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    I love the Lord; Jesus... He is my interest and then there are interests of reading, music, sewing, painting and bible study. I love to sing; joyfully to the Lord. Most of what is sung are songs to which God has inspired in and through me while in prayer. I am looking forward to reading the bible study and viewing comments... I pray you will challenge me. <br><br>I first fell in love with Christ... when I was about 12. With much to smile about (although life presented a frown) I ended up believing the enemy (satan) my life was not worth much to anyone. Thank God He sees everything differently and began to open my eyes. I rededicated my life to Him and I thank Him for His dedication to us. With Christ; Jesus... I am able to smile with purpose... smile even through tears... for the Joy of the Lord is my strength... for my Joy is the Lord. May God sheild you always. With much Love in Christ, Sunshine.

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  1. Q3. (Revelation 7:1-4) There's disagreement about exactly who the 144,000 represent. Let's not debate that, but look deeper. From 7:1-4 what do we learn about God? Read Ezekiel 9, then answer: What is this seal supposed to do for the 144,000? (Please wait to consider 14:1-5 until we get there, okay?) 144,000... remnant, 12,000 members from each tribe, preserved people with the word in them; part of the lineage of the First Fruits. we learn that God does bring Judgment upon all, but while this Storm is of Destruction He Seals/Protects those who are His Own in Obedience to Him. Helen
  2. WHO IS THE STORM DIRECTED TOWARD??.. I JUST REMEMBERED... ALL THOSE WITHOUT HIS SEAL... He proclaims to an Angel to go seal the foreheads of the 144,000. HELEN
  3. Q1. (Revelation 6) Who initiates this great storm of destruction represented by the Seven Seals? /I] Initiates: who began it, who started it, who took Action, who was WORTHY to BREAK FORTH SUCH A JUDGMENT?? JESUS GOD SPOKE IT FROM THE BEGINING GOD SPOKE THROUGH THE PROPHETS WARNING US JESUS CONFIRMED WHAT WAS SPOKEN The Storm of Destruction does not begin until Jesus breaks the Seal... the Storm does not begin until He gives the word... INITIATES with ACTION. Against whom is it directed? ALL WHO REMAIN UPON THE EARTH IS HE JUST??? OH YES, PRAISE GOD HE IS JUST. HELEN
  4. Q4. (Revelation 5:10) How can our destiny as believers include reigning? In what sense could we reign? In what sense do we serve as priests? In what sense are we a kingdom? I could invision this to be as Jesus has done from the begining of time. All things are brought to order under His Reign... therefore by us making Him King... chosen King... His Righteous and Just ways should be reigning in our lives today. The word has laid it all out for us as an example of how He is Authority over all and how through that Authority we should be toward one another. Three things He has asked: Faith, Obedience and Love. In order to be able to Reign along side of Him; we will begin now with Him being our Lord; King in our lives... we will understand who has total Authority over all and Willingly in Obedience to His Authority. A Priest's function was always to serve the people... pray to God... be in obedience... have a pure heart toward God and desires; and toward others... not only was he to teach the people in the ways of God, but also be a Priest who walked what he taught. Spiritually this is how we also are Priests, yet Jesus is the High Priest. All other priests' hold Him higher than themselves and follow in His ways; not of man. A Kingdom has always had a Governing People over them... a King and chosen Authorities. God has always had Governing People over us. Depending upon whether or not the Governing People had God as their Head Authority would depend upon whether or not the people followed the Laws of God. We must remember now that those who Govern us we must be respectful of, but for us (even if God is not Head Authority over them in their eyes) we must have God as Head Authority over our lives. I see God has been building His Kingdom from the begining and even though there are a few Kingdoms being built right now... when the time comes... we will be divided... the people will be separated... the dead shall rise... and one Kingdom will stand on the right hand of God and the other kingdom will stand on His left. The Decision will then be the Final Judgment. Who you serve today will determine the Kingdom you enter into. You and I know the other kingdom is where the Serpent dwells. Helen/Sunshine
  5. Consumed by God; His father... One Spirit. Obedient even while in Flesh... even He knew that no one else could do as He has done and continues to do for us. Flesh and Spirit being an example to us that we can do nothing without Him and can do all things through Him. Helen
  6. Worship and praise begins now All things must be done in Spirit and in Truth Fellowship will be in heaven also Every knee shall bow before God He is the Head of all things... final authority... One Worthy; Jesus each one of us who believe and follow the Worthy One; Jesus are made up of the mulitudes of what He calls the Bride/Body. The other lists and posts were good to read Love in Him, Helen/sunshine
  7. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty Pure and Holy is the Lamb of God Worthy, Worthy,Worthy, Lord God Almighty True and Just are Thy ways. The resounding Rejoicing of the Heavens... many a song has come from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and scripture. Many more are sounding in the Attentive Ear of God... who has put a song not heard by others upon their hearts. Oh, sing unto the Lord all ye peoples. sunshine
