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Q1. Fully God

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  1. Yes, Jesus is fully God.  
  2. In the book of John and Genesis it starts with the same 3 words. In the book of John it talks about how Jesus is the Word and the Word was with God and it also says that the Word is God. Word in Greek means Logos. 
  3. I think what this says about him and his ministry is that Jesus is the Word of God and we should follow him so we can have eternal life.  God Bless ❤️
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According to the Apostle John, is Jesus fully God? What does it mean that Jesus is the “Word”? What does this say about him and his ministry?

Before the world was created, the Word already existed and God created all things through Him. The Word was the source of life and brought light to mankind. The Word became flesh. His ministry was Gods words through Him that we may come to the Father through Him, the Word.

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To God be the glory!   St John believed that Jesus Christ is truly God and truly man.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly 'I am' (John 8:58).  The book of Proverbs elucidate eloquently on the eternity of Wisdom; Christ is Wisdom, He is the Alpha and Omega.  Christ is not just godlike, Christ is not just an angelic being according to the Gnostics.  This is an extremely serious point.  Christ is Creator.   Christ the Logos is Life; this eternal life was with the Father; and became man .  Apostle Paul writes in so much detail about this glorious theme ! 

The Word of God indeed !  Preexistent Christ was made flesh.  The Shekinah glory dwelt within Christ in full measure.  Ezra and the returning Babylonian exiles did not have the Urim and Thummin, no Ark of the Covenant;   Christ is the full oracle of God.

The clarion call to heed to Christ Jesus and His teachings has gone forth !  The author of the Epistle to the Hebrews make this so clear.  We cannot go back to the "good old days" like some of the Judeo-Christains to whom the Epistle was written too.  We will not construct a false ephod like Gideon; we cannot afford not be diligent Bible students.  Gideon was a man of faith; however, the high priest wasn't nearby in his city.   The use of an ephod wasn't ordained by God.. The ephod was the commencement of big troubles to come.  It later be became an idol.   We must always put our plans and our lives on the burnt offering altar and never to presume we are higher than we are.







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Is Jesus fully God?  Dr Wilson brought out of the text in John 1:1 (the Word was with God,  the Word was God)  that the Greek noun for Word is logos and here its meaning is "the independent personified expression of God". 

What does it mean that Jesus is the Word of God?  We can also derive from John's text in John 1:1 (the Word was God) that Jesus is God! 

What does this say about him and his ministry?  Jesus,  as God,  humbled himself to go to the cross for me, and he continues now in intercession for me to be humility personified. Jesus is God,  Jesus is my deliverer,  and Jesus is my friend. 

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John 1:1-3) According to the Apostle John, is Jesus fully God?


What does it mean that Jesus is the "Word"?

It means that He is very God. Nothing about Him is not God. He is part of God. He is the expression of God. He is God. 

What does this say about Him and His ministry?

As God was in the beginning, so was Jesus in the beginning and together with the Father He co-existed and brought the world and all creation into existance, He being the Word, the Logos. 

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Yes, Jesus is God as the word of God, to be made in flesh for mankind sake, so we can see him as we see our human form. No man can look upon God and live. That is why he spoke through the prophets. Jesus is God in the form of the word he speaks to us. We see Jesus ,we see God. They are one and the same. God said so. Jesus tells his disciples when you see me you see the one who sent me.

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Bread of heaven sent down from Glory, Many names you were on earth, a holy king, a carpenter, You are the Living Word!

Awesome ruler, gentle redeemer, Emmanuel, God with us, the living truth, and what a friend we have in you, You are the Living Word.

JESUS, JESUS, that's what we call you

Manger born, put on a tree, you died to save humanity, YOU are the LIVING WORD!!!

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Q1. (John 1:1-3) According to the Apostle John, is Jesus fully God? What does it mean that Jesus is the "Word"? What does this say about him and his ministry?"  

1.In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2  He was with God in the beginning. 3  Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." (1:1-3)

According this  word of God ,YES, Jesus is GOD 

2."Word" is a common Greek noun logos, "word,"   have a wide range of meanings, depending on the context, such as "statement, assertion, message, declaration." Another use is as "computation, reckoning." But the use in John 1:1 is unique. Here logos is "the independent personified expression of God." 

3.Jesus in the flesh is the very Expression of God Himself, and that this Jesus IS God himself and Jesus' full divinity and GOD in flash

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Q1. (John 1:1-3) According to the Apostle John, is Jesus fully God? What does it mean that Jesus is the “Word”? What does this say about him and his ministry?

Thank you, Pastor Ralph, for asking these questions!  They are encouraging me to dig deeper and to marvel with more wonder at the glory of our incomparable God!  And I agree with you, it's best to write our answers as we take time to "think about and ponder the most important points." (I love the word "ponder!")

I.  Yes, according to the Apostle John, Jesus is fully God.  It's wonderful to think about - and I believe we will be learning about it and praising God for all of what it means (along with the myriad other reasons for praising Him) for all of eternity!  

II.  I'm trying (and having difficulty) answering the second part of this question "What does it mean that Jesus is the "Word"?  so I am digging deeper by going to one of my favorite sources, www.biblehub.com.  There I found the beautiful sermon on John I entitled "The Word in Eternity, in the World, and in the Flesh," by Reverend Alexander MacLaren (1826-1910).  He called this "...the profoundest page in the New Testament."  He breaks verse one down as he magnifies it (this is just a brief summary):

Before time

1) the Word existed; the Word is a person

2) the Word had eternal communion with God

3) the community of essence and the communion of Love exists between the Word and God.

Jesus, the Son of the Living God, stepped into time by the will of the Father, becoming "the Word made flesh" to reveal the "name" of the Father God to us (John 17:6 & 26).

III.  What does this say about Jesus and His ministry? A. Maclaren says it so profoundly:  Jesus came "'full of grace and truth,' perfect Love bending to inferiors and sinners, with hands full of gifts and a heart full of tenderness and the revelation of reality, both as regards God and man. His grace bestows all that our lowness needs, His truth teaches all that our ignorance requires. All our gifts and all our knowledge come from the Incarnate Word, in whom believing we are the children of God.”  

The whole sermon is here if anyone is interested - https://biblehub.com/sermons/auth/maclaren/the_word_in_eternity_in_the_world_and_in_the_flesh.htm

Praise God our Father and the Word, Jesus Christ!


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There is no doubt that John is declaring Jesus to be fully God right from the start of his Gospel - the WORD is God; the WORD created all things; the WORD was ("I am" the ever existing one) in the beginning.  And then,  ...and the WORD became flesh - God with us; Jesus.

I have the privilege of teaching children, and we have just begun working through the Gospel of John, so I've been pondering chapter one for a bit now.  What has stood out to me, as I've been looking at John through the eyes of a child, is the theme of MAKING GOD KNOWN.  Words make known.  That's what they're for!  And Jesus' purpose in coming to this planet was to MAKE GOD KNOWN in a way we can all relate to - as one of us.  Jesus is the WORD of GOD!  The very expression of all GOD wants us to know about Himself.  That God wants us to know Him is overwhelmingly amazing to me!  When we look at Jesus and his interactions with people - all that He said; all that He did - we see the heart of ALMIGHTY GOD in action among us.  


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