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  1. We need to guard the faith but we need to become narrow, backward-looking people who oppose changes that start limiting God. We have kicked God out of our schools, our government and made rules to kill our babies. I think it is all because we did not become narrow minded people.
  2. The kinds of actions that I find as the best antidote for the love of money is to give it away. Sometimes that is a hard thing to do but it is still rewarding. If we have a simple home, don’t have expensive things then we can cultivate a generosity that remains healthy.
  3. The love for money grows when we covet things that we don’t have and can’t afford. There seems to always be some schemes out there that claim to get us rich quick. The way to escape this trap is to be content with what we have.
  4. By seeking contentment, we are pushing out all anxiety and just relaxing with what we have. Contentment does not keep us from trying to get ahead because we are striving to be content. The balance between contentment and quest for improvement is that we are doing our best to please the Lord.
  5. They are so susceptible to the distorted Bible teaching concerning financial gain because they are trying to do everything possible to get rich. The people that are pushing this distorted truth is trying to gain wealth themselves. One biggest lie that is a half truth is that I can’t out give God which is true but they are just trying to get you money.
  6. The gospel is sowing seeds that will eventually destroy slavery by telling the people that if they are slaves to respect and obey their masters. Paul is just trying to make it easier on Christians because they were being looked down on because of their religion. So, there was no use in telling they to rebel
  7. We should not be hasty in laying on of hands because we don’t know the person. If they are just trying to be in charge and don’t have the interest of the congregation in mind, then they aren’t interested in teaching the good news. But if we get to know the person or they have been in the congregation for a while then we will know their motive.
  8. We need to get the false teachers our of the church. If the church looks like the rest of the world, then why are we here? Are we truly worshiping God when we keep these people in the church? The temptations to compromise and not go through with the punishment is so great, because there would probably be a lot of people hurt in the process and it tends to split the church.
  9. The circumstances in which the elders should be compensated financially would be when they preach the word of God. They should be paid a living wage. There is a lot of Scriptural support for this practice both in the Old Testament and the New.
  10. Since they are family members, we have the responsibility to help them in anyway that they need help. This is our Christian responsibility because they are the ones that brought us up and nurtured us and we owe it to them. Paul compares those who refuse this responsibility to gentiles or to the devil.
  11. Rigid, unsmiling, orthodoxy can teach right doctrine but people see that you look miserable then they will not want to be like that. It will look like you have a cold heart. If we see that our leaders are doing what they are preaching then they can see the good in what is happening and will want to emulate that.
  12. Godliness is somebody that is following God’s commandments. They are the same when with somebody else or by themselves. They are the same on the outside as in the inside. The thing that produces godliness is staying attached to God and examining the scriptures daily. Godliness is doing things that you know would please God and strict morality is doing things because they have become a habit.
  13. The performance of legalistic requirements is so attractive to people because then they can compare themselves with others and say that they don’t do those things. I don’t think that it produces any fruit except one of self-awareness. All I can see is that legalistic requirements just put burdens on us that isn’t necessary.
  14. I think that Paul was reminding them of the predictions of widespread apostasy because that is what was happening in the church at that time. This knowledge should have prepared the church of this because they would need a plan to counteract it.
  15. The deacons are the overseers of the church administrative business and to teach. They are usually more mature. The deacons have more to do with assisting the elders and to be the daily contact with the church members.
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