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  1. Nehemiah's continual prayer is reflective of the intensity of his relationship with God. His seemed to be a very action oriented faith--rebuild, weep, fast, fall down; as if his whole being was driven to worship God by the knowledge of who God is. Excessive? I wonder if it hampered his work--didn't the King wonder where he was?
  2. Daniel confesses, notes God's justice, and pleas for mercy and forgiveness. All aspects based on the character of God. God actually affirmed what Daniel prayed for through an angel.
  3. A righteous man remains a man who sins. Daniel must seek a righteousness other than his own; whereas Jesus prayed out of His own righteousness.
  4. He knows God's promises and God has given Daniel faith to believe those promises.
  5. Hezaekiah understood the covenant. Righteousness is everything. It's Jesus' righteousness imputed to us that God recognizes. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and His righteousness.
  6. Could it be that God was showing that even a "Godly" ruler like Hezekiah is not enough to save a nation? Could it be that God was showing His own ultimate sovereignty in assuring Hezekiah's health and hence, the covenental line of David?
  7. Both prayers recognize who God is. They are words which give form to our faith, more importantly, to the object of our faith,. I suppose God "turns a deaf ear" to prayers which are not addressed to him.
  8. Significance--The Lord had made Himself known to Hezekiah before trouble ever hit. Principle--the Lord has made a clear covenant with us. Not holding to the principle--- can't. Jesus did for us.
  9. Possessing is opposite of giving. Putting possessiveness into the mix destroys. When I possess I have pride of possession, even when I think, "My, I certainly possess a giving, praiseful spirit today!"
  10. This humbles us and reminds us of how much God has done for His creatures.
  11. This is a manifestation of the grace of God in our lives, that God gives of himself and we have Him to exalt.
  12. I don't understand. Given the definition that to bless is to enbue with power, etc then we do nothing of the sort. We don't enbue God with power. ???
  13. Thank you to all involved here in this forum and study!
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