Guidelines for this E-mail Bible Study

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With many people involved in this discussion, we are rather strict about confining the discussion to the text itself. This is not a doctrinal study, though it will illumine doctrine. It is a study of what the Scripture itself says.

While you may use Bible study aids to help your own learning, please do not quote them in the discussion. We're trying to point to the Bible, not commentators, as our authority.

We will quickly "unsubscribe" people from the group who are riding a doctrinal or judgmental hobby horse, or are constantly getting off the topic. This way we keep one or two from ruining a discussion which will be useful for many. You get one warning.

The moderator will be using the New International Version, though you are welcome to use whatever version you are most comfortable with.

This is an "experimental" Bible study project of Joyful Heart Renewal Ministries, dedicated to motivating Christians to share the good news with the nations via the Internet. In several ways we are breaking new ground, so you'll probably discern some ways we can do it better. We welcome your input.


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