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  1. Man was separated from God because of Sin. Christ has bridged gap so that we may be restored the sonship and eternal life. Christ is the true son, and in him we are adopted as children of God. What a Demonstration of love. Truly God is love, his nature is love. Thank father for your love for me, as demonstrated on the cross.
  2. Only in Christ cane be blameless in the sight of God. Our God is all knowing and knows our stature our maker knows each of us by design, therefore it only in Christ, that we can achieve our status as being blameless. He is the way, the truth and the life. He has carried our blame on the cross. Thank you Jesus.
  3. We have be predestined to sons of God, in christ. Once we accept Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour, It is the manifestation of our predestination in Christ. We have been created for his purpose, how-ever man fell short of the Glory of God, through sin. Our acceptance of Christ as our Lord and saviour reaffirms our predestination in Christ. This is only prossible by accepting Christ.
  4. That it is no longer me, I achieve all things in christ who is in me.
  5. Christ layed down his life for us. The least we can do is to do Good to others; regardless of colour; or status. It also inspires me to endure hardships for the benefit of a vast majority people in my community or society. Amen.
  6. To the Gentiles it would had been difficult as the belief systems varied. I wonder if the Gentiles would have ever been saved without the death of christ.
  7. Death had to be physcally realised in Order to signify that sin has been put to death. His ressurrection from the dead realises that the power of death was destroyed and also signifies everlasting life to the children of God. It also show the physical beings that he has power over death.
  8. You cannot have two masters. You are either on Gods, side or the other side.
  9. Proclaimation of Faith, that Christ has died, christ has risen, Christ will come Again. Amen
  10. We are Christians because we believe that Jesus Christ is the son Of God, who died and rose from the dead. He died to save us from the power of death, that mankind might have eternal life. This must be remembered at all times, in order that we remain united with God, in Christ Jesus. Amen
  11. To remember the Lords Passover. When he spared the homes of the Israelites, and struck down the fisrt born of the Egyptians man and beast. What-ever the Lord has commaded must be followed. Otherwise failing to do so would anger God.
  12. When repeated often, doesn't the Lord's Supper run the risk of becoming mundane and lose its meaning? Why did Jesus command its repetition? This is a holy act and must be guided with the help of the holy spirit. In this way we stick to what the Lord has commanded. It must not loose its value.
  13. Eating the Bread (Body)and Drinking(the Blood) - Symbolic's of nourishment and sustenance. Being connected to Christ through the act of communion. Clinging on to Christ for his love is enduring. Christ is the rock. In the Cleft of this rock I shall hide; from the perils and toils of the world today. Help me O lord. Hide me in the Cleft of the Rock. Thank you Lord. Amen
  14. "Given" He has given up his life as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins "Broken" Broken for my sake. "Poured out" "The blood that which was blood shed for (the benefit of) many. "Forgiveness" Set us free from the captivity of sin. It means, "the act of freeing from an obligation, guilt, or punishment, pardon, cancellation."
  15. When we are taking the Holy Communion. The act of " Eating the Bread " the Body of Christ - And Drinking the wine " The Blood Of Christ.
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