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Q5. Eating Flesh, Drinking Blood

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Q5. (John 6:53-59) What is “eating the Bread of Life” a metaphor of? What is “eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking his blood” a metaphor of? How are these metaphors similar to each other? Why do you think Jesus used such a vivid and repugnant metaphor?  Both of these are a metaphor of believing in Jesus Himself and having eternal life afterward. This means that anyone who believes must be willing to do what the will of the Lord no matter what the Lord asks of them. I believe He used it to weed out the true believers from the false ones who were just looking for miracles and nothing more. 


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The metaphor of the Bread of Life is denoting that Christ in Himself is life.   The Israelites died during their sojourn in the wilderness.  Life giving properties ! His life was to be sacrificed for the salvation of the world.  As the Bread of Life, Christ is the sustained of the Life he communicates (1 John  1:2).  Having faith in Christ the Bread of Life will bring the full satisfaction of all wants.

As for partaking of His Body and Blood; Christ is making the connection to His work-atoning death on Calvary.  Christ is the Paschal Lamb.  Christ has secured this zoe life on Calvary.  The Prince of Life submits to death; he gives his flesh for the life of the world.   Eating his body and drinking his blood are phrases denoting belief in Christ (John 6:35, 40,47).

Metaphors in this chapter are pointing us to the awesome theme that receiving Christ is absolutely essential to have eternal life; Christ is the Substance or the Reality of life.   Christ crucified flesh is the essential food of the immortal soul. Christ utilized these metaphors to reach the Jews whose mindsets were formed by the Levitical ordinances which were types of which Christ crucified was the transcendent reality.

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Q5. (John 6:53-59)

What is "eating the Bread of Life" a metaphor of?

What is "eating Jesus' flesh and drinking his blood" a metaphor of?

How are these metaphors similar to each other?

Why do you think Jesus used such a vivid and repugnant metaphor?

Christ referred to Himself as the Bread of Life. Bread is something common to all. You live off bread. It's a common food, part of a staple diet even.  Normal bread must be eaten again and again, because it satisfies hunger for then, but next day you will have to eat it again. The Bread of Life needs to be partaken of to inherit eternal life. You need to believe in Christ so as to live forever. Partake of Him and you will not be hungry. 

Partaking of the bread and the wine at the "Lord's Supper" / Communion is a picture of eating the flesh and drinking the blood. (blood is where the life is in)

Partaking of the Communion reminds one of what the Lord did for us. It reminds you of the fact that you believe in Christ and have been promised eternal life.

A vivid metaphor was used so it will not easily be forgotten and because He did give His body for us and it was broken up and the last drop of blood was shed for us. It is real. It is easily recognized for its meaning.

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