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    I am always seeking to grow in Christ and to learn more of His Word. I'm married and have two wonderful, grown children who live nearby. I'm writing a very personal book the Lord commisioned me to write in 1991. I said, I don't have anything to say! He said, "you will." Then He gave me some wonderful promises for the future, and shortly after that we lost our business, home car, etc. went through catastrophic losses. The book is about the miraculous way God has taken care of us. We were homeless, but have lacked nothing during a long stay in the wilderness. He is faithful!!! and now He is bringing us out into the promised land.

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  1. 1. One definition for Bless, is to make happy. Another is to consecrate or hallow. To praise is to glorify, extol, or magnify, to honor. With all of that in mind and with the understanding from Scripture and from experience, that He is always near, He is in me, I am in Him and am His beloved daughter, blessing Him is simply "being," "resting" in His love and care, delighting in His presence and His Word, enjoying spending time in prayer, sharing my joys, sorrows, needs and bringing others needs to Him. Me eagerness and desire to tell others how awesome He is and how He longs for them to know Him and the salvation He longs to give them, blesses Him. Thanking Him and intentionally telling Him often, how much I love Him, thanking Him for choosing and calling me before the foundation of the world was formed blesses Him. (Eph 1:3-8) (When I read those verses, it takes my breath away in AWE and wonder and praise) In early days I thought worship was simply singing, and it is singing, but that's just a part of worship. Sitting in silence before Him is worship (Psalm 46:10) Be still and KNOW that I AM GOD! I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth". Delighting in wonder and awe in His creation is worship. Taking Communion is worship...and blesses Him as we remember all that He has done for us through His death and resurrection on the cross. He encourages us in Isaiah 53:4,5 and I Peter 2:24, and other places to take His body and blood for the healing of our bodies. (I take Communion every morning, remembering that His broken body was given to heal my "broken body" and am being healed from an illness from which I'm told there is no cure! Nothing is incurable for Jesus! Recognizing His sense of humor is worship! I've heard Him chuckle! He gets tickled over things just like we do! I'm as certain as I can be when I look at some of the creatures He made that He was thinking of our delight in them. The monkey at the zoo with the huge air pouch he blows up then whoops so loud he can be heard all over the zoo, along with his audience who is howling with laughter. Can you, with me see our God laughing with us, enjoying the fun and our "seeing" His handiwork through His little creature? A dear friend was telling me of sobbing for joy over the wonderful miracles which have been given to him, and I remembered that tears are prayers as well. Some tears are for worship and some are for grief and pain, but those too are blessing to Him in that they are being brought to His tender heart rather than hidden behind a pillow. There were lots of tears the first time I surrendered my will to His Lordship, through gritted teeth! Thanking Him that I have breath is worship. Acts 17:25. He gives life and breath to all....His Word is God Breathed (2 Tim 3:16)..so every page in the Bible contains His Breath, and Breathes life into us as we read His Word. He holds our breath in His hand. Remembering that each breath is a gift, is worship. The King in Daniel 5:23 was told "the God in whose hand your breath is" quickened to me that It's His grace which keeps us breathing in and out! The first indrawn breath of a newborn baby (or any creature) is from God's "nostrils". What a magnificent God and Savior we love and serve, and Who loves and cherishes each of us! I was telling Him the other day that I am in AWE that the creator God of the Universe waits in my little nook each morning for me to come and sit with Him, and that He enjoys spending time with me as much I enjoy Him. It's hard to get my mind around that kind of love and intimacy. ALL PRAISE TO HIM FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW, PRAISE HIM ALL CREATURES HERE BELOW, PRAISE HIM ALL YE HEAVENLY HOST, PRAISE FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST! AMEN. Pastor Ralph, thank you so much for Songs of Ascent....another amazing meditation/study. You know just how to draw our deepest thoughts and longings to the surface which will honor and glorify Him and cause us to draw near to Him. I can't wait for the next one! Blessings to you and Jean!
