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Q1. Light of the World

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God sent his son, Jesus into the world so that the world, through him might be saved. He is the only way to Salvation and in believing in him and following his teachings, we are redeemed back to God the father. Jesus teaches us what God requires to be forgiven of sin and how we can obtain eternal life. Jesus tells us," no on can come unto the father,  but through me, ..I am the truth the way and the life... Jesus is the light of the world..the world belongs to  Satan so we are to come out of the world and walk in the marvelous light!! That light is Jesus! God said so. It is His World, His Salvation, His way! There is no other way!! Believe it and receive it.!!!

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Q1. (John 8:12)

In what sense is Jesus the Light of the World? Jesus the Messiah is the spiritual Light of the World.Without Him we live in sin/darkness.  

What is Jesus' promise concerning light for his followers?  He promises that we will not walk in the dark, but will have the Light which is LIFE.

Exactly what does that mean for the way you live? As I am a follower of Christ I no longer need to walk or stumble around in darkness but can walk/live in light, Christ's Light, which lights the way I need to go. If I follow Him the end result will be Eternal Life with Him. Praise Him!!!!!!!

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