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  1. Paul lists his abuse to let us know we are all strugglers. I believe it brings county in the feelings of the believers of the church members.
  2. Paul cares about how the people perceive him up to the point of being like Jesus and displaying the love of Christ. Paul is following, believing, trusting, and obeying the Jesus he met on the road to damasks. I don't see God as a bad or harsh God nor an easy one-just someone who knows us through and through and wants to give us "His" World.
  3. A steward is a faithful worker who is a steward in more ways than money. He/she influences the Church in many ways. Their witness affects the church in many ways showing the peace and love of Christ or the chaos of the world.
  4. Divisions, splits cause pain in all denominations. I feel we are not punished harshly for this behavior thus we portray allot of the World in our Churches.
  5. We are not in charge of building our church that is God's job. I feel we are the parts and our job is to grow in which we are given and spread the love of God.
  6. I feel denominations separate us. Many people struggle to become a part of the Christian faith and yet we don't unify we argue who wrote the Bible, what does it mean.....etc. Instead of becoming 1 as Christ presented us with the answer--Christianity instead of mini groups who think they associate with the elite. Where is the love?
  7. I behavioral terms I have ups and downs. I try to do my very best which I will never be perfect until I reach Heaven. I have a hunger for the Word I try to hold back when it comes to others and quarreling. I hold back until I can think about the truth-theirs or mine-and have a long talk with Jesus. Today I am learning (recently had surgery)to not jump back at someone just because I get upset. I know also I have a whinny voice not meaning to I convey a certain amt of neediness that some hear (not intended) so I realize my actions and decided to sit back and allow God to take care of all the worldly junk going on. When he decides I move to the next level.
  8. The mind of Christ is given to us when we accept Christ. We are therefore in management of the development by reading the word, studying the word, memorizing the word while the Holy Spirit gives us a deeper discernment.
  9. The mind of Christ isn't part of most people's heart. I feel you can't not accept Christ without transformation the you can't receive the mind of Christ. Having accepted God we receive this and allow the Holy Spirit to lead God's mind through us providing his gifts as he said he would.
  10. Repacking the Gospel has lead so many straight to hell. Paul knew that spiritual conformation is nothing like the people on earth who he uses the Holy Spirit to conform them so becoming like them will not show a difference.
  11. Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of God and Christian ways. All these ways we see in Christ we need to follow.
  12. Authenticity of the Bible is so very the reasons we are in "Sodom" right now. Our watering down the Word and losing of control of ourselves saying we won't get caught we can do what feels good. Feeling good is straight from the pit. Why people can't see we made this world into a pit of hell raisers who are trying to convince all people to do what feels good. I choose not but sometimes feel as if I am alone.
  13. Sex between 2 men/women Raising our children in the school system to believe in many gods Cursing God for everything.
  14. We are commanded to love one another no matter what divisions comes in the church. No that isn't quite what happens and some denominations fight to see whose the best. I feel if we worship God through Jesus Christ there should be no divisions. God stated it clearly in His Word, but we humans choose to create our own interpretations and believe we know better. I am disgusted by these peoples ways but I don't fight with for that would create more division. I wish for all fighting to stop in Jesus Name.
  15. God gives us the very air we breathe and all the blessings we need. He gives us discernment inside to know when we do wrong and when we do something that pleases him. When pleasing him I receive the greatest high of praise as if he was saying Well done my child. He gives us this joy and his presence in our daily lives which keeps me persevering toward our goal to be with him. I believe we need to ask for forgiveness everyday to continue in his will.
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