  2. 1. All three are compelling to me, so it's hard to choose one over another. The dew which refreshes and falls at night when all is calm and quiet, I'm "thirsting for" as well as the Oil, Holy Spirit's constant presence to comfort, teach, guide, inspire, train, fill, love....but now in the chaos and unrest of the Marxist insurgency trying to remove our president, and to take control of America's government, in order to hasten their desire for globalization (to repeat Satan's objective at the Tower of Babel: to achieve a super society governed by one dictator, apart from God.). Defeat of the enemy and UNITY, peace and civility is my hearts cry. God's mercy is shown in Acts 2, when all 17 of the Tower of Babel conspiracy nations, listed in Genesis, are recorded as being represented and were present when Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost! God's grace! 2. True Unity is modeled by our Triune God! Three Persons in One, in perfect harmony but with 3 different functions. The family is a type of their harmony, but our fallen nature is hard pressed to give up the innate desire for power and control, so conflict is inevitable, which then follows in churches and governments. 3. The fallen nature cannot truly love nor give unselfish love. Only in Christ and surrender to Holy Spirit's control can we give and receive a semblance of His unselfish love.
  3. 1. State the Davidic Covenant or Promise in your own words. God swore an inviolable oath that a son from David's own body would sit on his throne. 2. How was this promise fulfilled in Solomon's time? Solomon was the son/heir/king from David's own body. 3. How was it fulfilled in Jesus? Jesus is the direct descendent of David, through the lineage of Mary, Jesus' mother (Matthew 1:2-16) and Luke 3:23-38, "as was supposed of Joseph, son of Heli." (the Messianic lineage) 4. How will it be fulfilled when Jesus returns?] Jesus who is seated and reigning in Heaven over the entirety of creation, will one day sit on the throne of David in Jerusalem, the final King on earth when He reigns for 1,000 years, then forever in Heaven.
  4. 1. Why does demanding answers from God lead to stress? I don't recall ever demanding answers from God, but I whined and demanded "YOU SAID..." which is about the same thing or worse because I was implying that He lied or that He misled me! The stress was from assuming I understood what He was saying, because the need was urgent at the time. It took me a long time to understand that when He doesn't give a time frame for a promise, He intends to "keep me" until He's ready and until I've settled in to wait in patience, and to persevere in faith in the testing. I also had to learn that He is not at my "beck and call"...He's not only my all wise Father, He's my King! 2. How have unexplained events in your life made you angry? Almost every promise He has given me has involved YEARS of waiting, and after 40+ years, I'm still waiting! At times in misery, I've been angry, because it seemed like He had forgotten me. (That was symptomatic of my childhood, from being ignored or abused and from not having needs met.) Every now and then I hear myself saying to Him "Here I am"....like he put me down someplace and forgot where He left me. My anger has been from the disappointment of "assuming" I knew the time frame, and from the years of waiting, expecting, watching and hoping, and even though at times He has restated the promises, it has felt like a "carrot being dangled" in front of me, and when it seems it's about to be fulfilled, the carrot gets moved further away. It's painful to see the years going by, getting older, like being pregnant for 40 years....and no baby. But I shared in a previous post that I asked Him to develop patience and perseverance in me when I was a very new Christian. So the long waiting has been His gift of "working" those character traits into my spirit. 3. How do you actually go about calming and quieting your soul? I have to get alone by myself, and tell Him very honestly how I'm feeling, and usually cry which releases the "angst" and disappointment. I forgive Him (though He's perfect and loving and kind) it's for me , to release what's been stuck inside, blocking intimacy with Him. Then I apologize for being a bratty daughter and ask Him to forgive me and to extend more grace as I wait. Then I might ask "What would you say to me in this moment?" His response is almost always instant as He brings a scripture to my mind, and reassures me of His love and care. His presence quiets me. One that I "hear" often in those moments is "I will perfect that which concerns you" Psalm138:8 Another is Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I AM GOD." I think the most important thing I've learned in the long waiting, is that what seemed impossible to live without, is no longer so important and He has become my all, my joy, my home, my life, and I'm at His "beck and call" as is intended as His child. 4. What does it mean to "hope in the Lord"? It means to me, trust and reliance upon Him, and that He's the source of all my expectation, my needs, my joy, both here in this life and my life eternally with Him in Heaven.