  8. Works, Labor, Patience, and cannot bear evil... wickedness... these people try the Spirits... Test the Spirits and find through Discernment the ones who call themselves Apostles are liars. These people were obviously taught of the word by which came to them from teaching... hearing... and following in the ways from which they heard from the begining. they have borne, patience, and in the Name of Him who taught (Jesus) they have labored... and have not fainted. Has left thy First Love: Remember where thou fell... do the first works. * The First Works. * Hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans... to which God also hated Did not follow in the doctrine of Balaam, They have Works and then have Works... the first works are not as important to them than the first works called upon by God. The first works are prayer, reading the word, prayer and fasting for Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom; seeking God for His revealing of His Word, worship, growth, fellowship, being guided by the Holy Spirit, charity/love, service, faith, patience... to Him... Obedience to Him and doing what the word tell us we should do. Having a pure heart and desiring to be Obedient in doing what are the desires of God's own Heart. The second Works shall follow if all that is required of us are fashioned accordingly to His word... Spiritual Discipline... using Discernment and walking in the ways of God. By faith we will use what we are taught and through the leading of the Holy Spirit. The second works of Faith is when we begin to use our giftings from God and step out in Faith to do what He has called to us to do... which is... Be Diciples of men... lay hands upon the sick and bring healing into their lives, bring to sight the blind (they which cannot see), raise the dead ( dead in Christ... sleepers), speak words of healing into those who are lame (those whose members have never been used... members who are dry and useless), cast out devils... delivering them out of the bondage they are chained to... oppressed by... held captive. Notice He says Unto the Rest in Thyatira... As Many as Have NOT this doctrine... which have NOT known the DEPTH"S (or deeper things) of Satan... as THEY SPEAK... and God will put no other burden upon them. These people suffer along side of the others who fell into the ways of the Deceptive Prophetess Jezebel. They are burdened by these things within Thyatira... the burdens may also be what has been spoken to them by words of Satan and are tormented. They are under a strong influence... being submissive by authority... yet holding to the word of God. The scripture says "Have not this doctrine" these people do not follow in the ways of this False Doctrine to which is being Spoken by the teachings of the Prophetess. God repeats "have not known" and then says "the Depths of Satan. He is saying these people have not gone this way... they do not know or follow in the Deeper things of Satan: for the words that follow are "AS THEY SPEAK"... spoken words of the Deeper things of Satan. Only Jezebel the Prophetess and her Followers speak these things which are not of God. They suffer themselves to follow in the ways of Jezebel...I will give unto every one of you according to your works.But that which ye have already hold fast till I come . Which ye have... have already... HOLD FAST till I come. Hold, grip tightly... don't let go of the things you know are of pure words of God... hold on to the promises that are given in the word. Believe... Trust... Rely... Depend... Hold True to His Word. You have a Name: They thought of themselves as being alive. Everyone else looked at outer works and appearances and also thought of them as being alive; being great; with Status. But, You are Dead: Dead without Him... the light was dimming. When the Holy Spirit is not manifested within us; within the Body/Congregation they become only known for being a Powerful Church; not the Holy Spirit, powerful reflection of the Word/Jesus. Appearances are decieving. Be Watchful, "Strengthen the things which remain", that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God. What would need to be Strengthened that Remained? What would Remain that was being Snubbed, or ignored? Works, Fruit, Faith? To be watchful... to know what they should be watching for. To be a Discerning People of the Word of God... to know that these words spoken in the word were so that they would Remain Ready for His coming. Remember therefore; how you have Received and Heard: They were being spoken to and and yet the spoken messages were not Received: the word was not penetrating... it was not being used... becoming lax in the Word... not seeking the Lord for Understanding... Spiritual Laziness Dims the Candle/Light. Are we Discerning what we should when we listen to Preachers, Teachers, Apostles, Prophets? Are we paying attention while we are being taught? Are we ever Watchful? Are we asking God for His Wisdom to stay on watch? Repent... HE THAT OVERCOMETH... and keepeth My Works unto the end. these are the works that God is speaking of... His Works of the Holy Spirit in and through us. For when we are of His first works, the second works follow. Both Fruit in us and fruit of Harvest. We shall rejoice in Heaven. Sorry, this is the summary from 31 pages. Sunshine
  9. Q4. Why are so many churches a "hotbed of apathy"? How can we combat spiritual apathy and an insipid witness in ourselves? Cold Hearted Dry in Spirit Asleep Weariness Hardened Laxity I believe our main concern should be Jesus being our first and foremost Love. If anything is done toward our brother and sister it should be out of the will of God and not by our own will... but a willing heart to do these things brings both joy and sorrow and one never expects a return for their Works. No pat on the back, or good going, or honoring, or gift certificates to the steak house. Do it unto them as you would want them to do unto you... and don't expect anything in return, because really you are not doing it for yourself or for others... you are doing it because God asked us to. Obedience. sunshine
