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  1. The basis of our joy is our faith in our salvation. This joy makes us happy, especially when we can feel the spirit move. I also have felt this joy. Two weeks ago I was at a church conferance and the singing and preaching were great! At first I had been nervous about going to this and I think it was in part because of my obediance in serving God that I received this blessing. There is joy in serving the Lord. It's not something of this world that you can buy or rent, there's nothing that's changed except for the happiness and peace that is in my heart.
  2. I can definitely think of times in my life God used to refine and purify my faith. God showed me where I had been wrong and what was most important in life, how I should be living for him and not my own selfish desires. Genuine tested faith brings glory to God because it survives when everything else falls away. It's still there when every thing else is in tatters.
  3. God shields us and our part is having faith and obeying.
  4. Obedience to Jesus is important because once we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins (sprinkling), He wants to lead us into a new way of life. He can only do that if we are obedient. Jesus forgave us of our sins when we believed. That was freely done. Our works are the fruit, proof that he lives in us.
  5. Worldly is how I would describe a Christian who loves this life more than Heaven. Yes, there are times when I've got caught up in worldly things and lost my focus on Jesus. Things in the world loose there appeal or they don't last. I've learned that Jesus really doesn't change, He is the one true source of peace and happiness in our hearts.
  6. Paul knew that if Timothy didn't get there before winter started he wouldn't be able to come. He needed his cloak and I believe he needed Timothy's companionship. If Timothy delayed he probably would never see Paul again here on earth. Yes, I think Timothy came just as quickly as he could because he was faithful and he loved Paul. He knew from the letter Paul needed him to come, so yes if I were Timothy I would go.
  7. It's difficult because we feel abandoned and like we're going on alone. We need one another so we can help each other, God will provide others we can learn to trust. We are never alone, God is always there in Spirit.
  8. The "crown of righteousness" represents our award for the race of righteousness we have run which is through the blood of Jesus.
  9. When we have done all that we as mortal beings can do we have "fought the good fight". It takes perseverance to finish the race, we do that by keeping our focus on God. "To keep the faith" is to not quit, to carry the word on as those before you did.
  10. Paul tells Timothy this as a reminder to be faithful to his calling, not be become complaisant in his position. Timoty is to preach salvation and train them in righteousness. This means I am to be level headed, faithful in my walk with Jesus, willing to do my best at whatever God has ask of me.
  11. I'm reminded of Luke 12:48, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." When Jesus comes back we will be judged on what we did with the gifts God has given to us. We don't want to be found lacking or indolent. It's easy to do the right thing when it's convenient for us, but we are to do what is right whether it's convenient or not. It tells me I need to use the gifts God has given me because I am accountable for them.
  12. The Scripture helps us understand the will of God so that we can pass it on to others. We teach others not only by our knowledge of the Scriptures but in how we live our lives. The purpose of Scripture is to teach, rebuke, correct and train.
  13. Inspiration of scripture is God giving the words of the Bible to man. God-breathed means that the words came from God and is of the ultimate authority. It is important to realize the words of the Bible came from God Almighty through the Holy Spirit to man and they are true.
  14. The Bible clearly tells us we will be persecuted if we want to live our lives for Jesus. If we don't accept this and step out in faith we have failed. "To take up your cross daily", means to live for Jesus every day, not just Sunday or Wednesday night. Jesus has to be the center of our lives and everything else revolves around him. Yes, I think it means just that, that Christians will be persecuted. Even if it's just being mocked or ridiculed.
  15. It's easy to become a hypocrite when we think we can do it all on our own, that we don't need God's help in our daily walk. We become captives to Satan when we let our guard down, when we think of ourselves instead of others first. We become lovers of self, money, pleasure, without love or self-control. We still go through the act but there's no substance inside. I think it's our nature for us to think of ourselves first, but with daily prayer and the Holy Spirit's help we can live as the Bible teaches.
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