  5. 1. How does knowing that God forgives us affect our lives? That has been huge for me! Living under constant criticism, threats and more for the first 20 years of life, conditioned me to feel guilty and oppressed, in bondage and fear. For the longest time as a believer I felt guilty and was easy prey for our enemy to torment me, reminding me of past sin and failure. One almost magical day I discovered that the red heifer, (a type/shadow of Jesus) was taken outside the camp, killed and burned to ash, and the ashes were then sprinkled in water used for ritual purification in temple ceremonies. Ash is the final stage of burning! Holy Spirit reminded me that all of my sin, past, present became ash on the cross , through His blood. I wrote down the sins which I was frequently reminded of, burned the paper and put the ashes in a zip lock bag as a reminder. (that brought the end of the torment....It stopped that day!) Apparently, because I learn visually, I needed something I could "see and I now live in peace and joy knowing I am totally accepted in the beloved, and when He looks at me He sees His beautiful "ermine" robe of righteousness, in which He wrapped me when I said YES to Him. 2 . Our faith? With that "load of guilt and shame" removed forever, I'm free and open to Him, with no barriers. Back in those burdened days, I was hesitant to come to Him. My faith soared in the new freedom with no dark "cloud" of "have I confessed enough" removed. My heart is light, I'm free to chat with My Jesus during the day, and if awake, at night, free as a bird, in His love. 3. How does knowing God forgives us affect our willingness to forgive others? Knowing that I'm forgiven, my "record is clean" and there is now no condemnation, I've become a quick "forgiver" extending His grace which covers me, to those who offend me. (for the really big and painful ones, I still journal, and get the anger outside of me, so it's a clean unconditional forgiveness) It 's cleansing to "air" my thoughts/emotions as ugly as they might be, as I tell the Lord all about it...it keeps me honest with Him asI ask Him for grace to forgive as He's forgiven me. 4, 5, 6: How is your expectancy level? Hope? Faith? I've been waiting for over 40 years for Him to fulfill several promises to me, and still I wait, but I wait with expectation, because His Word never fails. I've had periods of severe testing during these long years, but He sustains me. I didn't realize all those years ago, that when God gives us a promise, the likely hood is that for a time the exact opposite happens, and it did and has continued. (I feel at times like the picture I've seen of a mother cat carrying her kitten by the scruff of the neck to move to a new location.. I'm that "kitten" He carries and when all is said and done, He will receive the glory for the faith which has not failed.
