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I will respond to the first part of the question that has to do with my relationship to the government knowing that many people on this site will disagree. I am emphatically opposed to our government. The government embodies, promotes, enforces and coerces evil and, conversely, does not perform it's minimal role of keeping order in society by punishing wrong and commending right. In other words, the point has been reached at which civil disobedience (or moving to another country) is the only choice a Christian can make.

I live in the United States.

To be subject to rulers and authorities in the United States means to tacitly or overtly support a government which acts in ways directly opposed to biblical ideals and harms or kills it's citizens. It is both sinful and unethical for a Christian to support a government that seeks to ...

  • promote abortion and euthanasia,
  • encourage mutilation of children in the name of "gender reassignment,"
  • encourage the use of drugs,
  • promote sexual perversities including homosexuality
  • make it impossible for citizens to thrive -- the government is composed of bureaucrats who barely work and suck off the productive labor of fruitful citizens who barely make ends meet, 
  • censor the truth and control godly communications
  • force barely tested vaccines on gullible citizens that changes their DNA 
  • shut churches, but not gay bars, after creating COVID as a bioweapon and then losing control of it.
  • endanger citizens by promoting stealing without punishment, open border policies, and a disloyal military with many fighting non-citizens, arming the IRS and other agencies. etc.
  • directly murder hundreds of thousands of men in wars of anti-Russia and anti-Christian bigotry ... ditto with Afghanistan, Syria, and soon, China. Many of the people they kill are Christians ... many of the killers are not Christians.
  • create an imaginary "green" agenda to control and limit the behavior of citizens
  • manipulate elections thus rendering voting futile
  • steal tax dollars with graft, awarding contracts to cronies, overtly taking money that can't be tracked in the military and intelligence agencies, etc.

... the list is endless. Unfortunately, Christians are now at the point where the only moral and godly response to the government is civil disobedience. 

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Anti government lacks order.  We serve a God of order.  He established rules for the tabernacle, the elements, the way priests performed their duties.  We must have order it glories the Father.  When there is a lack of order or government there is chaos and we know who the author of chaos is.  

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Civil authorities should be obeyed.  They are there for God's purpose whether we agree with them or not.  Do not abrogate the power granted by us to vote, however.  we still need to do everything we are allowed to do.

An Anti-government stance will split the church into one camp or another (we don't need to look far for that instance).  Also, by causing strife we are contributing to an environment that can do "every evil work'.  Gossip or backbiting only hams us because we are not acting as Christ would have us do  As well, we are not valuing the other person.  God is working on different things with all of us, at different levels and with different situations.  

Needless to say, bringing this atmosphere of backbiting and tale telling will destroy a church.  People need to interact in a safe and eternal focused environment...to have at least one peaceful refuge.  When we are chattering this way, our focus is on us and not God.  Man was not created for too much navel-gazing.  We rise to the occasion when we think of the eternal and of others.

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We are taught to obey our government or king . To respect the law of the civil government even if they are pagan rulers for God knows everything .As we obey God in obeying the civil government God will bless us in ways we do not know. Just obey God in everything and let the consequences to Him.

Standing against a government is trying to change situation in our own strength instead of calling on the supreme power of God for solutions .We are not trusting Christ who is the prince of peace.

Gossip or back biting is judging others considering ourselves better or over them and this is sin of self. The church suffers as this causes disrespect and disobedience for the unity in the body of Christ.

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The Christians response to government should be one of subjection and obedience unless what is being required is contrary to the command and will of God.  When these requirement are contrary to what God command of us we are to obey God rather than man.

An anti-government stance hurts the cause of Christ because God ordered government and when we are anti=government we are out of God's.

Gossiping and backbiting hurt the cause of because it is displeasing to God and hurtful to man.  This sin should be put off because it is unfit for Christians here and the society of the blessed in heaven.

It hurts the unity of the Church when we disobey and disrespect God. We need to separate people and their sins, and hate the sin but love the people.


