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Q19. Selfishness vs. Humility

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"Bitter envy" and "selfish ambition" are direct opposites of humility. When you are humble you are not afraid or envious of others who pass you by-this could be by a career or another ambition. You can be supportive of others and cheer them on without feeling like you are left behind or want what someone else has. If you deny that you have these feelings of bitterness and selfishness it can only grow into something dark and worse. You have to come to understand why you have these feelings and bring it to Jesus to come to a place of peace so you can heal. Boasting rarely helps anything-it will not help you heal concerning this matter.

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On 12/17/2004 at 3:00 PM, Pastor Ralph said:

Q19. (James 3:13-16) In what ways are “bitter envy” and “selfish ambition” (3:14) direct opposites of “humility” (3:13)? How does denial of “bitter envy” and “selfish ambition” prevent healing? How does boasting about these prevent healing?

Bitter envy is jealously of someone  else and what they have,  selfish ambition is your wanting and ******* to have something no matter who you hurt or have to step on to get it and that is where  you find disorder and every evil practice." All this is not humility.  Humility is putting someone else ahead of you and caring for their needs and concerns.

Denial of bitter envy and selfish ambition prevents healing because you are not truthful and honest and your heart is not right.  Our words betray our hearts.  If we confess it to the Lord and ask Him to heal our hearts of this, we can be healed.

Boasting about these prevents healing because we are prideful.


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“Bitter envy” and “selfish ambition” are things that try to put us above the other person and in order to do that we have to lose our “humility”. When we deny that we have “bitter envy” or “selfish ambition” then there is no way to correct what we don’t see therefore it prevents us from healing. If we are boasting about these things then we are proud of them that means that there is no way of healing.

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