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  1. We need to continually ask for forgiveness to keep in mind who we are and who God is. It is the remorse and the understanding of direction that keeps us aware of God's grace and our journey. Also it is the understanding of the relationiship of God, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit.
  2. When I ponder this question I feel like I am back in the garden with Adam and Eve wanting what is God's. Being proud and independent makes us want to be like the evil one and be like the creator. It is humbling to acknowledge that we have and are nothing unless God makes it so. No matter what the circumstances we feel lesser than when we have to acknowledge that we have to have help.
  3. It is an acknowledgement of where we are and where we are going to. If you know where you are going to you are alert to roadsigns, rest stops, traffic, detours on the way. It is a chosen destination and one we travel following Jesus with the Holy Spirit as a travelling companion.
  4. Reverance is the key here. It is something that this era has to grasp onto. God's name has been used in vain, used as a swear word, used as an oath and although we can call him 'Abba 'we need to know who we are addressing. His many names inspire respect and reverance and no matter what he is God and that is who we are addressing. When we say our father it is recognising He is the Father of all. Hallowed be thy name acknowledges that he commands respect and honour. It is Who he is. What He is our 'Father' Where He is, is heaven.
  5. God has so much love and grace - we pray for us. Each time we pray it is like a communion it is acknowledging God as our strength, our provider, our councel etc. I find when I talk to a friend sometimes I say things that develop into an understanding of someone elses situation - it brings the truth out. Coupled with the word of God we are able to quite often come into the understanding of God's plan for us. This is huge.
  6. Prayer is a communication and again the term 'An audience of One' applies - in collective prayer we are aware of those around us and our nature tend to want to please and hear and agree and sometimes even impress them with our wisdom and 'closeness to God' . When we pray alone , we tend to punctuate the prayer with a need to have the spirit guide us into prayer direction. Prayers of agreement are powerful and help unite, bond and direct a congregation - it is the body (as one) towards God. However personality can surface and sometimes it can be very empty. Flowery prayers can often just be about hearing our voices. This can drown out the soft voice of the Spirit.
  7. Giving, Lending - the words unconditionally and grace need to accompany a generous spirit. Wisdom and discernment need to be asked for in this time. I think if you are prompted give, lend, if you are unsure ask the Father. This is then kept private with the Audience of One. Holding lightly knowing the Father is our Provider increases our Faith. Much to think on with this one.
  8. How wondereful this concept of An Audience of One. To eliminate being a people pleaser, how we are perceived by thos around us. To be able to do what we do in truth for the right reason. Pride is about us in the spotlight. The Glory of God constantly loving us in grace and wanting the highest we can be as our only audience. Inspiring. Liberating. Challenging. With guilt at being seen stingey or not generous puts giving right into the wrong motivational column. How simple to give when prompted to God's Glory with only Him aware. Food for thought.
  9. To know perfection is to know Jesus. That is part of the journey to know where we are going spiritually. Hard as it is to know when we are falling short and recognize it and to ask for help from the Spirit to move further in that direction. To press into that truth no matter what else is happening in the world around us. Father knows our heart and Jesus total is our destination , all we can do is keep in the race and keep on striving towards the prize. To know when we have fallen short and to ask forgiveness and continue in the knowledge that through the help of the Godhead we will get to that perfection asked of us.
  10. Yes a physical response does sometimes need to be expressed, however often dealt with in prayer and warfare first will often lessen or eliminate certain situations. Evil is discerned and I can see many situations in defending old, young, military response etc but in total consultation with God. It is a hard one.
  11. These cameo's alter our perception of all situations in life. The motive or reason we do anything now is not in self interest but to glorify the father. It is about our relationship with Jesus - about being salt and light about living in a new loving way where our focus is different. We are not encouraged to abet evil in any way we are encourged to seek the Father's will in all areas of our life. It is about being different.
  12. Accountabality was the purpose,. To show restraint via use of a court or judge. Judicial Action - Balance - no more , no less.
  13. When you think about it if we incorporated this more and more into our lifestyles it would eliminate so many areas of confusion and aggression. The truth would set one free. If we can think, pray and speak the truth before we respond we would be following the advice of Jesus. This would redefine our days. Instead of justifiying, playing control games, wanting to look generous, kind, supportive we would be honest.
  14. This to me is an area that prayer and fastening is most necessary. Thank God we can come to us and ask for wisdom. I don't want to judge in this area and I couldn't possibly put a tick or cross on this subject. It is real and personal with God time. If as Christians you sought God's intention in the marriage and knew he knitted you together then I feel that it is God orgained and it is in finding the solutions that we will encounter God and spouse in the journey of love and forgiveness and grace. However so many other scenario's can develop seeking God is the only solution I can think of .
  15. Because of the hardening of the heart the Mosaic Law allowed divorce it is the option not the command under certain circumstances. . It was not God's intention he brought Eve to Adam to be a companion and a help mate so that together they could share life and worship God together..
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