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Lesson 6. Exercises

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 I chose to rewrite Psalm 23 which is my favorite Psalm.  I felt like God was telling me to trust Him more as I paraphrased it. 


Psalm 23

Jehovah is my shepherd

He supplies all that I need

He lets me rest in green pastures

He leads beside peaceful rivers

He renews me daily

He guides me and tells where to go

So I bring him honor

Even when I walk through the darkest valley

I have no need to fear

For You are close by my side

Your rod and staff

They comfort and protect me on my way

You prepare a mouth watering feast for me before my enemies

You give me honor by anointing me with oil

My cup overflows with Your blessings

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will always pursue me till I die

And I will dwell in Your house forever

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I have chosen to paraphrase Psalm 62

Beyond a doubt my whole body, heart, and soul waits for God. For He is my salvation.

He is my pillar and my redemption.

My immovable defense; I shall not be easily stirred up or disquieted

How much longer will you try and knock me down like a broken wall or weak fence?

You only want to see me crawl and keep me from getting up again

You take pleasure in telling lies about me

You praise me outwardly but in your hearts, you curse me.  Think about it.

I still wait silently for God to come. For I still believe in Him.

He is my stronghold and my advocate. My citadel that cannot be taken down.

I shall not be alarmed.

In Him is my redemption and my praise.

He is my steady support and my sanctuary

Christian men and women put your trust in Him always

Tell Him all your troubles

God is our sanctuary. Stop and ponder it.

Poor people and rich people will all vanish away and breathe no more

They are all viewed the same in God’s eyes

Don’t get rich by blackmailing others

Or think you will get away with theft

If you get rich don’t let money become your idol

He has clearly spoken and I have heard His voice

All power belongs to you, Lord, and your love never fails

You will reward people according to their works.






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Psalm 61

 O God, hear me as I cry out to You and attend unto my prayer

My cry is unto You when I am afraid and in uttermost parts of the earth

Lead me Lord, to the safety of the towering Rock of my Salvation

For You have been my refuge, a strong tower where I am hidden from my enemies

Lord I want to be in close proximity to You, under the shelter of Your wings

You counted me as one who fears Your name and You heard my prayers to You

Add days to the king’s life and may his years be full of life lasting generations

May he rule in Your presence forever, preserve him with your love and faithfulness

Then will I praise Your name forever, and live fulfilling my vows unto You.

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