  10. Q2. Why would loosening of sexual standards to conform to the prevailing morals of the culture be destructive of vital Christian faith and witness? How has your culture tended to take the edge off your own Christian moral convictions or forced you to be quiet about them? When we compromise in one area of our life we may think to compromise in other areas also. The things we find easier to hide from others are the things to which cause Prentense. This is Superficiality. Pretending to be one thing in front of Christian People and while away from them you are something else. Actually I am not being quiet about Moral Convictions... I tell them this is My Own Conviction and I pray they come to understand there are no grey areas in living by the Word. I pray I never have the edge taken off because I want to be convicted so I know to be repentent. I don't want anything or anyone to come between me and Jesus. Compromise leads to destruction. Sunshine
  11. Q3. Why do you think the religious compromise required by participating in heathen religious practices in the trade guilds was so spiritually destructive? What compromises do twenty-first century Christians struggle with? Let's not settle for trite legalisms about drinking and smoking. What are the real compromises that dilute vital Christianity? Generation after Generation we still do the same things yet calling it a "New Thing". Compromise; covering up sin, overlooking areas that are in need of repentence, waivering, sitting on the fence, Appeasing the people, Inventions of New Doctrine's saying they are New Revelations of God. Complacency: comfortable with things the way they are and thinking that the Coming of Christ is far off. Involved in the 2 nd works that one forgets the first works. Trusting more in what the Leaders Speak than what God's word says. Instilling Fear... the majority rules and when one tries to speak against it they are silenced or cast from them. Dependence upon Leaders and in their Authority and Might. Pick and choosing Leaders based upon who you know, or how much money is given and measuring the anointing by their own standards. Pride, vainity, selfish desires, money, manipulating, controlling, man made rules/laws, allowing the ear to hear things they should not, allowing the eyes to see things they should not and allowing the mouth to speak things they should not. Allowing the things of this World to come into the Church... and into their lifestyles... this is riding the fence. God's word does not waiver in compromises, nor does He ask for approval. Take up the cross and follow Me.
  12. Q1. How can a local congregation lose its "first love" for Jesus? What are the signs of genuine love for Jesus in worship and ministry? How does the lack of love show up? How can a congregation regain this love? A) Focus: importance placed upon What... rather than on Jesus. Works: second works, not first C) Compromise: tolerance, appeasing D) Misunderstanding of the Word: New Revelations, human understanding, Ideologies, Theories, etc. E) Laxity: spiritual dependence upon self and in others rather than on God. F) Self Purposed, Self Exalted, Gauging; Respector of Persons Signs: Decreased Flesh, and Increased Christ. The love for the Truth of the Word; Jesus. Repentence, First Works, The Holy Spirit is present. Lack of Love: Hardening toward God and others. Murmuring, complaining, dissention, fault finding, bitterness, resentful, gossip, malice, discontention, stubborness, envy. Regain: God should always be Centered in Purpose and of His Will; not thine own. Discipline of Self; being true to the Word. Focus should be on Him and not on so many other distractions. Keep watch over your own footing and direction rather than being so caught up with your brother's or sister's footing and direction. Love God, with whole Heart, Soul and mind. Love your Neighbor as you would yourself... Staying Humbled at all times.
  13. Honestly I believe all countries are experiencing persecution. In some countries the perscecution is torturous. Some say they believe in God; yet when one speaks the name of Jesus it stirs up demonic spirits in people. Many can speak of other names and it seemingly does not disturb anyone... but say Jesus and look out. There are many scriptures that bring comfort, but just knowing what John saw reveals to me How Great Thou Art. with love in Him; sunshine
  14. ' The vision of Christ among the lampstands (1:12-20) is much different than the Carpenter-Teacher who walked the roads of Galilee and Judea. Why? What overall emotions is this vision of Jesus among the lampstands designed to evoke in the reader? Why is this understanding of Jesus important to a balanced faith?' For when He walked in the Flesh He came as the Lamb... testimony, sacrifice, victory. For while He now stands in the Midst of the Candlesticks He is now reflective of All His Glory... and shall come back as a Warring Lion. To evoke Hope, Faith, Belief, and know that one day we will also be with Him. To know we only overcome by Him; we are Victorious through Him. Balance would have to be Focus; on Him alone. sunshine
  15. Christ being in the Midst of the 7 Candlesticks: Midst: Centered among us... Head of the Church; Bride: completeness; ONE 7 Candlesticks: 7 likenesses of what makes up the Body; Bride Every person who makes up the Body is One with Christ; He is Centered or the Head of the Body. Every person will find also each church has both character flaws and character commendations which reflect our walk with God. Christ being Centered among the Candlesticks means His light shines throughout those 7 candlesticks; which is the light of the World. 7 Candlesticks that rest upon Christ... Christ holds them together; liken unto a lampstand. The flame from Christ is the Head of the Candle... His light shines brighter than all the other candlesticks. We therefore uphold Him higher in Authority over all others. This is why I believe when He speaks of one not putting their candle under a bed it means not to hide it. Put it upon a lampstand for others to see. If one hides the candle the light cannot shine and the house may burn to the ground. Jesus is the fire. A wick and candle cannot function to it's ability it was created for unless one lights it. This is one candle that never burns out. with love in Him, sunshine
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