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  1. Both relate to the finding of a great treasure related to the discovery of the Gospel. ' The Word is a lamp unto thy feet ' the scripture says. The point is that we should give up our possessions that were previously the focus of our attention and be sure that we get the treasure which is the Gospel and make it ours. Our values would be affected as we would then have a change of direction in our lives. Our emphasis would then be on living righteous lives and renouncing materialism and possessions, and living according to God's Word.
  2. Hi John,

    Thank you for "befriending" and contacting me. I really appreciated your comments and kindness. Will look forward to studying with you and will keep your cartridge business in prayer for great success!!!! So thankful your children are assisting you! What a blessing!


  3. I feel much as you do. But would love to have riches as I believe I would give most of it away. Hedonism seems to me to lead to worry and anxiety as it can never satisfy. But the wrong attitude to 'riches' is a god that destroys people.

  4. We're just about the same age, and I quite agree that our attitude to riches is critical. We're blessed but poor by our peers' standards, but if we were wealthy I would love to give most of it away.

  5. We're almost the same age and we also have 2 grown sons and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Our lives have been financially stressed since 1990 but we have survived by God's grace and mercy. Our sons are helping us currently as we allow God to build the business I am in. See my website : www.cartimports.magix.net/website. Looking forward to making contact with you.

  6. Q1. (Matthew 13:20-21) Why, according to Jesus' teaching here, do some people fall away so quickly? What is their problem? http://www.joyfulheart.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=997 Mat 13:20 The seeds that fell on rocky ground stand for those who receive the message gladly as soon as they hear it. Mat 13:21 But it does not sink deep into them, and they don't last long. So when trouble or persecution comes because of the message, they give up at once. When first heard the Gospel message sounds like a wonderful way to live. But to break old habits and have a change of heart is extremely difficult. It is much easier to revert back to one
  7. Q4. Why is repentance so central to the Kingdom of God? Why is baptism important to converts to the King? Can Christ reign in an unrepentant heart? http://www.joyfulheart.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=996 John and Jesus called all who would enter the Kingdom to repent. Sin is unacceptable to God, yet many are totally unaware that they are sinning. Little sins or big sins make no difference. We are all sinners and need to repent. Baptism is important as through it we accept Christ into our lives and repent of our sin that previously prevented us from accepting Him. We are changed through Baptism and the Holy Spirit in us convicts us of what is sin. Unrepentance means wilfull disobedience to Christ
  8. In our world we have fornication and sex before marriage being strongly promoted in the media, and many think this is quite acceptable. The morals of our culture are probably no different to those of the days of Christ. Drunkenness, idolatory, profanity and dishonesty abound. All this is contrary to Christian faith and witness. People love materialism and fleshly desires more than their love for Christ. My own culture tends to compromise my Christian faith and I often remain passive and quiet when I should being taking a stand for Christ.
  9. There should be a discerning passion in the Church for Jesus. He should be the focus of what is taught and preached in the Church. Worship is centred around the life of Jesus in Spirit and in Truth and when this is not the case the Congregation has lost it's 'first love' for Jesus. Signs are doing what Jesus would have done in spirit, Word and deed. His compassion and love must be evident in the Congregation. Not just 'philial' love but essentially 'Agape' love. A 'brotherly' love for one another. A lack of this love shows up in self-centredness and a pre-occupation with what 'I' can get out of the Church with a lack of concern in the affairs of others. This love can be regained by making an effort to get to know others and have genuine concern about their lives.
  10. Q4. (3:7) Why should a husband relate to his wife with knowledge and wisdom? In what way does this demonstrate love? In what way does this demonstrate self-interest? Why do men sometimes try to dominate their wives? Why do wives sometimes try to dominate their husbands? What harm does this do? How is domination of another person contrary to God's nature? Although she is not weaker spiritually, she is weaker physically and more vulnerable. She also has a shorter life span. She is to be treated with wisdom and respect. Treating someone with respect, just as Jesus did with sinners, is part of showing love. It indicates that you accept that all people are God's children and are created in His image. Because God loves them we are called to love them too. I don't understand this question as it does not demonstrate 'self-interest' but an objective interest in others. It is good to have 'self-love' but more important to have an outgoing love for others. Insecure wives try to dominate their husbands. Often through fear of losing them. It causes mis-trust and a dysfunctional relationship. God doesn't want us to be 'dominating' in any way, but calls us to be humble. Being 'dominating' is akin to 'oppression' and this is not what Jesus taught.
  11. Q1. (3:1) Why is submission so difficult for us humans? Does submission require you to be silent when you don't agree or feel something can be improved? When is submission wrong for Christian? We are brought up in a 'New Age' philosophy and 'post-modernism' where we are conditioned to believe we are masters of our own destiny, and must be 'in control'. It is not in our nature to 'submit' to anyone or anything. Most of the time we are called to be silent when we don't agree with something. However there are occasions when we must speak up in disagreement as when we are called to do something that is contrary to Christ's commands. Submission is wrong when it goes against God's concept of 'righteousness'. We are called to obey Civil Authority, but only insofar as it doesn't mean going against what Christ has taught us.
  12. Q4. (2:24b) If Jesus died to set us free from sin's power, why does sin have such power over us still? According to 2:24b, how must we deal with sin? In practical terms, how can we "die to sin"? In everyday language, what does "live for righteousness" mean? Jesus 'bore' our sin on the Cross, so we have to identify with that for the atonement of our sin. It is impossible to fully identify with what Jesus did for us by enduring such great suffering, so sin still has some power over us. In Biblical times, the 'scapegoat' was literally led out into the desert to take the peoples' sin away from them. Our 'scapegoat' is now the Lamb of God, Jesus, and we need to understand that He has taken our sin on himself. We are cleansed of our sin by His blood. In practical terms, we 'die to sin' by being Baptized. Our sin is buried in the water, and we emerge as new creatures in Christ. This is one of a number of ways in which we become 'righteous' which means 'sinless'. ' Living for righteousness' is our obedience and reliance on Jesus. It is a daily struggle. We strive for righteousness all the time, and are commanded to live righteous lives which means spending time daily with Jesus, Bible study and reading, prayer and in the company of the saints.
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