  6. 1. Yes, He has definitely on numerous occasions as well as from the "cords of the wicked". From affliction, years of chronic sinus pain and sore throats...My Dr. pointed out that years of suppressed anger and the inability to speak up were the cause. Discovering that was the Lord's avenue for my healing, she also helped me to "find my voice" and encouraged me to keep a journal. Later I learned from Christian Psychologist, H. Norm Wright, that anger is a powerful energy force that if left to swirl around in the body, is the cause of many diseases....so I learned to write about my ANGER....and he was correct! The anger actually comes out through the pen or pencil onto the paper and is released, making forgiveness much easier to extend! (I prayed for years for healing not realizing that the sinus/sore throats were just a symptom of a deeper "illness". (as children, we were never allowed to show or express anger....only my parents could do that, and combined with some very incorrect Bible teaching that anger is a sin. (It's what we do with the anger that becomes sinful, and suppressing and trying to ignore it, or turning it inward is harming ourselves!) 2. Cords of Wickedness: Having been molested as a child, I was tormented by memories, as the enemy does, and later I was frequently in normal places like the tennis courts, and chasing a stray ball, and would be confronted by a man exposing himself, and on too many other occasions, which need no further mention. It took a deep "cutting of those cords" by our Jesus, to be set free from the "shame" of having been exposed to such things, and from the shame of having witnessed them. (The shame belongs to the offender, not to the victim who witnessed the demented behavior. "Cutting the cord" removed the stigma of having witnessed those sickening and frightening traumas.) 3. Oppression: The most painful event required some maturing in my young faith back in the day, to realize oppression is from the pit of hell, and is not to be tolerated! I appreciate that Jesus gave us His authority to deal with oppression. (It was an "ah ha" moment when I happened upon a 3 foot long dead snake, belly up.....and heard Holy Spirit say: That's how much power Satan has. NONE! You are to take authority over his attacks and no longer tolerate them. 4. Before I learned that lesson, I was viciously attacked by a "friend" in a group, who came after me with a vengeance when I failed to go along with a plan she suggested that was not a healthy thing for our group and saw me as the enemy! She in turn tried to turn everyone in the group against me...life long friends, and for several months, they were caught up in the chaos and confusion, and I felt abandoned. I did feel bitter and betrayed, actually physically ill from grief for several months. I kept praying and asking for help and wisdom and as the Lord "righted the ship" so to speak, others recognized what had "hit" us....and she left the group....but I was left with bitterness and soul sickness. I have to say it took me some years to be totally free from all of the fallout. But I kept bringing it before the Lord and one day I wept FOR her instead of praying ABOUT her, and I was finally "cleansed of the ugliness" and pain. 5. Forgiveness is a gift, I believe. A way of letting go of hurts. (of stopping "drinking poison hoping the offender will die!"). When I think of all that our Jesus has forgiven me, I no longer want to hold onto the betrayal, or sins of another toward me. I heard a story about ancient times where when one committed a murder, the dead body was strapped to the murderer and was forced to carry the stinking corpse on their body. I don't know if that's true but to carry "CRUD" in my heart has the same effect....toxicity and revulsion. I'm quick to forgive (after writing about how angry and hurt I am in my journal) and to let go of the offense...thank you for this gift, Jesus! And thank you that as Micah 7:19 says, "You buried my sins in the deepest part of the ocean" and Corrie Ten Boom reminds us that He then puts out a "No Fishing" sign!" (Offering a blessing takes some time for me...but it does come)
  7. Dear Hanks,

    I had "chill bumps" of horror when I read about your ordeal and close  brush with death at the hands of robbers. I'm grateful to our Lord for His hand of protection over your life...I'm glad you're here to both share and receive on this wonderful Bible study forom.

    Your posts are always a blessing!

    In Jesus,


