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  1. Hello! We have formed small groups that are similar to what your church is doing. Jesus is holy, true, and great! All glory to the Father. Thank you for your response--well said.
  2. Q1. (1 John 1:3-4, 6-7) Why is our fellowship with fellow Christians so often just on a surface level? How can we have fellowship at a deeper level in Christ? What would it take in your Christian group or your relationships with other believers to deepen your level of fellowship so it is authentically Christian? These verses stated in the lecture show how why our Christian fellowship must go beneath the surface level. a. "That which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you may have fellowship with us; and our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ...." (1:3) b. "... But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another...." (1:7) I recently joined one of six fellowships groups in my church called Life Groups. The purpose is while the total church grows bigger; it shall become smaller through participation in Life Groups. Although we have regular conversations about everyday matters, we also discuss spiritual things, pray for each other, play games, do service projects, and have bible study, and eat delicious snacks. Therefore, because we meet outside of regular church services, we have a precious chance to build authentic Christian fellowship and relationships. It is vital to build healthy spiritual and physical support systems. As the Apostle John emphasized, we, too, have a chance to proclaim what we have seen and heard through Christ to one another and by reaching out to other people.
  3. Q4. Read Matthew 8:5-13; 21:33-44; 22:2-13; 24:14; and 28:19. What do they have in common? What relation does the visit of the wise men have to Matthew's theme of bringing the Gospel to the Gentiles? How should we be applying this mandate in our own lives? These scriptures indicated a multitude of people whom the Christ has and is calling through the ages to be his sons and daughters and to bring the good news. Some will reject the summons, yet others will eagerly embrace the Son of God as a bride does her bridegroom. Many will earnestly labor for the kingdom with all their being to produce and bring in fruit, while others will show contempt for the Messenger and His people and not take heed, and will seek to damage and destroy. In the end, all nations and peoples will bring all they have and all they are to the King. The Lord is present always. As it is written in my Amplified Bible in Matthew 28:20: Teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you all the days (perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion), to the [very] close and consummation of the age. Amen.
  4. Your response contains insightful thoughts. Have you considered that the gift of discernment could be one of your spiritual gifts? Proper discernment is an important part of human relationships. :-)
  5. 1. Why was it appropriate for the Magi bring gifts to the Christ-child? The Magi recognized and honored the child, Jesus, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Messiah. 2. How does the extravagance of their gifts reflect their heart attitude? They were standing before their Creator! The Lord God to whom they owed their existence, gifts, skills, everything! Humbly, the Magi realized that they could NEVER bring enough gifts, of any price or value, that was good enough for GOD! None the less, their hearts overflowed with reverence, joy, wonder, humility, a multitude of feelings for the privilege and honor of coming before the Christ-child. 3. What kinds of gifts are appropriate for us to bring? We bring Jesus the best of ourselves: our talents, spiritual gifts and fruits of the spirit, our resources, EVERYTHING. Presenting ourselves as living sacrifices before the throne of grace is a powerful acknowledgement of all the Lord is. Present yourself as a living sacrifice and Abba, the Father, will scoop you up in His arms. 
  6. What do we learn from seeing the Magi prostrating themselves before the child Jesus? In the act prostrating, the Magi worshipped (Greek
  7. What is the significance of the Star of Bethlehem that the Magi saw? The Star of Bethlehem was a prophetic sign for the Magi of the Messiah
  8. Great joy, praise, curiosity, amazement, telling others, thoughtful meditation. Which of these responses to the Good News are present in your life? Praise, curiosity, and thoughtful meditation are present. In what manner do they show themselves? They are shown through my bible studies, in church activities, in personal testimonies I give to people, through my art and contemplation of nature, and in my daily job activities. I believe these three attributes are implied more through action, and less through words. If some are missing, why? What can you do to recover these responses? I feel great joy and telling others needs improvement. Many times the joy and telling the Good News to others have been lessened or dulled because of depression and heavy trials and burdens, and crises. Currently, I
  9. What are the three titles of Jesus given by the angels? What does each mean? a. Christ
  10. Why do you think the message of Jesus' birth comes to shepherds, of all people? The act of the message coming to the shepherds is full of meaning. -- The overarching symbolic meaning here is that as the shepherds are guardians of the sheep, likewise, the Great Shepherd has arrived to lead, defend, guide, and care for his sheep, who are the believers, the sons and daughters of the Most High God. -- As a physical sheep is led to the slaughter for the temporary expiation of human sin the, so the Lamb of God is sacrificed for the permanent removal of sins. -- The shepherds are in the lowest, despised rungs of human society. Jesus arrives as a prophet without honor in his own country, the adopted son of a lowly carpenter and the
  11. The Holy Spirit was with you as you wrote your eloquent and wise words!! Your comments reverberate in my heart because they contain concepts and thoughts that have ponder over a long time.. I'm striving to order my life to mirror my Savior increasingly. If you have a chance to, order this book: "Revolution in World Missions," by K.P. Yohannan at www.gfa.org (Gospel for Asia). It's free, riveting, and an eye-opener. I enjoyed reading it. I didn't agree with every point; however, the overall message is sound.
  12. Hi, Linda: I agree with you when you said, "Often it can mean we aren't in His will. On the other hand just because we are going through trials or hardships is no indication that we aren't in His will."
  13. Why do you think the journey to Bethlehem was difficult for Mary? Mary faced emotional and physical hardships. As a woman, if I were pregnant Mary, I
  14. Why does Luke name the rulers in 2:1-2? By listing the rulers and other historical details, Luke establishes the existence of Jesus, which historical writings and archeological records verify. What point is he making? When Caesar Augustus orders the census degree, he automatically makes a binding, legal ruling within a political and government setting. Luke wants us to know that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are real people, and that the events truly happened.
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