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Q5. The Israel of God

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The Israel of God is made up by those true Jews nd Gentile who accept Apostle Paul's rule (Romans 2 29; 9:6).   We are the fulfillment of the prophecy of Ezekiel; we are the New Israel raised from the Valley of dead bones.   Ezekiel preached about the Millenial Temple which was In some ways quite different from Mosaic and Solomon's Temple.   Truly a new dispensation of grace.   As Gentiles we cry out HOLY HOLY HOLY in profound humility as we order our lives in accordance with the HOLY SPIRIT.  






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The "Israel of God" today can be seen in two ways:

  • 1) it comprised of ALL Jews (the trunk) and non-Jewish believers in Jesus. We are grafted onto the trunk. That means the trunk still exists, no? Most Jews who do not believe in Jesus believe they are His chosen ones. 
  • 2) It is comprised of Jews who convert to Christianity and non-Jews who accept Christ. This means the trunk had been lopped to a few strands which support the huge canopy of Christians grafted onto it. Jews, in this view, are no longer chosen. Only faith in Jesus matters.

Who is excluded?

  • 1) In the first scenario, any non-Jew and non-believer are excluded.
  • 2) In the second scenario, any non-believer is excluded.

How is 11.17 designed to temper gentile pride?

Salvation history doesn't end with the Jews and pick up again with Christians, but is a long, continuous unfolding history with the Christ event in the centre. God's work in human history began at creation, and then continued with the Israelites and Jews. Christians come after the Jews and before the end -- we are the final stage in His history.



Thank you for this lesson series, Pastor Ralph!! May God Bless You, Sir.


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