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Q3. We must obey our government’s laws unless they are contrary to God’s laws. No government is in office without the Lord permitting them to be. 
An anti government stance brings discredit to God because it is the law of the land to obey. If it is directly opposed to God’s law we must obey God. If we are causing trouble because we don’t want to obey the law of the land we will not attract people to our Saviour. We will be labelled as trouble makers. 
Gossip and backbiting are sin and we must refrain from doing either. If we are doing either we are involving others around us and drawing them into sin. And so it goes on unless someone has the backbone to call a halt. These sins cause hurt, distress, and harm to relationships which in turn badly affect the atmosphere and unity within the church. 

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Q3. (Titus 3:1-2) What should be a Christian's response to civil government, even government by those who do not share our


ANSWER: He has ordained civil government for a purpose, to punish evildoers and to protect the liberty and security of its people, so that we may be able to “lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity”

(1 Timothy 2:2). Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. From scripture, I have learned that: …

1. Christians can and should disobey a government that commands or compels them to do things that are contrary to the law of God.

2. Christians can vote or participate in any non-violent action that is within the laws of their government to effect a change in that government.

3. a Christian should not rebel against, disobey or plot against their rulers and governing bodies when what they require is not against God's law.

If we revolt against our government, we revolt against God who ordained it and are subject to government punishment for such actions. Contrary to popular conservative Christian opinion, we are to pray to God:

a. for all who are in authority, and that includes all those in public office, government officials and our rulers whatever party they call their own

b. for all those in public office, that by God's grace we may lead a peaceful and conscience free life in obedience to God.

c. that He will move them to administer their office with equity, faithfulness and righteousness.

The good and faithful action is to pray for them and ask that they might receive wisdom. As the faithful prayer of old, “The Serenity Prayer,” may the Lord who is gracious above all, grant each of us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

How does an anti-government stance hurt the cause of Christ?

ANSWER: Whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. When Jesus preached His gospel of the “kingdom,” He was saying that He would return one day to institute a one-world government and a one-party system, with Him as the supreme ruler.

How does gossip or backbiting hurt the cause of Christ?

ANSWER: Just as a cold north wind brings rain, so a tongue given to backbiting will bring angry looks from the victims of the gossip. Gossips hurt neighbors, divide friends, and damage reputations and relationships. Negative or malicious talk may feel good for a moment, while you may get something off your chest, but ultimately it DOES NO GOOD, and can

actually do great harm, even separating close friends. Backbiting is contrary to love, it is a reconciling force. Jesus said the peacemakers will be blessed, not the backbiters.

How does it hurt the unity of the church?

ANSWER: It harms reputations. It takes only one rumor to harm a brother or sister, and it's tough to recover once the rumor's out. We only weaken the family of God through gossip. It destroys trust. It is gossip and backbiting that is destructive to a church. Here’s are some reasons why: 

  1. It’s evil. 
  2. It’s idolatrous. 
  3. It’s self-centered. 
  4. It’s divisive. 
  5. It’s often deceptive. 
  6. It harms reputations. 
  7. It destroys trust.
  8. It’s a stumbling block for others. 
  9. It’s addictive. 
  10. It’s hardly good news. 
  11. It indicates hypocrisy in the church. 
  12. It risks God’s judgment. 

If you’re a gossip, stop talking. If you like to hear gossip, you’re also guilty. Stop listening. And, if gossips continue to talk and create turmoil, it’s only loving to confront them and call them to repentance. To do anything less is to give the enemy a foothold in your church.

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Q3. (Titus 3:1-2)

What should be a Christian's response to civil government, even government by those who do not share our values?

To be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good. 

We are to show them submission, to voluntarily submit ourselves, except when they require us to do something prohibited by God

How does an anti-government stance hurt the cause of Christ?

When we are not doing good works, when we backbiting, when we are restless against the government, this is contrary with GOD instruction towards us.  

How does gossip or backbiting hurt the cause of Christ?

Christians need to speak respectfully of everyone, even those we disagree with, if not separation and humiliation will be the cause of the day.

How does it hurt the unity of the church?