  8. Thank you for sharing such a faith filled testimony...Your Heavenly Papa's love shines thru...

  9. 1. To "fear the Lord" is to see Him and interact with Him in healthy AWE with wonderous respect. (Loved learning that years ago, as my dad told me I was to be afraid of Him as he was! What a miserable way to live!) 2. What kinds of blessings has God showered over your life? Oh my! Where to start? Too many to recount, so will put them in categories: First, lifting me out of the muck and mire I was wallowing in, and saved me, letting me know I am now His beloved daughter for eternity. (I know a "cracked pot" is best to allow the light to shine forth, but I was a shattered pot). He has been putting me back together, piece by piece, gluing me together with His gentle love. He has removed the fear that filled and surrounded me from infancy, by allowing me to go through scary trials, holding my hand, and demonstrating that He is forever faithful, always present, never distant. Before I knew Him, He knew me and protected me from permanent scars and irreparable damage. When my parents failed to protect and nurture, He always brought at least one neighbor lady, teacher, or friend's mom who filled some of the gap, providing kindness, guidance and even beautiful clothing. He has never failed to surround me with loving and caring friends. He has given me a special family. (Our son arrived 9 months to the day after I asked for a "blonde, blue eyed baby boy" coming made to order, to resemble my side of the family. (Our daughter is brown eyed, darker hair resembling her dad's family, and is beautiful). When we wanted the children to go to Christian school but couldn't afford the cost, we received a small inheritance in the mail. (financial is a huge area: Having been business and home owners with 2 cars and lovely things, we lost all during the 1990 recession, gradually until we would have been homeless but for His intervention through friends, strangers who had never met us, gifts, groceries, insurance, trips...we've never lacked anything. I could go on forever, but His steady, loving Presence, His tender Father's heart, answered prayers, steady guidance, and prophecies to let me know what is coming next through dreams and Rhema words in His word, are what bring the most security and yes, Awesome Wonder, joy and respect! But I can't leave out how He has taught me to not only appreciate His creation, but to be able to live near the ocean, and mountains, surrounded by glorious, breathtaking beauty! I've heard Him chuckle....so I appreciate His sense of humor and that He has blessed me with one. Every day our life is totally dependent upon His generosity, and He never fails to provide everything we need. 3. Why does He allow remaining struggles? Probably for many reasons in different lives, but for me it is to demonstrate His love, and desire for me to grow as I depend upon Him. The struggles keep me eager to wake up and to settle into my cozy nook where He waits for me every morning to share our time together. I've asked Him to keep me close...I never want to wander away (did that once....never again, by His grace!) It is the struggles which initiate and maintain the intimate relationship we have....He's my Daddy, my Papa God. 4. Does faith always result in prosperity? If that were true, I could be a ridiculously wealthy woman. (I prayed years ago when asked what I want on my tombstone, and said "I want to be known as a woman of faith who loves people") He has given me the gift of faith, and a prosperity in knowing and loving people of every race and creed. What I enjoy here and will take to Heaven is true prosperity. 5. How do you define prosperity? I'm prosperous, surrounded by people to love and who love me, and a Father who lets me know He too cherishes the time we spend together, more than one Bible translation, good books, enough to eat, a car to get where we need to go (we have a 1995 mazda, which fills that need) a warm place to live (we are thankful for air conditioning too, especially during last weeks 110 degree heat wave). My entire family is either in Heaven or on their way! Pastor Wilson's Bible studies are one HUGE blessing to help us grow spiritually and have been for a number of years. Thank you Pastor Ralph for your generosity in sharing your love of the Word with such wisdom, skill and grace, with countless disciples around the world!
  10. 1. In my early days as a new believer, I was "doing" to gain acceptance with the Lord and to please others. I heard lots of "do and do" sermons and it was several years before Colossians1:10 revealed to me that in Christ, I am already fully pleasing and acceptable to Him and my service (Col 2:10) is to flow from Him (on the inside where the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit resides in me, outward "bearing fruit in every good work" in obedience and joy to others. To do otherwise is to produce "works of the flesh" or "wood, hay and stubble" produced in pride (or fear) apart from Him, which "at that day" will be tested and burned to ashes. (Eph 2:10) tells me that I am God's own "handiwork" recreated in Christ Jesus that I may do those "works which God predestined" or preplanned for me to walk in." That is so comforting, that I don't have to "drum up" good works....I am just to stay tuned to Him and He will direct my path and will show me what and where I am to walk! I've learned in the morning to ask Him to direct my steps....and my stops, and I'm always amazed at where He leads....one day it was to stop and pray for a sick, homeless man with a disgusting open sore on his hand, weeping green pus. I chatted with him and asked if he would allow me to pray with him.....he said yes, and God healed him! Every day has become an adventure and is a very restful way to live, knowing that as I follow where He leads, I'm in His perfect will and plan for me. 2. Trust without work is indolence....uselessness in the Kingdom of God. He tells us to "go"...but at HIS leading, we are to follow. 