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1 Peter 2:9.   Very important for the Christian to get involved with ministry.  It is not an option.   To stagnant is wrong; backsliding is a real possibility.  Local churches as soul saving stations need to raise up those like the sons of Issachar who knew the signs of the times.  When churches don't do this, trouble is around the corner.   Congregants will start to get into a state of inertia;  little by little, hobbies and other diversions and other projects will cause backsliding.

Much time is necessary.  Just as in the corporate world, ministerial development is necessary for those that have "secular" jobs and those who have already been to seminary.  Training on the job is essential to be a home group leader, Sunday school teacher, intercessors leader, eta.  Truly this requires sacrifice and hard work.  The Ephesian church had to be a lighthouse in Asia Minor due to challenges facing the early Church.

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It is very important for pastors and church leaders to execute a strategy of mentoring teachers and elders in the congregation so that the word would be carried on correctly. I feel that the time spent in teaching future leaders is a better time spent then on administration and programs. All though administration and programs are important, they are easer taught then preaching. Preaching has to be from the heart.

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Q1. (2 TIMOTHY 2:2) 
Why is it important for pastors and church leaders to execute a strategy of mentoring teachers and elders in a congregation? How much time should be devoted to this teaching of future leaders vs. the time spent in administration and programs? 
I would think it is vital. The integrity of the Word must be protected and spread throughout the congregation and further. It is about committing the truth of God’s Word to reliable disciples who in their turn also teach others this truth. Reliable means faithful, able, and trustworthy in the way of dealing with what is entrusted to them (1 Cor 4:1-2). This is important since the reason and aim is the building up or edifying of the body of Christ. It takes time to mentor future teachers and elders, so priority must be given to this task, above any other administrative functions. 

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