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  1. Reconcilation mean to change something to make it compatible with something else; it brings harmony between two or more things. Theologically speaking, reconciliation means the process by which God made sinful humanking compatible with himself. Reconciliation with God is necessary because our evil behavior set us at odds; God is holy. we are sinful and that makes it impossible for the two dwell together, thus the need for reconciliation. Christ death made friends of enemies. We are being saved by His life now because we have free access into God's awesome presence. Now there is peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are saved by His life, since he is now alive and intercedes for us, our salvation from sin has been settled by Jesus death on the cross.
  2. Gideon blame God because he felt that God had brought them out of Egypt and then abandoned them by putting them in the hands of Midian. No Gideon's assessment is not accurate he should remember that it was the people who abandoned God. We blame God because we expect him to protect us from all harm and danger, but we must remember that Christ suffer on the cross for, and we cannot expect a free ride; we must have faith that what ever we face in this life- he will never leave us nor forsake us. We just have to remain faithful to Him.
  3. Joshua gave them strict instructions to be faithful to follow the Lord and not to be influenced by the heathen. but the break the first commandment, which clearly stated "thou shalt have not other gods before me", no longer did they serve the Lord only. They did no listen, becaused they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather that the creator who is forever prasied (Romans 1:21-32). Christians today including me tends to sometimes look more at wordly things which only last for a while instead of what is everlasting our Father.
  4. The stone the builder rejected (verses 22-23) The Savior is pictured as a discarded stone that is then reused as the most significant stone of all the Chieft cornerstone. Jesus is also referred to as the "stone that cause men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall". Verses 25-27) Have everything to do with the Messiah; it represent his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord are the words the people used, as God only son he is the one who come in the name of the Lord and reveals God the Father. (John 14:8-11).
  5. Some of the old Testament passages such as 2 Samuel 7: 12-16, Ps 89.3 etc. said the Messiah would come from David Royal line. I think Jesus asked the Pharisees the Question to see if they fully understood the Psalm. The point Jesus was trying to make, was that David was speaking of someone greater than himself. Since no ordinary son of David could be greater than him. Jesus combine the roles of warrior-King and priest in his ministry to us, he will be the head of a might army,and will act as a mediator between man and God to atone for man's sins. Only when we understand Jesus as the Suffering Servant, who bore our sins and carried our iniquities, can we understand how Jesus served as a priest to bring us to God. Jesus as "Prince of Peace' The Savior King is in battle, and the Father is His sheild at His right hand, he will crush kings on the day of his wrath and will judge the nation, heaping up the dead.
  6. Psalm 22 speaks of David 's david own distress and the Lord's deliverance of him, it also prophetically describe in remarkable detail Jesus crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus spoke the word of Psalm 22:1, because like the psalmist David, he expresses a painful sense of separation from God at a time of great trouble. He was expressing his emotional, spiritual and physical anguish. He was feeling a sense of separation from God.
  7. I have the assurance that God keeps me and watches over me because he is My Father; he is the maker of heaven and earth. "He does not slumber nor sleep, he watches over me", "He will not let my foot slip" "He is my shade at my my right hand" and he will keep me from all harm and danger". This psalm make me feel protected, love, secure, safe and blessed.
  8. It teach that God is our protector, and if we make the Most High our dwelling place, and abide with God; when in danger He will save us from the Fowler's Snare, from deadly pestilence; God will protect us from the terrors of both night and day, while we sleep and when we are awake, it will not come near us, because He will command his Angels concerning us to guard us in all our ways. It teach us that we have the authority to vanquish our enemies in Jesus name. We have power greater than that of our powerful enemy. we can tread upon the lion and the cobra, and nothing will harm us. The Psalm promises that God will resue- protect- answer- be with us in trouble- deliver- honor - satisfy us with long life and will show us his salvation. The psalm make me feel that God's protection can extend both to the plots of evil men, and the diseases that ravage mankind.
  9. The images the psalmist evoke - 1- The image is a man seek refuse from his enemy by hiding in a rock that is higher than him. 2- The images are military in nature: that of refuge and strong tower against the foe. 3- The image of God as a place of refuse, in the shelter of his wings. 4- The final image a longing to dwell in God's tent. The first four verses of the psalm make me feel protected, in knowing that when trouble is all around me that there is a Rock that is higher than I, and that he will hear my cry and be a strong tower against my foe.
  10. Humility and faith is necessary, because God wants us yo be humble, to make ourselves as nothing. God views service and humility as strengths not weaknesses. Humility is a fruit of the Spirit. The Spirit does not make us humble, but he enables us to humble ourselves. Faith is knowing that God will fulfill his promises, no matter how difficult our problems. Even when we do not know how God will act, we must trust that he watches over us, and will do what is best for us. If one of these qualities is missing, God will not hear our pray. When we pray to God, we cannot become bold in ourselves, we must have faith and wait patiently for His answer.
  11. It makes me feel humble, worthy and full of Joy; knowing that I am so insignificant, yet God thinks and cares about me and my path. We should remember how humble we are, and that we are utterly dependent upon God.
  12. The Psalms end with an upswing of hope and praise, because David understood that faith expressed by praise and thankgiving is more pleasing to God than going through the outward rituals of atonement and cleansing. It teaches us that when we are overwhelmed by our circumstances, we should pour out our soul to God, tell him what we are feeling. then praise him and give him thanks.
  13. Despite overwhelming misfortunes David cried out to God in trust and hope. He knew that God is a forgiving God, and that only God can gave eternal gladness. David do not pretend to be without sin; he realized that his sins had brought shame upon other believers, upon God, and upon the nation he ruled. David could not appeal to his own righteousness, rather he appeal to God's love and mercy as he pleads for deliverance. God's grace and mercy function in the face of our sins, because grace restore our relationship with God; he does not keep a record of our sins in order to use them against us. He forgives and loves us even as we suffer through the consequences of our sins. God doesn't just forgives, he forgets.
  14. The reason for praise in the Psalm because God has done marvelous things. and we are to bring the fullness of praise to God. People learn about God's salvation in our lives by what we share. Part of our praise towards God is furthering his reputation by our testimony of how he has saved and delivered us. Praise is so exuberant in the Psalm, because he is telling us to praise the Lord, to be excited, for righteousness is coming, it is a joy, a hope, an expectation. For God is comming to judge the earth, and he will judge the world in righteousness and the people with equity. for the wicked, the coming of the Righteous Judge is a fearsome message. Praise in my congregation varies, some people praise with joy in their hearts but singing, dancing and shouting, while other act like they are can not hear, see, feel or speak. Im my life I am always praising the Lord, in good times and in the bad times, because I know God will not take me, where his grace cannot cover me.
  15. We worship, we should bow down, because we recognize both God's ownership of us and his responsibility to care for us. As Jesus put it, he is not a hireling, but the owner of the sheep. Therefore, he is willing to lay down his life for us and did! He is the shepherd, we are the sheep and he cares for us. The Psalmist is reminding us not to be like the Isarelities; regardless of what situation they were in God brought them out of, but they complained, rebelled, doubted, disobeyed and tested God. His point is that worship not only consists of praise, thanksgiving, and outward submission, but also submissive hearts before the Lord, which is an inward worship. That the way we live our lives comprises our worship of God, not just what we say with our mouths on "worship days."
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