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Q4. Forgiving as Spiritual Warfare

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Ultimately, by not forgiving someone I take my eyes off Christ to focus on that person. One of the things I am learning, now, is to pray because I love the Lord, not because I need something; to seek His face, not His hand. This applies to human relationships as well. If I harbour anger and unforgiveness toward someone – even if my anger is justified! – I’m just not looking to God but wallowing in my own hurt.

God has to come inside of me to help me forgive – it’s part of the process of sanctification. I like what Pickledlilly wrote “… forgiveness is about restoration. Release the responsibility of bringing the person to repentance and working our restoration to God. (God) is the expert and the only one qualified to accomplish this … (however) it is your responsibility to develop the forgiving attitude that will be gracious.”

I have been struggling to forgive a sibling. She was definitely in the wrong and hurt me deeply without realizing or acknowledging her complicity. We haven’t spoken to each other for many years. I feel this situation will soon change, however, and am praying for the spiritual maturity to handle it graciously. A big part of me does not want to forgive her but rather to ignore her and have the problem of her disappear! But I WILL forgive because God wants me to be restored to Him. I am choosing to forgive. She’s only a conduit or prompt of His work in my life. 

"Lord, I want my sin to be forgiven – the sin of unforgiveness. I don’t want this sin simmering in the background any longer. Father, forgive me for not forgiving her. Help me grow spiritually past this. See my desire to make amends. Help me leave the consequences to you as well as trust You to judge and vindicate. I love and thank you for releasing me from this sin.  Amen."

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