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  1. Ask is to question , seek is to have a earnest desire to get an answer . Knock means to to request for an entrance into Gods throne of grace for a favour
  2. Dogs and pigs are unclean animals . Holy Food and pearls are precious and just the opposite We should turn away from sharing the gospel if a peron is argumentative for arguments sake
  3. At least five times - anything in excess is sin - whether worry or anxiety included !!!!
  4. Birds and Flowers , the least imporatant are so much in Gods sight - How much more we , who are purchased with his blood - are more valuable in Gods sight !!!
  5. We have to take very seroiusly the question of lus+ . It is all around us in todays society - in billboards - in magazines - in televisoon - in internet visits - it is so subtle and suggestive that we can just be drawn immediately if we are not on guard - refer Jon 31.1 - we need to make a covenany with our own EYES !!! Agape love help us to combay lus+ by remembering the two comandments -a) LOVE the LORD your GOD LOVE your neigbour as yourself God who is of purer eyes - to behold evil - will definately help us if we are true in heart and sincere to ward off lus+
  6. First we have to counsel ourselves and then counsel another brother who has had trouble with pornogr*phy Cut all means of triggers which draws us into such desires Come to a firm conviction which says NO to such desire Throw away all pronogr*phy materials in possesion Never be alone - use time effectively - be busy in seeking for creative things . medidate on Gods word and /or His faithfulness Run away from sin instead of being drawn into it as JOSEPH did in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask phone co to block all 900 call - as Pastor Ralf has mentioned in the Bible study . Also install an adult filter for yourself - not for children !!!!!!!!!
  7. *********** helps us break Gods commandment - because it makes us look at a woman with a sexually wrong motive . Going to a prostitute is wrong - it helps support oragnised crime - it takes wrong advantage of women who against their will are raped , assualted , abused , children neglected , homes destroyed , naive teens lured into this job purely iniatially with a promise of big money and lavish extravagant lifestyles and ends up in a web of crime supported syndicate from which they cannot escape !!!! And so aon and so forth !!! How could our conscience permit this ? The question to us is : Will Jesus support or approve of such a behaviour , or else , putting it in another way , will Jesus come with us to such places or into such internet cafes and be our companion . We cannot deceive our heartbeats !!!
  8. Using our sexual desire with the strict marriage boundaries is Ok . marraige is honourable in all - and the bed undefiled - Forbidden **** always breaks the tenth commandment . It means to aspire something which the heart forbids - and leads to stolen fruit which may taste sweet but - at the end of such a journey is deceit , lies and hypocrisy and double standards . God is very clear - no relationship outside marraige
  9. **** is the beginning . Adultery is the end - the ultimate . **** is a means to the end . Proverbs 20 verse 9 , no one can say that he or she is free from sin . We need to carry the cross DAILY luke 9.23 . as paul says - I die daily !!!! **** breaks the tenth commandment because it desires something which is prohibited by God - Our own heart will condemn us and our conscience ****** us !!! If we sear our consceience with a hot iron - then only God can save us from going down and away from His presence !!!!
  10. Pronogr*phy is sin . It is an addiction or a wave that drives us away from God . Would Jesus ever enter into such a heart filled with such sensous desires ? , is the question . We can go on justifying ourselves , but we cannot escape the wrath of God , who has created us as good, wholesome , beautiful human beings - but the way society is mis=treating and exploiting certain individuals is wrong Even those who watch these things are to be blamed - it means our walk with God is not close enough - thats why Satan decives us with such temptations - and comes in between and creates thuis void or an illusion of self gratification albeit for some temporary moments Our body is the temple of the Living God - how then can we go to pros*titues ? The victims are all there all around us to see !!!!
  11. Lus+ is the mental act . Adultery is the physical act of sex outside of marriage which breaks the tenth commandment Thou shall not covet thy neighbous wife . The thoughts of our heart need to be holy and pure , it is a dailly battle with the world, flesh and the devil
  12. By comparing spiritual things with the material - there is a paradoz , coupled with a riddle-puzzle - in order that we understand the deper meaning We should mirror our character in the light of the beau-attitudes and strive for the friuts of the spirit revealed in gal 5.22 - more easier said than done !!!!!
  13. Unless we admit that we are "lost " or "spirtitually poor "we cannot accept the need for a Savoiur !!!! Mourning from within , crying out to God is required - for all of us
  14. Abraham was a father of faith . He was also called by God as a " friend " This quality stands out - tall and clear - in Abraham's Life he accepted God 's challenge to move out of his country , not knowing where he was going - He also accepted God's challenge to sacrifice his ONLy son Isaaac !!!!!
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