3. Children are a gift and a blessing from God. Not everyone has that blessing, and many (60 million babies) have been sacrificed on the "altars" of planned parenthood. Only God knows what blessing those little ones should have become in this world. His plan for life on earth revolved around "family" and children are meant to bring joy, unity, and growth to the family structure. They're meant to be a comfort to parents in their old age, and parents are meant to guide and help to shape children in Godliness and faith. ( I won't go into how we've massacred His pattern)
  11. 1 & 2: Having experienced both miracles, and long agonizing years of waiting for promises to be fulfilled, I think of the fruit of the Spirit, (His character being worked into our lives as we walk with Him) Patience and perseverance seem to be underscored and in capital letters. When I first discovered this passage in Galatians 5:22,23, I understood that this "fruit" was meant to be present in my life as a reflection of Who He is, so I asked especially for patience and perseverance, because I was totally lacking in both. I thought they would be imparted with a wave of His hand, as a fairy godmother might do with her wand. Now 47 years later, much older and hopefully wiser, I've learned that they are "obtained" very gradually (at least for me) and excruciatingly slow, through trials, testing, disappointment, waiting, suffering and more waiting. So my answer is that growing in grace and character in order to better reflect Him to others, is more important to me (and I think to Him) than the stupendous miracles which I have experienced, which are a blessing for sure, and are beautiful to share, but which also reflect His character. They aren't "showy" but help in how I treat other people, and in how my inner life is more peaceful and serene. 3 & 4. Honestly? I can't shout for joy yet, though I know His answers will come, because His promises are sure, and when they do, there will be shouting and perhaps a jig or two, but for now, the long waiting has produced a quiet serenity in which I'm comfortable. To shout now as tired and worn out as I've become, would take a "stupendous miracle of grace" to expend that much exuberance in advance. (those in the Psalm knew exactly how far away they were from being "home", and could exult and shout as they could almost "see and taste" their homeland.) As far as patient obedience, I have learned in the waiting, to hear and recognize His voice, which is priceless to me. As I shared in a previous post, one result of this was in "being rescued from the fowler's snare" (possible rape or death) by a mere 3 or 4 seconds as Holy Spirit said "GO NOW" and I didn't hesitate or ask "why?" but obeyed. That, I have to say was one of His "stupendous miracles" of grace and is another reason why I'm no longer "antsy' about the "when and how" of what He has promised. It's enough to know I'm in the "palm of His hands" in His tender heart and care, and that His Papa's eye is always upon me.
  12. 1. In Jesus we are secure, as steady as Mount Zion which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever. We are promised that we will go through trials and testing, but we are never alone in those times (or any other time as well!) Colossians 2:10 tells us that "we are IN HIM....and HE IS IN US.. we are filled with the GODHEAD...Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and reach full spiritual stature. So though we may tremble and quake.. (at least I do at times) we are absolutely secure in His arms and His love. He Has PROMISED: " I will never, no not ever leave you (alone for one second) nor forsake you!" (Heb 13:5) 2 & 3. Unrighteous rulers, judges, & officials are all around us. We've elected or appointed many in ignorance, and by not voting our values. Many stick to a "party" rather than examining the party platform. (The Democrat party promises government paid abortion right up to and during delivery of a full term baby if the mother doesn't want it! It's called infanticide)....as in the Old Testament when babies were sacrificed to idols and in fires. (We've murdered over 60 million babies in America) The previous administration in America began a slow attack on Christianity, and appointed hundreds of left leaning judges who make decisions not in alignment with Biblical principles and righteousness and our laws. We are reaping the consequences now in that a believing President Trump was duly elected (though a very young Christian but soon to be baptized in Holy Spirit according to prophecy) and a