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Lesson 5. Exercises

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Exercise. For one of the psalms in this lesson -- or another psalm with a similar theme -- do one of the suggested exercises to help you experience the Psalms (<a href="http://www.jesuswalk.com/psalms/psalms-exercises.htm" target="_blank">www.jesuswalk.com/psalms/psalms-exercises.htm</a>). These include such things as praying a psalm, meditating, reading to a shut-in, paraphrasing, writing your own psalm, singing, preparing a liturgy, and memorizing. Then report to the forum what the exercise meant to you personally or share what you've written with others.

I am choosing to do my own psalm of lament. "Oh, Lord, hear my cry. For I have been humbled and brought down. I have been forced to change directions. Save me and rescue me from the troubles that have come upon me. Yet you are my hope and I will praise You. I will lift up my eyes to You, my Redeemer. Renew your joy in me. You have been faithful at all times. I trust in You, my Savior and my God. I will pursue You, Lord, at all times, even in the depths of despair and dryness."

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I am meditating on the psalms of this lesson. Made it a practice now to read them and memorised Psalm 1 . Made my children learn psalm 1 too.

Praying the psalm in song. whenver i need strength from God i read the pslams we have covered in our lessons aloud.

ecnouraging my family members to read the psalms and praying the psalms with my friends too.

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As David trusted God to deliver him from all trials these psalms have encouraged me to wait on the Lord for his help and deliverance. i have learnt that God is pleased with a humble heart and when we humble ourselves and cry out to God for mercy He forgives all sin we have committed against Him. Learning these psalms have made me realize that God is good God and restores and revives us in His presence when we turn to Him and acknowledge our mistakes.

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Psalm 80 has been a great psalm to meditate on because I have been praying for this country to turn it around and to have a revival. We seem to be losing our moral compass and we keep wandering in to deeper and deeper into the muck. The country is lost and needs to find the savior.

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I memorized Psalm 123 and it meant a lot to me since I am going through a lot of struggles right now and not dealing with them well. It helped me see that things differently. 

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For this exercise I am rewriting Psalm 142

Oh God, I cried and pleaded my cause unto you

I poured out my heart and soul unto you and showed you what was troubling me

You knew when my soul was overcome and you knew the way I must go. My enemies have laid

traps before me.

Lord, everywhere I searched I could find no one to help me. No one cared about my troubles.

I prayed and cried out to you. Because you are my shelter, protection and I am yours and you are

mine in this world.

Oh God, please hear my prayer for I am destitute and depressed. Rescue me from my enemies f

for I cannot defeat them.

Bring me out of my foul situation that feels like a prison so I can give you praise

Your people will surround me and I know you will be generous with your help.


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Psalm 90

Lord, You have been our refuge and home from generation to generation

Creator of mountains, the earth and the world, You are God forever.

Our life on earth is only as long as you give it to live and then we mortals die

But eternal One, in your sight a thousand years are a mere moment

Our lives are like wispy dreams; like grass that sprouts in the morning

In the morning it blooms and grows but by evening, it withers and dries

We are overwhelmed by Your wrath and we wither in your fury

For nothing is hidden from You, even that which we did in secret

We live our years in misery and sorrow because of Your fury

Seventy or at the most eighty years we live, but soon we disappear

Lord, You are awesome and a consuming fire and we reverentially fear You

Teach us to comprehend the brevity of our life and use it wisely

How long O Lord do we wait, for Your compassion to be bestowed on us

Satisfy us with Your faithful love in the morning, that we may rejoice in You

We have been plagued by sorrow for long, now give us some days of joy

Overwhelm us and our children with Your wonderful acts, that will bless us

Let Your favor be on us and bless the work of our hands and establish it

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I don't feel comfortable sharing what is going on in my life in a public forum, so suffice it to say that I am praying Psalm 69 back to God, asking God to hear David's words -- His word -- and to "come near and rescue me," "protect me," and let me "settle there and possess" the land.

I pray that since I have been so focused on seeking God for many years, that He will graciously look down on me and make it so my "heart will live!"


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