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Faith is dead without action because how can you have faith without living it out. Thinking of an analogy where a person has legs but does not use them-not because of an accident but just constantly, purposefully sitting. That person knows they have legs and what they can do but choose not to use them. You can have faith and intently, consistently not have any action with it. You choose not to participate, to help, you go out of your way to not be part of any group, you have excuses-you do not have time, its inconvenient, your shy. It can be alive, in a certain way because you do have faith. Its tangible because you claim you are Christian, you can tell the gospel (if needed!), you do the necessary things you HAVE to do. The same way if you have legs, someone will say-Yes, I see their legs-you use them if necessary to get up and go to the bathroom (only if necessary!), if you needed them to run out of your house because of a fire you could (if needed!/lol).

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Q13. (James 2:14-18)

In what sense is faith dead if it is unaccompanied by action?

In what sense might (if that were possible) it be alive?

There needs to be an effectiveness of Faith to show in any way that it is indeed alive.  If my testimony to Faith in Jesus Christ does not produce the character, attitude and commitment of Him, then it does not have any value or effect.  That in essence means that Faith without action is dead.

Practical Faith is visible through the newness/ the change it brings into believers' spiritual lives.

One can say that deeds are the evidence of our faith.

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Faith begins with belief and grows in the heart of a believer. If faith does not  move the heart of the believer to respond, then it can in that sense be referred to as dead.

Faith should ideally result in good  deeds  i.e. inward actions like , prayer, meditation, singing..etc or outward action like meeting physical needs, giving alms, sharing faith...etc Such a response can be said to be evidence that faith is alive.

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