civil war is upon us....an all out war against our Constitution, our traditional values and our faith, in an attempt by the Marxist regime (disguised in racially charged issues to try to unseat our president and to destroy our way of life). The coup attempt began before he was sworn in at his inauguration disguised as "Russian Collusion" which has since been totally debunked as a fabrication, but is still being trotted out by the leftist owned media. Corrupt FBI and Secret Service employees helped to try to prevent him from taking office through illegal means: spying, leaking top secret information which was published in the papers after twisting the facts, wire tapping His phone and the phones of other duly elected officials, arresting and falsely accusing his campaign staff and imprisoning several who have since been proven to be innocent of anything, except helping to get Pres. Trump elected. I find it interesting that throughout the gospels Jesus encouraged seekers to join His "party"....if we voted according to His party. we would be a completely Christian nation, rather than a bitterly divided nation where one cannot voice an opinion (pro Pres. Trump) without being shouted down, and in some cases injured. The good news is that he will be reelected, America will be saved and survive, this virus will be "killed" and eradicated with the soon outpouring of Holy Spirit....a second Pentecost after a literal Passover all over the world (entire nations shut in and hiding in fear in homes...much like the disciples following the Crucifixion, were hiding in the upper room fearing that they might be next....UNTIL Holy Spirit filled them....as we will be experiencing very soon. Our sleeping churches will come alive with signs, miracles and wonders, and billions around the world will be saved after 100 years of prayer having gone up to Heaven for a world wide revival! 3. Just as in a literal government gone wrong, our hearts "are deceitfully wicked"(Jer 17:9) and need very little leeway to go astray in seeking after the world and what is on offer. Thank you Holy Spirit that you are a constant source of encouragement, convincing us of truth, and convicting us when we are vulnerable to going down paths not of your choosing. Thank you that you never leave us alone, that you know we are constantly being wooed to "come away" from truth and the loving secure Arms of our beloved Savior and Lord to the momentary "glitter and glamour" appealing to our fallen nature and that when we yield to You, our enemy loses.
  13. 1. It teaches me that as I look to my Papa God, He ALWAYS shows mercy and loving kindness to me, especially when I am scoffed at with contempt from others. His tender heart always listens and always hears my cries for help. 2. It tells me that His eye is always upon me, even as His eye is upon the lowliest sparrow. He sees it all, knows all about the wrongs done to me. Contempt is based in pride and an attitude of superiority, and we know that Proverbs tells us He hates pride, and that pride goes before a fall. (perhaps that's how he deals with those who harbor contempt for others) I think of 2 Cor. 10:12, which tells me that when I compare myself with others, or measure myself by others I am a fool. (I will either see myself as superior which is prideful, or inferior which is an insult to God who created me to be just as I am.) 3. This may seem like an odd answer because it is not about race or religion, which seems to be the most common cause of contempt from others, but this is an election year and I live in California, a mainly "blue" or democrat controlled state. The group of people who are bearing the most contempt and prejudice are those who wish to re-elect President Trump who is the most pro-life President in U.S. history. One cannot even make a comment, put a U.S flag in the yard, or a sign on the car without the flag being ripped up and stomped on, or the car being "keyed" or being screamed at or shouted down if a comment is made for Pres. Trump. I know of two families who are so divided on this issue that those who are against Pres. Trump (with great contempt against him and their family members) will no longer associate or speak to family members who love and appreciate all that he is and has done for our America.. It's rather frightening and hard to believe that the Marxist revolution which was introduced gradually in the previous administration and has grown so that one can no longer voice a respectful opinion without severe consequences. I'm white, and have many black friends, who are mortified by the BLM takeover by Antifa, and who are using this "cause" to raise racial tension and chaos in order to disrupt the election process. (Ultimately it IS about religion, because Marxism insists on the eradication of all religion) Our church is delightfully multi-racial, as is our community, and I'm unaware of overt contempt, although it may quietly exist because people are people, and sin abounds. But comforting to remember how our God looks upon it and deals with it in and on behalf of His children. If as His children we are showing contempt, there will be correction, at some point. If it is toward one of His own, there will be some repercussion also at some point.
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