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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the online Bible study forum for Disciple Lessons from Philippians.

It's exciting to meet other people who are involved in this Bible study. Why don't you check in and share a bit about yourself, and what state and country you are from. Please do NOT include our e-mail address. Be discrete about sharing private things about yourself.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ralph

Hi Everyone,

I am Mario, presently residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

My first time here in joyful heart and looking forward to an exciting study of His word.

Thank you Pastor Ralph and God bless everyone!

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Hi, My name is Diane and I live in Troy, Ohio. I moved here from Austin, TX to live close to my daughter and 7 grandchildren. Please pray for me that I have enough time to do this study in a thorough way. I have taken these classes in the past but it has been a few years. Hi to all!

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Hi, name is Ange and I'm from South Africa. This is the second study I'm doing with Pastor Ralph, though I didn't participate in the forum the first time round.

I'm excited already, with the Greek definitions that make "servant"; "slave" and "saint" interchangeable words!

I know I'm going to enjoy the study. "See" you all around.


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Hello, my name is Sandy and I live in Virginia. I am always excited to learn and gain a deeper revelation of the Word! This is my first Jesus Walk  bible study and am looking forward to all that will be revealed to me through this lesson.


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Hello, my name is Jessie from Pennsylvania.  I am a wife, mother of four sons, 57, 56, 46, and Seth forever 24 in heaven. I have biologically, 2 grandsons, 2 granddaughter, four great grandchildre and 6 step great grandchildren. 

I have been a cosmetologist, Christian School teacher, had my own woodworking shop and made and sold my items for several years.  I did photography professionally for a few years. I love to learn and meet new challenges inanything that is creative.

I have been a grief support facilator for grieving mothers for the past 18 year. God led me there and he gave us the name, COMMON BOND.  I have been blessed in this misitry in meeting many lovely moms walking the same journey I am...loss of a child. 

I also in honor of our son, Seth, was the adminastrator of a golf tournament for 19 years, last year being our final year.  All monies went to help grieving parents who could not afford a memorial stone for their child, loving support in group and also continuing on with scholarships for graduating students, choosing to further their education in a field they would be giving back to and ministering to others

God has shown me the true meaning of the scripture in Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. I have learned the meaning of the good is what He does in our hearts as we allow him to work within us, our hearts and spirits.  Many have said to me, how can you find anything good in losing a childe.  This is always my answer.  We may not realize this in the beginning throws of grief but as we allow himto help us make our back to the living and a new life we find this is the good.  

Praising God for salvation, eternal life, his ever presence and his love, mercy and grace.  


glad to be part of this study.


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I am Marquita from San Diego CA. Wife, mother of 4 grown children, grandmother to 13 grands and 2 great grands.
Physical Therapy was my work field until I retired 2 years ago just as Covid hit.  I volunteer with the Chaplaincy at the local Veterans Home and have been blessed! 
Volunteer work is not limiting at all.  I meet so many wonderful souls and most of them attend our weekly services and bible studies.
God has brought me through the rough patches in life and now when they come, it is on Him that I lean!  I give Him glory and praise and have a grateful heart for Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.  He is here with me now. I keep praising.

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