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    Love to write poetry, reading, collecting unicorns and teddy bears. Love spending time with my family and playing with my grandchildren. Also love to take a stroll in my new Power Chair to get fresh air. But most of all I enjoy reading and studying the Bible

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  1. Having these tendencies will only divide and harm the congregation. Leaders of the congregation need to imitate the perfect example of our creator and his Son. You are only setting yourself up for spiritual harm when displaying these worldly tendencies, not only for yourself but for your fellowman.
  2. Should be observed carefully because you do not want to have someone leading your congregation that is not sincere, more importantly, you do not want them to lead the congregation astray. If you have someone that is leading the congregation that is not spiritually righteous and morally righteous, that congregation will lose God's Holy Spirit and you are making way for Satan to enter.
  3. Paul is talking about a man that has humility, love for God, love for his fellowman, love for Jesus Christ. A man with integrity, and morals. If a man can not be head of his household then he can not be a head of his congregation because the qualities that a man possess as a leader of his congregation he should have those same qualities as head of his household.
  4. To fight the good fight means do not let anything or anyone stumble you away from the truth of God's word. Reminding Timothy of the prophecies are just reminders to keep down in his heart in order that he will not stumble. Holding on to the faith means if you fight the good fight, keep those reminders deep in your heart you will hold on to your faith and will help you to keep a good clean conscience. Paul was talking to Timothy because the temptation was there to turn away from God and his word and knew if that would happen it would be calamity for Timothy and he would lose that close relationship with God and would not receive blessings.
  5. That God is invisible, that he has always been and always will be, he is the Alpha and Omega and that he is the only True God and should be shown honor and glory forever and ever.
  6. By using himself as a fine example he was showing that what he had done was not God's way and also showed how he had changed his heart condition and thinking and doing things as God wanted things to be done. By changing his attitude and by God knowing his heart, he was shown mercy and patience. With Christians today, this is a fine example of how if you change your heart condition and have the right attitude, God will show mercy and patience and love also but if you do not, you will not receive those blessings.
  7. They were teaching things that were not true so it was commanded for Timothy to go and put a stop to the false teachings/doctrines. The results of the teaching of false doctrines was to promote controvery in the congregation rather than doing God's work. This can bring about controversy and great division in the congregation which hinders spiritual growth.
  8. Satan is trying to gather up followers because he knows his time is short and wants to take as many as he can with him. The helmet protects our thinking. The sword is a defensive weapon to ward off and fight the demons who want to destroy our spirit and salvation.
  9. Not having feet read to run is not ready to preach and do not want peace and security. Having the right heart condition will help us share the Good News because of the love we have for our Father and His Son. Its our protection. Keeps us steady and strong
  10. Its our protection, part of the Christian armor. If we have the complete Christian Armor we can stand firm against all wickedness.
  11. It is difficult we don't have faith and confidence in our grand Creator. We can stand our ground by being obedient to God and follow Bible principles. The saints were victorious because no matter the obstacles they faced, they kept preaching and teaching the good news and they had love, faith, and confidence in God.
  12. People tend to refuse to believe that there is evil forces at work in this world today. They immediately want to put the blame on God because they are under the impression that because he is God that he is the ruler of the world but that is not so, Satan is the ruler of this world, at least for now. The wars, illnesses, proverty, homelessness, diseases, jobless, violence, etc. are all part of the work of Satan. We can not blame our choices on Satan because we know right from wrong and if we make the wrong choices then we have to deal with the consequences that come along with making bad choices. Satan has an influence only if we let him.
  13. Employers should not be threatening and should treat their employees with respect and dignity. this does not only apply to outside the congregation but inside as well and even more so. Everyone should be treated impartial. Everyone is valuable and precious in the eyes of God.
  14. Be obedient with good inclinations. We are to be obedient but not slaves to fleshly men only slaves to God. Slaves as to doing righteous. Having these attitudes will help us to know right from wrong and if what is asked of us is against Bible principles and teachings. If what we are asked to do is against Bible principles we are to speak up and if need be change jobs, situations, etc.
  15. As the scripture brings out that fathers should not be irritating (badgering) to children. Do not be putting them down or saying mean and cruel things to them. Should be training and teaching discipline and mental regulating with love.
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