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Q3. Water and Spirit Baptisms

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Water baptism, that outward expression of an inward change. Water Baptism and repentence from "dead works". Who wouldn't want the "old ways and lifestyles" devastated? Clearly I was not living up to the mark GOD had called me to. My full potential. No noticeable treasure in the earthen clay vessel. Didn't even know I was dead and needed to be revived and regenerated, not rehabilitated.

"Repent!" When you put "re" in front of a word, it means to put back to its original intent. To re-pent, to live in the high place GOD had intended us to dwell with HIM. Pent-house living, if you will. We need reformation, regeneration, a metamorphosing. The old has to pass away and behold all things are new. I did not necessarily see myself as "new". The HOLY SPIRIT wrapped me like a quilt on a cold morning, overwhelming me to life.

Being overwhelmed, overcome, overpowered, covered completely, submerged by the HOLY SPIRIT. The Super/Supra-natural(above the natural)lifestyle. Power to live the new and Holy lifestyle. Holy being the operative word. HE tells us to be holy because HE is holy. Empowered to live, loving and lovingly. The HOLY SPIRIT regenerates, revives us to life, producing fruit in keeping with repentence.

To be, being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Fill my cup LORD, fill me up and make me whole.

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John introduced the nation to a new type of baptism, he prepared the way that Jesus took further. Jesus regularly also instructed us to be baptised in water, to continued what John began, but in a far more complete way. This leads us to accepting the Holy Spirit in our lives. Accepting the Spirit is one thing, then to be baptized with the Spirit is raising it to another level.

The point is to show us how the progression works. Repent, forgive others, be washed of your sins, receive the Holy Spirit, be baptized, cleaned by the Holy Spirit. It all began with John who led the way.

We should all long for being overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, it is part of our spiritual growth. We not only receive Jesus’s forgiveness of our sins, we receive our continual Guide and way to rise above sin.

Our pride, or persistence in sin can prevent it. Also if we don’t ask for it, or open ourselves up for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Disobedience to God’s commands.

Finally, reaching out to God constantly will encourage it. Searching the truth, reading the Bible constantly, prayer and taking action. Doing God’s will, will encourage it.

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The point of comparison between John the Baptist and the Messiah is the act of immersing or overwhelming. The difference is John immerses his disciples in water, while the Messiah will immerse his followers in the Holy Spirit. Paul taught that believers receive the Holy Spirit when they receive Jesus as their Savior. As far as me longing to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, I would love it. However, not all believers are aware the Holy Spirit resides in them after receiving Christ because He may not manifest Himself at that time. He may wait years before He makes His presence felt. This could be for any reason that He deems. What could prevent His presence is some may not be ready (unable to handle it or still living in sin); some may have rejected or just chosen not to live according to the Holy Spirit. What could encourage His presence is repentance of and from sin, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, and even asking God to fill us with His Holy Spirit, which is an ongoing process in the life of believers.

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Is it that John’s baptism is a symbolic act?  It is a baptism of repentance - a turning away from the old nature and having the consequence of our sin removed from us.  Whereas, the action of the Messiah is an empowerment.  Instead of having something removed, we are given something.  It is an inhabitation or impartation. 


I do long to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.  However, I don’t fully know what it means.  I fear the changes that I may have to undergo, changes which may be painful.  I also think that lack of faith may prevent this from taking place in my life.  Though, I think that the need to fully understand something beyond human comprehension can often be a road block to faith.  Who can fully understand what it means to be baptised by the Holy Spirit?  How can it be put into words?  This leads to the final question of ‘what might encourage it?’  In this respect, an acceptance that we don’t have to fully comprehend it, but instead be available just as a child is open and receptive to the giver. 


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John baptized with water.  Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire.  The Spirit is "poured out" on believers.  In the water baptism the water is poured over the person from above symbolizing the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.  I long to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.  I am right with my Lord and serve Him only.  I live the way He would want me to live and be his representative here on earth.  I mess up, but not on purpose and I ask for forgiveness.  I try to live so he would be proud of me. 

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Part A

"The act of immersing or overwhelming" (Dr. Wilson).


Part B

"The medium in which the baptism takes place" (Dr. Wilson).  With John, it was with water; with Christ, it is the Holy Spirit.


Part C

I just can't find in myself any other answer than--yes.  For me, there can't be any other answer but--yes.


Part D

There are a number of things that can hinder the freedom of the working of the Holy Spirit in my life.  By not being obedient is a wide area to work with, but it seems to be the one that needs work on for a number of reasons:


The first: the knowing that I am doing what he (Holy Spirit) wants me to do and to be in the right place (in my walk; Rom. 8:4-5, 9) that He wants me to be is a must.  By being disobedient on my part would not be that knowing.  I really need to work on being more submissive to His call.


The second: the neglect of Bible Study.  I try to stay up with the reading of the Bible, and it's study.  This study (Preparing for the Kingdom) is a great help to me.


The third: is prayer.  This is one of those areas that I really need to work on.  I have to put more time in prayer.


I'm sure there are many other areas, but not being submissive to the Holy Spirit's working in my life seems to be one of the greater.


Part E

There are a number of things in my life that would encourage the working of the Holy Spirit:


As I have mentioned--being more submissive to His call.

Bible Study--this study.

A greater prayer life.

Being more involved in Church.

Spend more time listening than talking.

And the absolute necessity of being humble (Jam. 4:6; 1 Pet. 5:5).



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Q3. (Matthew 3:11) What is the point of comparison between John�s action and the Messiah�s action? What is the point of difference? Do you really long to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit? What might prevent this in your life? What might encourage it? 


John's baptism: Immersion into water -  repentance - outward sign of an inward work

Jesus' baptism: immersion in the Holy Spirit -t ransformation - inward working with outward signs


The hardest thing for me is to stay in the place of abiding. It should be a habitation and for me it is often just a visitation. Overwhelm me with your Holy Spirit Lord!

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Q3. (Matthew 3:11) What is the point of comparison between John's action and the Messiah's action? What is the point of difference? John baptized via immersion to cleanse and purify followers to prepare them for salvation. Water is a symbol of cleansing. The Messiah's baptism or Spirit Baptism is one of overwhelming someone with the Holy Spirit which is the act of cleansing and empowering. 

Do you really long to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit?  I'm not understanding what being "overwhelmed" entails but if it helps me get closer to Jesus, I welcome it in a heartbeat. I don't want to misunderstand thinking the Holy Spirit will take over your entire thought process, preventing me from forming my own ideas/opinions, in which I might have doubts.   

What might prevent this in your life? What might encourage it? I'm unsure why there would be anything in my life that would prevent a spirit baptism. I live a life of service to my fellow neighbors, friends. I use my work as a journalist to spread the truth, and to expose deceit and evil. I help when there is a need and cry for others who are in pain. Maybe I should pray more, which might encourage the Holy Spirit to come visit me. 

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