Daniel's situation compare to Esther's? Because they are both in positions that only God could have chosen for them. Why does God place his people in strategic positions today in the community, in the military, in government? Although one would think that being placed in a government position was and inane idea, we have to realize that God is in control. He places His people where He needs them to be. And we may not look like we are doing anything in those positions, but, in His time, in His plan, the reasons that we are placed in those places will come to be known. What responsibilities do we have to God that can cause danger to our positions and our lives? Our responsibility to God is obedience. And to obey Him could mean that we are put in peril in the world that we live in. Has this ever happened to you? No. How do you pray in situtions like this? I can only hope that I, as did Daniel and Nehemiah, would put my faith in our heavenly God, and petition for an answer to trouble that only He can privide. You pray that God's will be done.
  2. Q2. What is the basis of Nehemiah's appeal? The unfaithfulness of the Israelites and the promise that God would scatter them for it. Also the promise that God would gather them together again when they repented. How does he argue his case before God? He used the words that God spoke to Moses. And that now, the Israelites are repenting for their disobedience. What do we learn from this about intercession? That we must know what God's promises are. That we must be prepared to humble ourselves before God. That we must indeed acknowledge what we know to be our sins. And we must be prepared to beseech God for His favor and His unchanging love for His people.
  3. Q1. Why does Nehemiah pray day and night for four months? Because he has much disobedience by the Israelites to confess to God. He prays for forgiveness, for strength, for courage to face the king. Why does he fast and weep? Because if he is to ask God for these things, after they have been unfaithful, then he must let God know that he is truly repentant. That the Israelites are truly repentant. To make sure that God knows the extent of his heart prayers. Isn't that excessive? No. God wants us to be repentant for our sins. He wants us to come to Him with a heart that is ready to obey and be forgiven.
  4. Q4. What was Daniel's essential prayer? To save the people of Israel, to save the nation of Israel. What are the various grounds of Daniel's appeal? That they are God's people. That God Himself is righteous and merciful. For God's own sake, to show His power to the heathen. How did God answer the prayer? God sent the angel Gabriel to instruct Daniel in what they must do to receive God's mercy.
  5. Q3. Since Daniel is such a righteous man in his generation, why does he identify himself with the sins of his peope? Daniel realizes that he must pray on behalf of the nation of Israel, not just a personal prayer, but as an intercessor for all the people, for every sin committed, a baring of the soul of Israel. He didn't commit them. How does this compare to how Jesus sought forgiveness for His people? The comparison is much the same. Daniel sought forgiveness for the nation of Israel. A people who were called God's chosen ones. Jesus, on the other hand, sought forgiveness for the soul of every individual person on the earth. To given them a chance to obtain Salvation. Jesus sought forgiveness for all of us - - to the death.
  6. Q2 What is Daniel's demeanor as he prays? Deliberate and abject (of the lowest degree) humility. How does he prepare? He covers himself with sackcloth (rough goat hair, a symbol of penitence) and ashes, and with fasting. Why is this so important in this case? He wants God to know for certain that his only cause is for the people of Israel. It is not a personal petition. In what ways might you and I prepare for intercession? Finding a serene place, away from other people and distractions. Going through a quiet time ourselves to prepare our bodies and heart for deep and heartfelt prayer.
  7. What encourages Daniel to seek God for the forgiveness and restoration of Israel to its homeland? He realized while studying the Scriptures that the 70 years of exile for the Israelites is almost finished, and that the prophecy of destruction of Babylon is near at hand. What trait on Daniel's part brings this encouragement to pass? Daniel was a prayer "warrior". He prayed to God three times a day, and he was not afraid to stand his ground for his beliefs. He believed the Scriptures and God's promises.
  8. Q4 Why is this prayer of surrender to God so difficult to pray? It is difficult because we are human and afraid to allow someone else control of our life. And we continue to realize that there will always be an area in our hearts for God to seek out and cleanse. When was the first time you prayed this kind of prayer to God? Right after I became one of His children. What was the result? He has continued to show me areas for change. Thank God that in His strength, we can change. Can a person be a genuine disciple without praying this kind of prayer? We are a genuine disciple as soon as we accept what Jesus did for us and pray the prayer of repentence.
  9. Q3 How does an awareness of God's involvement in your parental developement meant to encourage you? That God has known me forever. He has formed and nurtured me. He knew when I would be born. He knows the day I will be with Him. What might this mean to a young woman carrying a child? That she could trust God to influence her in good ways and prepare her for motherhood. A young father-to-be? That his responsibility will be much easier knowing that God cares more for this child than he does. Why is such knowledge overwhelming to us? Because it is easier for us to forget about God and carry on our own way.
  10. Q2 How does God's hand touch the psalmist" It goes before him and behind him, a hedge of protection. It leads him and holds him in the right way. Have you ever felt God's hand on you in a special way? Yes. Was it for your good? Yes. What was it like? A knowledge that I would need not succomb to overbearing sorrow.
  11. Q1 Why do people sometimes want to flee from God? Sometimes we may wish that God couldn't see what we are doing, or hear what we are saying, because we know within ourselves, by the Holy Spirit, that we are not listening to God's ways. Why do people imagine that God doesn't know what they do? I think that sometimes we believe that God is too busy to pay attention to every soul on earth, and maybe we can sneak something by Him. Have you ever felt this way? Before I was reborn, I cared not whether He could see me or not. Now I know He does, and yet my humanness still tries to flee from Him.
  12. Q3. What is the basis on which Hezekiah asks for healing? That he had lived in truth and with a loyal heart. That he had done what was right in God's eyes. Why is personal righteousness and holiness important in getting your prayers answered? God will hear your prayers and He will look at your heart. If you are not praying selfishly, and praying in His Will, God will honor your prayers. How can unrighteousness prevent answered prayer if all gifts from God are by grace anyway? Yes, God's gifts are by grace, but unrighteousness will be a factor in whether God answers your prayers or not.
  13. Q3. Why is Hezekiah's healing important for his nation? It is important because there was no one trained and ready to take on the task of leadership. With him gone, they would fall to the Assyrians. How did it relate to God's promises to David? David prayed for his son Solomon, and Hezekiah prayed for his own life that the nation might be saved, and a new king could be found. In Solomon, a king was ready to take on the responsibility.
  14. Q2. How do the first two sentences of Hezekiah's prayer correspond to the first sentence of the Lord's Prayer? He is confirming that his belief is in One God. One God over heaven and earth. How are they important to faith? We have to believe in one God, one Creator, one Heaven and Earth, or our faith is idle and unimportant to God. How are they important to God answering the prayer? If our faith is not strong enough to believe that God can do all things, then why would we expect God to answer our prayer?
  15. Q1. What is the significance of Hezekiah spreading out the enemy's message before the Lord? He is saying to God, "I have done all that I can do in the strength that You have given to me. Now, Lord, if we are to survive, You will have to use Your hand to strike down this enemy." What is the underlying principle illustrated here? Never try to work in your own strength. Take it to the Lord and leave it there. How can we apply this principle to our own lives? When we have problems that frustrate us, we must go to the Lord for direction. What happens when we don't apply this principle? We will lose the battle because we have shut God out.
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