The coherence between the congregation will be broken, there will be no unity amongst them, the church of our LORD JESUS CHRIST will be divided. 


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Q3. (Titus 3:1-2) What should be a Christian's response to civil government, even government by those who do not share our values? How does an anti-government stance hurt the cause of Christ? How does gossip or backbiting hurt the cause of Christ? How does it hurt the unity of the church?


We are to obey ruling authority whether they are Christians on not. This should not mean that we should obey instructions that are against our faith. Daniel obeyed the king but was not ready to bow to the image of the Kind because this violated the Word of his God that stipulates that one should not worship an idol.

Thus it is not right to just be unti-government based on political reasons for example, surely this violets the Biblical instruction that we should obey ruling authority.

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We must respond to civil governments because they are the ones that God has put in charge. So, if we want to praise God in relative peace, then we need to respond to the government. An anti-government stance hurts us because we are always talking bad about the government and not talking good thing about Jesus. The same thing is true about backbiting and gossip.

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Q3. (TITUS 3:1-2) 
What should be a Christian's response to civil government, even government by those who do not share our values? How does an anti-government stance hurt the cause of Christ? How does gossip or backbiting hurt the cause of Christ? How does it hurt the unity of the church? 
I live in a country that is ruled by a criminal government that has plundered our country to the position that we are on the verge of being a failed state. Everything they touch has been sucked dry of all finances; combined with incompetence our roads are full of potholes, our water supply is threatened, and some areas are without electricity for days on end. There is no law and order. On top of this they increase our rates and taxes. People are angry and those that can are emigrating. Romans 13:1 tells us that every person should obey the government in power. These instructions are without any exceptions, so no matter what type of government is in power, we are told to “be subject to the governing authorities.” The reason is that the authorities that exist have been established by God. I feel that as Christians our proper response in this pagan society is not to confront the situation by trying to change moral values. People don’t like to be told what to do, or what they are doing wrong. Confrontation won’t change anything but will bring more harm to the cause of Christ. The whole world system is in the hands of the wicked one, and has been condemned by God (1 John 5:19). Jesus Himself said: “My kingdom is not of this world” (Joh 18:36), and as His ambassadors, we should represent this truth to the world. To bring about change it has to happen from the inside out. This we do by bringing people to God. Our chief goal is to lead people to our Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. To do this we have to be living a life that honours our Lord (Tit 2:8). We live by example – displaying God’s saving power. What good advice: "If you can't say something good about someone, don't say it." As Christians we should speak evil of no one. Think of all the grief and trouble that would be avoided. We should be thinking of others and putting others first. Replacing gossip, backbiting, slander, ridicule, insult, verbal abuse with gentleness, kindness, humbleness, graciousness, politeness. As we grow in faith all this fruit of the Spirit should start to become more prominent. If not, we risk the chance of being called a hypocrite. Also, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Rom 12:18). The righteousness of God is not worked out by hostility and anger. 

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Being a sober minded Christian means to act in a rational manner in a non Christian society.   Apostle Paul knew that the Gospel could truly transform lives, and bring glory to God.   He wanted the new believers to set a good example to fellow citizens. Christians are to adorn the Gospel by their daily lives.   Getting involved in political strife, rebellions and uprisings are not for the Christian believers.

Usually an anti-government stance is a waste of time.  The exception would be Christians protesting unjust wars and other unjust issues.   Many Christains protested the Nazi euthanasia programs in the late 1930s and had success.   There were just anti government protests abortion;  these demonstrators were mostly peaceful.   St Paul would stress that speaking intelligently and kindly would be very important.   He would not approve of violence and disrespectful behavior.

Gossip and backbiting takes away our inner peace; the focus is on chaos instead of centering on Christ.    We must be watchful: maintaining our peace; we cannot afford to spend time in strifes, party splits, and in endless chatter.   It is not for the Christian.  The Christian must maintain his watchful mind at all times; he is part of the chosen nation, royal priesthood and a peculiar people.     The local church is called the ecclesia---mystical Body of Christ.   The splits and multiplication of various Christain sects are contrary to John chapter 17.

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