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  1. Faith is the belief in who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is. The believing without seeing - the knowing in your heart and head. We can't take credit for our faith because it is only through the Holy Spirit's conviction, and our Father's softening of our hearts that we have faith. Who Christ is is revealed to us by the Spirit who leads us to a better understanding - he teaches us, and guides us.
  2. We were created to do good words so that people may see our light and praise our Father in Heaven. These works are done as a result of our faith - we have been saved and so are changed from the inside out to be Christlike. They come from a desire to do God's will - rather than a desire for self (to get to heaven etc). It is not the good works that save us but being saved gives us the desire to do good works!
  3. As Pastor Ralph said - saved can be easily translated to rescue - which shows people both it's meaning and why they need it. I am reminded of the song My Redeemer Lives: I know he's rescued my soul!
  4. We find grace so hard to understand because in our culture and society you work for everything you have - it is all about getting ahean and no-one is going to give you a free ticket! Everyone is out for themselves and what they can do - not helping each other. We make it all about what we do - our works, and acts. We continually try to prove something by our works rather than our works proving something about our personality! Grace is about getting the good things you don't deserve - getting things when you don't deserve them
  5. We are seated with Christ means that we have the spiritual power and authority, in Christ, over Satan, demonic and human authority. What an amazing thought! Often we have a woe is me attitude where the world seems to get us down and forget that the very power that Jesus had to perform miracles (healing etc), the very power that raised Christ from the dead, is in us and we are in Him. We need to claim our authority in Christ and use it in our lives. We have the most powerful authority and yet we don't use it. We should be confident in this power and pray for opportunities for God to use us and for us to have the confidence to step out in who we are in Christ - to step out in his power and authority. God's grace is huge - not only were we saved by grace but we are seated with Christ and given spiritual power and authority. We have been given so much by a gracious God but it is our responsibility to use that power and authority wisely! We need to make sure that we are following God's plan and not our own agenda.
  6. God's motivation and character is described with the following words: - his great love for us - God, who is rich in mercy - made us alive in Christ - by grace you have been saved -> 'made us alive in Christ' describes what has happened to us. Our God is an awesome God who loves us unconditionally and made us alive in Christ through nothing that we have done or will done. It is only through his love, grace and mercy that we are saved.
  7. People unwittingly follow Satan by not following God. You either follow Satan or God - there is no in between - no middle ground. By not following God we end up following Satan - the Deceiver - who helps to make our lives about ourselves. We can't follow two masters and we 'must chose this day whom you will serve', by default if we don't choose God we have chosen Satan. We are sinners by nature and with every sin we are rebelling against God - we often do it without thinking and it isn't until later we realise. Simply by not being obedient to him we are rebelling against him -> and we all have times when we don't do what we should. We are responsible for our actions and just as here on earth we are held accountable for our actions - so to does god hold us accountable. If it is not us who is accountable for our actions then who is it? Ultimately we have the free will to make our own decisions and therefore, are accountable for the decisions we make!
  8. All non-believing people are dead to God - spiritually dead. They are missing the fullness of Christ in their lives and look to fill that emptiness with somethign else - other religions, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc As Christians we are fortunate enough to have the fullness of Christ in our lives and know his power and love. Our lives, in contrast should be ones of contentment, inner peace, joy and love. If we really understood and believed that non-beleivers were 'dead' and subject to God's 'wrath' I believe that we would pursue them with fervour. We would share with them at every opportunity and sow seeds. We would spend more time praying for them and their salvation - we would do more and with more urgency -> so often we become blazae about it but we need to remember the urgency and the difference our lives would be if we didn't have that relationship with God.
  9. When we neglect to be an active part of a local congregation we miss out on the fullness of Christ. We also withhold this blessing from others. God has called us to be an active member of a church and to fulfill his calling on our lives. If we don't obey both ourselves and others miss out on the fullness of Christ. I don't believe that we have the right to stop others missing out on Christ's blessings or that others should stop me from missing out on his blessing for me. It is our responsibility to ensure that others receive Christ's blessing, we need to do our part. God intended us to be a part of a body and that we all play an important part within that body. No one part is more important or to be placed above another one.
  10. We often take a 'pass' to enter into spiritual warfare because it is hard. It is scary and we often try to find an 'easy' solution. We don't like to rock the boat, we don't like to upset people and always want the easy way out. We also don't understand the seriousness of spiritual warfare. We often rely on our own strength to do things or address issues. We don't rely on God's strength, we don't believe that he can work mightily through us in all situations. We are so small and insignificant yet he chose us and his power/Spirit is in us and will work mightily through us if we let him. We need to believe in God's ability to use us and work through us in spiritual realms. God uses us if we allow him to - we have to submit to him and believe that he will and can use us!
  11. We become powerless because we don't believe in God's ability or desire to use us. We believe that he will use someone else. 'That is what _______ does' etc. I believe that it isn't necessarily a lack in the faith that God can and will move but often in a lack of faith that God can move and will move through me! It is true that some people believe that Christ doesn't move miraculously today but more often that Christ won't move through ourselves, everyday people. I believe that some congregations and movements are 'producting' disciples with miracle - believing faith because they 'allow' even encourage people to use the giftings of the Holy Spirit in a safe nurturing environment. An environment where they can get it wrong and not be condemned. An environment where they are supported and nurtured into their giftings - where the Holy Spirit can lead.
  12. The fact that we have inheritance in God's presence should change our lives dramatically. It should make us stop striving to prove who we are to God, or that we are worthy. He has promised that inheritance to us - not dependant on our works but despite it. As a result we should want to share the love of God to others so they can also share in His inheritance. When you go to a shop, restaurant, and get great service and food, you share your experiences with others so they to can experience the greatness so too should we feel that way of our experiences of God - yet so often we hide it from them. We should fellowship in love with our Christian family - knowing that they too have been chosen to share God's inheritance. He loved us so much to choose us before time, so to did he love them. We often forget that love and focus on ourselves.
  13. We have Christ's second coming to look forward to - to see Christ reign on earth and in heaven! This hope, in Jesus Christ, should motivate, change and affect everything we do. We know that Christ will come again - we know that he will reign on high. In him can we put our trust. Everything we do should be done with one focus in mind - Christ. Is this what Christ wants for me? If we do this then our decisions, lifestyle and motivation change to glorify God rather than please ourselves. The non-believer lives life trying to better themselves and their standing not with a view to expand the future Kingdom. Therefore, we, as Christians, should stand out from the crowd NOT blend in.
  14. End of term is when Christ returns Both these analogies help to understand how the Holy Spirit functions in our lives. 1. Seal - mark of ownership and authority shows who our master is internal rather than external God is in our heart 2. Downpayment - as wotj deposit for a house or hire-purchase - more than guarantee of payment - it is the 1st instalment of the purchase price - God has given us - not just promise of the final inheritance but a foretaste of it
  15. God's purpose for our lives is to praise him. In the words of John Stott: 'To live to the praise of the glory of his grace is both to worship him ourselves by our words and deeds as the gracious God he is, and to cause others to see and to praise him too!' Wow! What a calling! I am really excited about this purpose and calling that has been placed on my life - here I am wholly available! In everything we do we are called to be the light in the darkness, the mirror of God's glory. No matter how we feel, the burdens that are upon us, we are to praise God in ALL situations! This relates closely to Matt 5:13-116 where we are called to be the light of the world. We can only be God's light in the world if we are in Christ and praising Him
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