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    Bible studies, helping my children, being with my husband, leading worship

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  1. Is happy to be back online and geared upmfor a new study!

  2. Hello to everyone. I am glad to be joinging in this study. It has been about a year since i was here. Glad to be back.
  3. I've missed you...sorry to see you don't have frequent access. I pray you're holding strong in grace and peace as you walk in faith before your congregation. Hope to see you back next time! God bless!

  4. Hi Jean ,you will probably only get this one post from me because I really do not know how all of this works or why I have been added-HAHA-GOD is the reason-HE is the one we are to look to in all circumstances. It is HE who binds is together and who gives us the same mind as we abide in HIM and eat of HIS bread-the WORD of LIFE! I give thanks and praise to GOD for you and your service in HIM AMEN!

  5. Sexual **** is difficult because we are created sexual beings. With sin entering the world, sexual things became perverted and impure. We must continually allow God to renew our minds and thoughts by meditating on His Word and through prayer. We must also repent and allow the Holy Spirit to live and breathe in us.
  6. This means that every day we have the choice to focus our mind and thoughts on God. We do this by reading His Word and taking time to talk to Him and then listen to Him speak to us. We also can praise Him in song and with thankfulness throughout the day. The opposite of setting our minds on things above is to set our minds on things of the world. Satan wants to use the things of the world to take our focus off God and to lead us into sin and away from God's will for us. It is important to guard our hearts each day, for "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
  7. Hey...saw that you checked out my profile. Hope to get to know you!

  8. Thanks so much for the enouragement!! I truly need it. This has been going on for quite awhile. I dream of a unified loving body.

  9. Sorry to read of your discouragement, Jean. The love among us sometimes seems to ebb and flow, doesn't it? When a congregation is in harmony, our enemy is always ready to stir up something, I think. This is especially difficult for a pastor and his family. May the LORD bless and strengthen you with His joy and peace, and with faithful LOVING co-laborers in Christ!

  10. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my post. That was encouraging!

  11. Thanks, Rod. I am really not "feeling the love" in my church body right now. It is very discouraging.
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